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plants to treat cryptozoospermia

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Natural Ways To Treat Cryptozoospermia

By On 13/08/2020

Cryptozoospermia, also known as “ virtual azoospermia ,” is a condition in which virtually no sperm are seen in a fresh semen sample - they are not discovered until after careful research. Because there are so few sperm in the ejaculate, they are incredibly hard to find and very easy to miss.

What is cryptozoospermia?

The  cryptospermie  or  Cryptozoospermia   is a condition where you can not observe the sperm in the semen that comes out (but that's the  azoospermia  classic and quite common) But when they do not count sperm after a long centrifugation and research microscopically, it is called  cryptozoospermia  , although there is no clear agreement on this in the literature.

The word "  crypto  " means hidden, and as the term suggests, patients with this problem sporadically have  sperm in their semen  , but because their numbers are so small, they are very hard to find and easy to lose. This is a common problem when  semen analysis  is performed in a general medical laboratory, where technicians have no special experience  in semen analysis  . Many operators will do the microscopic analysis rather superficially and report azoospermia, which is the absence of sperm in the semen.

This fact can be very misleading, leading the patient and the doctor into a maze. Many patients end up having unnecessary surgeries, such as testicular biopsies and even AVEs (anastomosis of the epididymal vessels), because the diagnosis was incorrect.


Causes de la cryptozoospermie

Some cases of cryptozoospermia are caused by a problem with the production of sperm in the testes. This can happen for hormonal reasons, such as a problem with the normal pituitary hormone stimulation of the testes to produce sperm. Or, there may be a problem with the testicle itself, caused by genetic abnormalities, injury, infection, or poor descent of the testicle into the scrotum at birth. Another common condition that interferes with sperm production is varicocele, which is a network of enlarged veins in the scrotum. Varicoceles cause the testicles to "overheat", reducing their ability to produce semen.

In some cases of cryptozoospermia, semen is produced normally in the testes, but there is a problem with the way the semen is delivered to the ejaculate. There may be a blockage in the ducts beyond the testicle that carry ejaculate or an ejaculation disorder that prevents semen from leaving the penis.

Natural ways to increase sperm count

The small number of sperm at the time of ejaculation can make it difficult for a man to have offspring. But certain herbs can help men naturally increase sperm count.

The condition of a small amount of semen during ejaculation is also called oligospermia or oligozoospermia. Oligospermia occurs when a man's sperm count is below 20 million / ml and this condition can be a major risk factor for infertility or impotence.

"In every 1ml of semen there should be 20 million sperm.

There are various factors that cause oligospermia, such as the use of certain medications, hormonal changes, alcohol consumption, high temperature in the genital area, and severe fever.


Male infertility natural remedies

The natural treatment that we offer to cure cryptozoospermia consists of plants, bark and plant roots. It is a natural, effective, and long-lasting remedy that will allow you to overcome your cryptozoospermia. These plants are recognized as being the most effective in the world in curing disorders related to sperm production . They improve the quality and quantity of sperm. These herbs will also help your body adapt to stressful situations and will also support a healthy immune system.

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Here are some herbs that can increase sperm count in men with cryptozoospermia  :

1 onion

Red onion
Onion is one of the important natural remedies for treating cryptozoospermia. Shallots are a powerful aphrodisiac food that can better promote the function of reproductive organs. Patients with cryptozoospermia are advised to include onions in their daily diet to reduce the  risk of infertility .

2. Ail

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Garlic is a natural remedy used for the treatment of cryptozoospermia. It is an aphrodisiac recommended for the repair and treatment of oligospermia. Eat 4 to 5 cloves of garlic per day.

3. Gombo

Okra is a natural remedy that is commonly used for the conditions of cryptozoospermia. Okra root extract is generally available in the market for medicinal purposes. This root extract powder mixed with a cup of milk can help increase fertility.

4. Asparagus roots

Green asparagus bare root
High concentrations of zinc and iron in asparagus roots are one of the best drugs for extreme oligospermia. Spermatogenic enriched with asparagus root extract helps cure impotence. Patients with cryptozoospermia are often advised to consume asparagus root extract twice a day for good results.

5. Cassis 

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The  blackcurrant is also a herbal remedy used for the treatment. After washing with hot water, it is recommended to boil black grapes with milk. Patients are advised to drink a cup of warm milk after consuming these raisins.

Natural methods to improve the quality of sperm

  • First of all, you need to take care of a healthy lifestyle, that is, plenty of rest, increased physical activity, avoid stress
  • Second, it is necessary to eliminate or at least reduce the harmful effects of environmental factors and dangerous addictions, such as smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, coffee and taking other stimulants.
  • Third, a proper diet rich in vegetables, including legumes, fruits, nuts, pumpkin seeds, liver, and green tea. To increase sperm motility, doctors also recommend eating foods rich in zinc, selenium, carnitine, as well as vitamins C and E.

The excess of harmful fats, contained for example in crisps, purchased cakes or fast food, lowers the parameters of the sperm.

  • Fourth, fight obesity, lose weight and improve overall health
  • Fifth, the testicles should not be overheated, so hot baths, saunas, and Jacuzzis should be avoided. It is good to wear breathable underwear, and if we have a sedentary job - from time to time, get up and walk (preferably in the fresh air).


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