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Natural and effective ways to increase fertility and conceive quickly

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Natural and effective ways to increase fertility and conceive quickly

Are there herbs and homemade and natural recipes that help a woman conceive after a ordeal or even speed up pregnancy? Here is a collection of herbs that will help you get pregnant.

Although the recipes that we will mention below are not a substitute for any treatment of the health problem of a woman who prevents her pregnancy, they can greatly help the onset of pregnancy, if used correctly and without neglecting to consult a doctor.

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Here are the most important fruits and herbs that help conceive and increase fertility in women :

1- Red raspberry leaves

Raspberry leaf herbal tea - 8 health benefits

Is the ripe red blueberries a natural fruit famous for its fertility benefits, such as fruits and leaf berries can help improve progesterone levels in the body, and ingested regularly helps protect the body.' abortion and other issues that can occur during pregnancy.

It is possible to take advantage of red raspberry leaves and get the benefits mentioned by consuming them in the form of :

  • Food supplement sold in pharmacies.
  • A hot drink is made by steeping two tablespoons of dried raspberry leaves in a cup of hot water for 10-15 minutes, then drinking one cup 3-6 times a day.

It is best to avoid fresh raspberry leaves and always use dried berries, and you should also be careful, as these leaves can cause diarrhea for some people.

2- Red clover

Red clover in nourishing infusion - site de la tisane lumière

Red clover is rich in estrogen which helps improve fertility, so it is one of the herbs that helps conception, and it is especially beneficial for those who suffer from fertility issues caused by lack of estrogen..

Red clover also helps heal damaged fallopian tissue and helps regulate the menstrual cycle.

It is possible to enjoy red clover by soaking a few of its dried flowers in hot water for a full hour, then eating 1 to 4 cups of soaked per day..

3- Black cohosh

Benefits of black cohosh - Fact sheet on

Black cohosh helps to improve the general health of the uterus, increases estrogen levels in the body and its consumption reduces the risk of miscarriage during the different stages of pregnancy.

It is possible to get the benefits of black cohosh by taking special nutritional supplements that contain low doses of its extract, but you should be wary of overeating as large doses can cause vomiting and nausea..

- Motherwort

Motherwort, good for the heart: health benefits and advantages

Motherwort is considered to be one of the most beneficial herbs for stimulating l'  uterus,  improve her health and treat her problems, and her other name is motherhood herb!

Lion's tail weed also helps speed up delayed menstrual cycle due to stress or anxiety..

It is possible to enjoy lion's tail grass by soaking 1 to 2 tablespoons of the herb in its dry form in a cup of hot water, leaving it for 10 to 15 minutes, and then leaving it drinking, and it is recommended to drink 3 cups of this drink per day.

5- The gattilier

Garden.  Monks pepper, a shrub to plant now

The gattilier (also called chastity shrub) is one of the herbs that help improve ovulation and improve fertility in women.

This plant helps to improve the balance of estrogen hormones and progesterone in the body and thus increase the chances of pregnancy making it an excellent pregnancy herb.

It is possible to benefit from chaste tree by taking nutritional supplements that contain its extract, but it should be avoided completely if the woman is taking hormonal drugs. !

6- Nettle

Nettle |  Calendar of seasonal fruits, vegetables and wild plants

Nettle helps to improve the health of the uterus and its environment, strengthens reins and the adrenal glands, and helps rid the body of toxins that may have caused problems during pregnancy.

It is possible to benefit from nettle by consuming the dried nettle leaves that have been left overnight in water, and for best results, it is best to drink 2-4 soaked cups daily..

Be careful not to take nettles if a woman is taking anticoagulants, because she can interact negatively with them.

7- Other herbs

There are more herbs that help conception, such as :

  • Licorice.
  • Ashwagandha (hypnotic playwright).
  • Archangel.
  • Onagre.
  • Pussy.

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