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cloves to prevent miscarriage

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By On 07/12/2020

Is it Harmful to Consume Cloves During Pregnancy?

Environmental stress can be passed on through pregnancy |  News ...

Pregnancy is a special time, and during pregnancy you would want to be sure that everything you consume is perfectly safe and in no way will harm the health and development of your baby. Therefore, it is wise to consider and scan everything you eat.

Clove is an herb that is generally not lacking in many cuisines. It is considered to be an aromatic herb which can also be used for medicinal purposes. The different parts and shapes of cloves used are oil, stem, leaves and dried florets. Cloves have  properties  that promote your  health.




  1. Properties of cloves
  2. Pregnancy and cloves
  3. Natural herbal remedy to treat miscarriages
  4. Is It Safe To Eat Cloves During Pregnancy?
  5. Health Benefits of Consuming Cloves During Pregnancy
  6. Are there any side effects of consuming cloves during pregnancy?
  7. Precautions to take


Properties of cloves

  • Clove has antibacterial, anesthetic, aphrodisiac, analgesic, antispasmodic and stimulating properties. One of the key compounds for its medicinal abilities is eugenol, a compound that prevents blood from clotting, thereby promoting cardiovascular health.
  • In nutritional terms, cloves contain high levels of manganese, vitamin V, magnesium, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which are nutrients that support bodily function.
  • It also contains flavonoids which help lower blood sugar.
  • This plant is recognized for its local anesthetic power in dental treatments such as cavities and root canals, and for treating toothaches and gum problems. It is also used to eliminate fungus from the feet, relieve headaches and stimulate good blood circulation.
  • On the mental level, they have a stimulating effect, help memory and fight depression and fatigue.
  • While it is also used to treat digestive problems as it stimulates salivary and gastric secretions, and can fight cases of diarrhea.
  • Another of its advantages is that it helps prevent nausea, caused by poor digestion or long trips.

Pregnancy and cloves

Cloves claim to be beneficial to health in many ways, but you may question its benefits and safety during pregnancy. It is generally believed that using cloves during pregnancy can pose no harm if it is included in the diet in its spice form. You have nothing to worry about if you want to sprinkle it on something special while cooking or use it to flavor your food during pregnancy. That said , it is advisable to consume it in moderate amounts and not to abuse it.




Natural herbal remedy to treat miscarriages

Natural remedy for miscarriages dawabio

The natural treatment that we offer to permanently prevent miscarriages includes herbal teas which are made entirely from plants. The effectiveness of these plants in preventing and / or preventing miscarriages is scientifically recognized. Our natural remedy works by increasing the production of  progesterone . Progesterone is an essential hormone that helps prepare the uterus for implantation and then for maintenance of gestation.
Our natural remedy will increase the probability of carrying your pregnancy to term by 100. This natural remedy is the secret to preventing miscarriages. Even in case of repeated miscarriage, rest assured! With our natural treatment you can carry a pregnancy to term quite easily. This natural remedy is the miracle solution to live a pregnancy without miscarriage. It's the world's best natural treatment to prevent miscarriage

The use of natural herbs to prevent miscarriages very often gives excellent positive results and is a cause for hope for you to have a normal pregnancy. Plants are nature's secret to helping all women have a pregnancy without miscarriage.



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Is It Safe To Eat Cloves During Pregnancy?


According to experts, clove, when used as a spice to flavor foods, is safe to consume during pregnancy. This means that you can safely add it to your food as an ingredient in small doses. It can be used both in whole form or as a powder. But using clove oil and clove enhancers, while pregnant, may not be safe and best avoided . They can lead to miscarriage.  You may also want to avoid using cloves for medical reasons, such as to treat toothaches, colds, and coughs.

While eating cloves during pregnancy is not in itself harmful, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor first if in doubt. Your doctor is in the best position to assess your state of health and advise you accordingly.




Health Benefits of Consuming Cloves During Pregnancy

Cloves, if added to the pregnancy diet in limited amounts, can have many health benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • Cloves are a rich source of antioxidants. Certain antioxidants in cloves help activate antioxidants in your body. As a result, your body fights any oxidative cell damage and antioxidants prevent further damage.
  • The rich amount of antioxidants is a great way to boost your immunity and is especially helpful while you are pregnant.
  • Cloves contain a large amount of minerals such as manganese, sodium and phosphorus. All of these minerals will help support the development of your unborn baby.
  • The dietary fiber in cloves will also help keep your digestion smooth and regulate your bowel movements. When you are pregnant, constipation is a common problem. Including cloves in your main dishes will help relieve constipation or digestive issues.
  • The vitamins C and K in cloves will improve your overall health and also prevent you from catching colds and flu, another common health problem when you are pregnant.
  • Cloves contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty acids help promote brain development in your unborn baby. It keeps your baby's nervous system healthy and allows her to develop normally.
  • The proteins and carbohydrates in cloves will give you some energy during your pregnancy.
  • The calcium and phosphorus content in cloves promotes bone formation in your unborn baby.
  • Cloves are also a good source of flavonoids which act as anti-inflammatory agents. Eating cloves during pregnancy will prevent joint pain or swelling.

Are there any side effects of consuming cloves during pregnancy?

Although the consumption of cloves as a food ingredient is generally considered safe, cloves can have side effects, especially if used in the form of clove oil or clove supplements. clove.

  • Clove oil, if ingested in large amounts, can stimulate the uterus and cause contractions. This can lead to premature labor.
  • Cloves can cause allergic reactions and it can be dangerous during pregnancy.
  • Over-consumption of cloves can lead to intestinal bleeding, breathing problems, diarrhea, seizures, increased mouth sensitivity, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and even liver or kidney failure in extreme cases. .

Precautions to take

Although cloves offer several health benefits, it is always best to take certain precautions to avoid possible pregnancy complications. The following points should be kept in mind:

  • The application of clove oil during pregnancy to the skin can be avoided. Studies suggest that clove oil can harm skin cells. It can also increase the sensitivity of the skin, leading to rashes and burns.
  • Avoid using clove oil to treat toothaches and other common ailments during pregnancy.
  • It is wise to consume cloves in limited amounts during pregnancy. Overdose should be avoided.

Even during pregnancy, you can reap the benefits of cloves by consuming them in moderation. In case of persistent doubts, it is always a good idea to consult a specialist. After all, prevention is better than cure.



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