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ginger and ovarian cyst


By On 29/01/2020



Francoise wrote me a beautiful letter. In it, she described how she managed to naturally get rid of the disease that many women face today (and at an increasingly younger age):  ovarian cysts.

The subject is particularly dear to me because I myself went through it years ago: I lost my right ovary during an urgent (life-saving) operation. And as you know, these organs are neither hair nor nails and unfortunately, they do not grow back.

If I knew what I know today (i.e. my body does not make these cysts to make me angry, but I need them, for example as a storage site for toxins that 'he cannot eliminate), then this mutilation would never have happened.

Today, we live in an environment saturated with endocrine disruptors  (substances with effects similar to estrogen  ). They are found in foods (especially meat from farm animals), water, cosmetics, and conventional medicines.

Our delicate hormonal balance is affected by an amount of stress  (emotional and physical)  unprecedented in human history.

Under such conditions,  the hormonal imbalance and associated symptoms can easily be disturbed.

Cysts are just one of them.

I think Francoise's letter and her story can certainly help many women. Before I tell you her story, let me tell you about the best African cure for ovarian cysts.

This natural remedy is made up of the best herbal remedies for treating ovarian cystsHe will heal you and you will avoid the operation. Herbal tea is made up of several herbs that regulate hormone levels and the size of your cysts. It will help you relieve the pain of the menstrual cycle and regularize your cycleThe herbal tea will also expel waste from your uterus. Usually, except when the diagnosis is too late, our natural treatment will cure ovarian cysts without side effects.
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Here is its path to ovarian cysts:



Hello Afriquesanté

I would like to share with you, as well as other women, my experience I had regarding an ovarian cyst diagnosed during a standard pelvic exam.

During the ultrasound, the gynecologist said I had a cyst on my ovary, measuring almost 6 cm by 4 cm. The doctor said the cyst had solid septa and unfortunately had no chance of absorbing itself.

I was recommended to perform CA 125 tumor markers - (unfortunately they went above normal). I did the ultrasound again after 2 weeks and then was referred to the hospital.

The ultrasound was again performed in the hospital, which confirmed the previous diagnoses. I was due for surgery - in 3 months. It has been three very hard months in my life.

At first, when I heard that I had to go to the hospital, various emotions started to boil in me. I felt sadness, fear, helplessness, regret. I was in the hospital as a patient only once, it was during the birth of my daughter.

I allowed myself to be with these feelings, I didn't try to suppress them or drown them. I really cry. It was the time I needed to feel awkward and complain a little.

It didn't last long, it was time to think about it soon. I started to calm down, and to listen to myself a lot. What did this disease mean to me , and maybe even scream at me?

I started to listen to my body. I didn't want to be passive, nod my head softly and not ask the doctor questions. Until now, unfortunately, this was so. Now I have decided to change it. Not just that. I decided to take care of myself, to take care of myself.

My treatment was as follows:

Image search result for "yarrow"

Achillea millefolium

  1. I prepared a pitcher of  yarrow  every day  ,  I  drank the potion and I even liked his taste. Because the three month waiting period for the procedure was between November and January, so I felt very motivated with such tea. In his writings, Father Kneipp said:  "Women would have avoided a lot of suffering if they had used yarrow from time to time".
  2. Every day (except the days when I had my period), I took an  herbal bath  . I used yarrow, thyme and horsetail herbs for the bath. I prepared the infusion as follows: the day before the bath in a 5-liter saucepan, I soaked the herbs (50 g bag), flooded them with cold water (they should stay for several hours) . The next day, before bathing, I boiled it, but only by bringing it to a boil, then passed through a sieve and poured the infusion into the tub. The bath lasted at least half an hour.

Since I decided that yarrow should be the dominant herb in my treatment, I used the following bathing regimen: Day 1 Yarrow, Day 2 Thyme, Day 3 Yarrow, Day 4 Horsetail and I repeated the entire cycle from the start.

  1. During the week, for three days, I  made a castor oil compress . I chose Friday, Saturday and Sunday because this compress needs to be kept for about an hour and a half, so you need to save time. Then I took a four day break. Wraps should not be used during menstruation. I prepared the packaging so that I pour castor oil on a flannel cloth folded in three, put it on my stomach, where the ovary was, cover it all with a plastic bag, a towel and I put a hot water bottle on it.
  2. The moment I took a bath, and also when I was lying in bed with a hot water bottle, it was a moment of listening. It was a moment of  deep relaxation  .
  3. I completely  removed dairy  from the diet  I do not eat meat  , but I believe that for people who eat meat, it is advisable to reduce its consumption considerably. This is mainly to remove hormones and antibiotics given to animals present in meat and dairy products.
  4. I felt great physically, so I was giving myself the right  amount of  not very intense movement every day  .
  5. Daily prayer  was extremely important to me  For non-believers this can be, for example, meditation. It is about finding the right form which relates to the spiritual part and which will bring relief, calm and well being. The stress must go away .

The transaction date has been set for January 31. I had a packed bag containing, among other things, a new bathrobe, nightgown and the rest of the items on the list, which I received with the reference for the surgery.

I did all the recommended exams, went to an anesthesiologist. I bought a few pieces of jelly because for two days before going to the hospital there was a strict diet and I could only eat jelly, soup, and drink water.

In the hospital where the intervention was to be carried out, it is customary that two days before coming to the hospital, there is a meeting of the patient with the head doctor. At 7:00 am, I made an appointment.

First the head doctor examined me, then the second gynecologist, finally I was taken to an ultrasound, where I heard that the  tumor was gone It was a very happy time for me, although I have to admit I was hoping to hear such a diagnosis.

What helped me? I don't know one hundred percent. Maybe all the elements contributed a bit to the end result. Maybe also my faith, it is possible. I believe that not everything can be explained scientifically. It is worth  trusting the wisdom of nature, leaving space for a secret or even a miracle. Please listen to your  inner voice, your intuition , this is a very good counselor.

Also, I would like to point out that if anyone has a problem, it is worth talking about, do not close in your sadness because maybe someone you share this problem with will be able to help you. It was my case. I discovered my friend's herbal bath when at the last moment I decided to talk about what was difficult for me.

I was once convinced that sad things were better not to tell others, as it somehow weighs them down, destroys their sense of well-being. I went beyond my way of thinking and gained valuable knowledge. I am very grateful to my friend for information on swimming.

I have to admit I usually took a quick shower and it was a waste of time lounging in the tub. I liked these  herbal baths so much   that I still use them, not that often, but weekends are bath time for me!

I thought it was worth sharing this experience as it can help someone  regain health and avoid surgery  .

In retrospect, I can say that what I initially thought was punishment and injustice was eventually accepted as some kind of  good  . "The tough times in life are always our best friends."  R. Rohr.

The three-month period of waiting for surgery was a period of extraordinary insight for me I listened to myself carefully, I had time for very deep thoughts and reflections.

It is worth looking at things from different angles, because then different ideas and solutions may come to mind.

I also learned that I have dedicated friends who I can count on during any illness. I thank them very much.

I believe that  everything in life is for something  . It is worth learning and drawing conclusions from what is happening to us.

I wish you good humor and good health.



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