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apple cider vinegar for bacterial vaginosis

9 amazing herbs that treat BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS

By On 28/08/2020

Bacterial vaginosis and natural remedy



Bacterial vaginosis is an infection of the female private parts  caused by an alteration of the healthy bacteria that usually protect it.

When harmful microorganisms proliferate in excess, yellowish or grayish, often foul-smelling, discharge occurs. Although not serious,  bacterial vaginosis  causes burning during urination, itching, and other bothersome symptoms.

Fortunately, there are many natural remedies out there that, apart from being affordable for everyone, are 100% safe and easy to apply. Do you want to know more? Read on!



Bacterial vaginosis: herbal treatment

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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Our treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis is a combo of medicinal plants that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties; very effective in permanently destroying the causative agent - gardnerella, and which regulates the normal pH level of the vagina. 

The natural treatment that we offer is done in two steps:

  1. Destruction of harmful bacteria from the microflora with the help of plants.
  2. Rehabilitation of the normal state of microflora with probiotics (drugs that restore the number of beneficial bacteria) or a special diet.

For the first step, we prescribe a herbal tea to drink and which will also serve as a vaginal bath. Treatment aims to destroy the bacteria that have multiplied in the vagina.

Our treatment is definitive, unlike conventional medicine. This is the secret to treating vaginosis naturally and permanently without the fear of a relapse. Being natural products based on plants and herbs, our products do not cause any side effects, either on the body or on health.

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9 amazing herbs that treat Bacterial VAGINITIS


1. Eat yogurt

9 amazing herbs that treat BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS
Consumption of yogurt not used to treat vaginal infections is ½ liter per day. Choose those that contain the good bacteria, active acidophilic lactobacilli. These bacteria are probiotic bacteria that work to trigger the growth of good bacteria in the vagina.


2. Eat garlic

9 amazing herbs that treat BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS
One garlic clove per day is the minimum amount you should consume per day. Garlic contains antifungal or antifungal properties that can help promote faster healing of vaginal infections.


3. Increase your intake of vitamins C and E

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You need at least 500 mg of vitamin C and 200 IU of vitamin E per day. Both of these vitamins are known to be very effective in fighting irritation and infections and in improving the immune system.


4. Reduce animal fat

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Instead of choosing chicken or beef for your diet, try choosing saltwater fish instead. Saltwater fish has unsaturated fatty acids to help manage infections.


5. Get enough calcium and magnesium

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Research shows that many women who suffer from vaginal infections lack calcium.



6.  Organic apple cider vinegar

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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Apple cider vinegar can be used for vaginal rinses. How to do it, mix 30 ml of apple cider vinegar with 60 ml of water. Wash it in the vaginal area to treat a yeast infection.



7.  Organic tea tree oil

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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Tea tree oil is a natural and effective antifungal. How to use it by putting tea tree oil on a tampon and inserting it into the vagina for four hours.

Do this in the morning and afternoon for two to three days.

Moreover, you can also use organic yogurt to balance the pH level in the vagina. The trick, apply locally on the vagina and rinse a few hours later.

To prevent the yeast infection from recurring in the vagina, avoid wearing pants that are too tight and make a habit of drying the vagina after washing so that it is not wet.



8.  Turmeric

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This spice is a strong natural antifungal that you can use to alleviate or make the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis completely disappear.

All you need to do is take  a small amount of turmeric, diluting it in a cup of lukewarm water,  at least once a day until you get the desired results.



9.  Chamomile

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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Chamomile tea can be very helpful in reducing itching.

Just steep a chamomile tea bag in hot water, remove it, and let it cool in the fridge. Then you will need to apply it directly to the irritated area.

It is important that when storing it in the refrigerator you make sure that it does not come into contact with contaminating factors. A good option is to put a sachet in a plastic bag or in a container.



5 habits that prevent bacterial vaginosis from curing


It is very important to know what triggers bacterial vaginosis, in order to avoid it.


You are using a vaginal cleanser.

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The vagina  does not need to be moistened or cleaned from the inside, and if you are used to regular washing or so-called feminine washing, it can make bacterial vaginosis worse. "The  showers  vaginal alter the vaginal environment and should be avoided because this practice can cause bacterial vaginosis," says Dr.  Fabre. Scented vaginal products are also a bad idea, says Dr.  Dixon-Shambley, because they can have the same effect, cause an imbalance in the natural flora of the vagina and put you at risk of bacterial vaginosis or worsening of the vagina. 'infection.



Do not clean sex toys

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If you have used sex toys before a diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis, you must make sure they are perfectly clean. “Make sure you clean sex toys with soap and water so they don't reintroduce bacteria,” says Dr.  Dixon-Shambley. However, depending on the material of the toy, it certainly requires its own special cleaning routine. It is also important not to rely on condoms to prevent bacterial vaginosis.



Having sex during bacterial vaginosis

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It is better to postpone sex until your treatment against bacterial vaginosis is completed. “It's best to avoid intercourse until after your treatment, as it can prolong your infection and cause discomfort,” says Dr.  Dixon-Shambley.

Treatment for bacterial vaginitis is relatively straightforward, so don't delay - and if your treatment doesn't work, it's best to see your doctor. This way you can identify what could be causing the problem and anticipate the future.


Treat your bacterial vaginosis and get your sex life and pleasure back.


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