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natural balm to cure genital warts

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How to choose an ointment for the treatment of genital warts: popular drugs

By On 19/08/2020

Condyloma: Natural remedies for this genital wart

Warts or condylomas are growths on the skin that occur as a result of the papilloma virus entering the human body. Having detected growths of the epithelium, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will select the appropriate remedy to suppress the growth of genital warts in intimate places and restore immunity. As a rule, a special ointment is an effective drug against the papilloma virus, conservative treatment with liniment is aimed at getting rid of warts and discomfort.


Dawasante's natural remedy to cure condyloma

natural condyloma cure

The natural treatment that we offer you is based on plants and herbs which have antiviral, immunostimulant, necrotic with burning properties and cytotoxic agents which prevent the growth and spread of warts.

Our natural treatment to destroy condylomas is made up of 2 elements: an ointment and a herbal tea. Anti warts ointment is a burning natural remedy, but very effective in removing warts. They contain plants that burn warts. It prevents the growth and spread of warts. This natural remedy also reduces inflammation, calms itching, destroys the virus and fights infections. As for the herbal tea, it helps strengthen the action of the ointment. Our remedy which is 100% natural will allow you to avoid surgery, it is free of side effects and effectively treats warts in both women and men.

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The role of ointments in treatment

Growths in women often develop on the labia minora or in the vagina, in exceptional cases, the formations appear in the area of ​​the anus or groin. Men are also prone to genital warts.

It is known that it is permissible to apply the ointment only after the advice of an expert, since each case is unique and has different characteristics depending on the pathological process and the cause of the appearance of formations.

Correctly selected drug destroys warts and destroys the cells of the pathogen, and the drug also performs the following functions:

  • prevent reproduction of the virus;
  • improve the condition of the skin;
  • speed up the healing process.


For the complex treatment of genital warts, the doctor prescribes not only ointment, but also a number of other antiviral agents. And you should also remember the need for regular water procedures and to maintain the hygiene of the affected skin.

Pharmaceutical companies offer consumers a variety of liniments that have a healing effect on the appearance of lesions. The ointment for papillomas and genital warts should not affect age spots or moles, and the liniment should not touch the mucous membranes. The growths noted by the drug cannot be sealed with a cast, as this will significantly slow down the healing process.


Ointments popular in the treatment of condyloma

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Oxygen ointment

This drug is very popular in treating the effects of papillomavirus. The active compound in its composition (oxoline) has a strong antiviral effect. This substance stops the growth and development of harmful cells.

Oxolin ointment is applied directly to the tumor with a cotton swab. First you need to close the area near the growth so that the tool does not fall on a healthy area. The treatment of warts takes place 2-3 times a day until they disappear. If the effect does not occur within a month, the drug should be replaced with another.

Oxolinic ointment from warts in intimate places can cause side effects such as an allergic reaction. If there was any irritation or itching in the fundraising process, you should immediately stop the treatment, the composition of the tampon.



This tool is based on the use of interferon - a protein in the human body that resists the action of infection. In response to a viral attack, cells emit compounds that block the spread of HPV. The composition of the ointment is interferon obtained by chemical synthesis.

In addition to the active compounds, the drug contains:

This ointment for genital warts is actively used in clinics. Doctors believe that this tool is quite effective. In addition, the drug is that it has almost no contraindications. It can not be used only in the treatment of newborns and in case of intolerance to any of the components.

The means are essential with a cotton swab on the surface of the warts 5 to 6 times a day. The small increase passes in a few days. In severe cases, treatment may take about a month.


Salicylic ointment

It is also a fairly popular drug for fighting warts. The ointment is widely used in medicine and cosmetology to remove various skin defects. Salicylic acid is the main active ingredient of the drug. In creamy formulations it is contained at a concentration of 3% or 5%.

The drug has a strong antiseptic, keratolytic and anti-inflammatory effect. Lubricate the papillomas should be extremely careful not to cause burns. The acid irritates the skin and mucous membranes and may cause an allergic reaction.

The advantage of this tool can be considered its high efficiency. Many patients have noticed that it helps them quickly get rid of papillomas in the intimate area. The advantages are the low price and availability of the drug.


Panavir gel

Popular antiviral agent of plant origin. It is used to fight various types of warts, herpes and the flu. The gel is indicated for the treatment of warts in the genital area, as it is considered a delicate preparation.

These components allow the drug to strengthen the human immune system. The gel stimulates the production of interferon in a patient with HPV. As a result, the body's resistance to infection is increased. In the treatment of papillomas with Panavir gel, the conversion of growths to malignant tumors is excluded.

The composition should be applied to the affected areas 3-5 times a day. When lubricating the areas captured around the papillomas. Means are well absorbed, without leaving traces on the underwear. The contraindications are: lactation and severe kidney disease.



A creamy topical remedy used to remove genital warts. The cream causes growth, stops the inflammatory process, has a bactericidal effect. The active ingredient is podophyllotoxin, obtained from plant extracts.

The cream should be applied in dotted lines on each growth using an applicator or cotton swab. The premucosal lining around tumors should be protected with zinc ointment or petroleum jelly. After processing, you need to wait for the composition to dry completely.

The procedure is carried out twice a day, morning and evening. The operation is carried out until a positive result is obtained. Removal of warts can take up to 4-5 weeks.


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