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Alternative medicine to treat kidney failure with herbs

By On 19/08/2020

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body and play an important role in filtering waste products from the blood, regulating pressure, and promoting the production of red blood cells, and there are many reasons that prevent them. kidneys to function well. The first step in treating kidney failure is therefore to treat these causes; the blood pressure  and diabetes  are the two leading causes of kidney failure. In this report, we learn how to use alternative medicine to treat kidney failure with herbs, specifically that there are herbs and natural materials that help treat kidney disease.'' renal failure if they are used in conjunction with drug therapy.  

Symptoms of kidney failure

  1. Anorexia 
  2. Somnolence
  3. Decreased urine output
  4. Water retention
  5. Headache
  6. Inactivity and lack of physical activity
  7. General weakness
  8. Chest pain
  9. Abdominal pain.
  10. Nausea and vomiting

Diagnosis of renal failure

In order to diagnose kidney failure, blood tests are done, measuring urea, creatinine, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

As well as a urine test to measure the level of protein in the blood.

 Discover our natural remedy to cure kidney failure 

Natural treatment with organic plants remedy for renal failure

The natural treatment to cure kidney failure consists of herbal teas. Herbal tea is a very effective natural remedy that helps cleanse the kidneys and evacuate kidney stones. It has already proven its effectiveness with dozens of cured cases of renal failure. This natural remedy is rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins and has diuretic properties, thus helping to promote kidney health and treat your kidney failure. This is very helpful in increasing urine production and excretion. 

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Alternative medicine to treat kidney failure

Chamomile tea

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Numerous studies have shown that chamomile tea is effective in regulating glucose levels in the body, especially diabetes is one of the causes of kidney failure and muscle spasms is one of the symptoms. kidney failure due to calcium and vitamin D deficiency, and chamomile tea may increase urine levels. Calms muscle cramps

Fruit juice  

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Not only does it keep your body hydrated, but it also provides the body with lots of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and kidney failure patients should drink fruit juice every day as it helps flush out toxins, infectious particles and harmful factors of the body and fruit juices: orange, lemon, grapes, apples, earth berries and others.

Red sandalwood

sandalwood - Page 2 - Mendrulandia forum

It is one of the types of wood extracted from sandalwood, it helps in the treatment of kidney failure, as it contains diuretic properties and helps to remove excess water and toxins from the body, and the Red sandalwood contains antimicrobial properties and a cooling effect that calms the urinary tract, and you can take red sandalwood capsules as a home remedy for kidney failure after consulting a doctor and to make tea with wood. sandalwood, take sandalwood leaves and put it in a cup of water and boil it for a few minutes, then drink it once a day.

Drinking red sandalwood tea has many benefits as it treats damaged skin, infections, gout, rheumatism, and wrinkles.

Marshmallow herb "marshmallow plant"

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It increases urine flow due to its diuretic properties, helps expel toxins and minerals from the kidneys and bladder, and reduces swelling in the urinary tract damaged by sediment and toxins.

Studies have shown that marshmallow contains an excellent source of antioxidants that help protect cells, free radical damage and promote kidney health, and it is an effective home remedy for kidney health..

Aloe Vera

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A substance extracted from aloe vera, which is one of the home remedies for kidney failure, so it is recommended to drink aloe vera juice twice a day, and aloe vera juice is full of minerals, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, saponins, lignins and other materials necessary for the body, and it prevents the harmful effects of diabetes on the body, especially since it is one of the common causes of kidney failure. 

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