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Hepatitis A

Type A viral hepatitis is commonly referred to as "jaundice". A disease often associated with childhood, it can actually affect all age groups. Most often, it's a mild illness, and when you've caught it once, you're pretty much immune to life. However, Dawasanté experts provide you with natural herbal medicine to treat hepatitis A. Click on the image below to discover this natural treatment.

hépatite b-c: tisanes, plantes, racines, écorces

Symptoms of jaundice

If you have hepatitis, you start to feel weak. You lose your appetite, feel nauseous, and have a mild fever. Your urine is brownish in color  and the stools may be whitish. In addition,  your liver enlarges and it is painful or tender to the touch. You may also have abdominal discomfort or diarrhea. Usually, the yellowish discoloration of the skin appears after five to six days along with the yellowing of the whites of the eyesThis occurs in most cases of viral hepatitis. However, in a small percentage of cases, it may well appear. It is therefore not an absolute diagnostic criterion.

Causes of hepatitis A

Viral hepatitis is caused by a virus that is found in contaminated food, stool, or water. This virus attacks the liver. As for the yellowish coloration of the skin, it indicates the presence of bile pigments in the tissues and mucous membranes. Outbreaks of viral hepatitis are most often spread through contaminated food or waterThe affected person is contagious about three weeks before and after the onset of symptoms.

What to do in the case of jaundice?

You will heal normally after about five weeks. And rare are the cases where the liver retains sequelae. If all of the symptoms mentioned are present, a medical diagnosis is necessary to avoid any possible complications.

If it is viral hepatitis, the best treatment is still time. Keep in bed as much as possible and get good rest. Do not drink alcohol during the first weeks of the illness. You can continue to eat as usual. But do not eat foods that make the liver work too much (like chocolate for example…). However, it is recommended to fast a little and to take "light" meals (vegetable broths, stew, etc.).

Jaundice: Natural remedies

Here are also some natural ways that will relieve symptoms and speed up the healing process:


Food - Wikipedia

Your first defense allies are artichoke, asparagus, celery, chervil, cabbage, watercress, lettuce, endive, chicory, parsley, potato, black radish, apple , plum and grape.

Eat it as often as possible. All these fruits and vegetables stimulate the functions of the liver  and help it to regain its former shape. Black radish extract, sold under several brands in health food stores, is particularly excellent for the liver. However, make sure you get hold of the raw juice to stabilize. The cooked juice is significantly lower.

As for  raw potato juice , it is also  highly recommended for all liver disorders . Take 1/2 glass, 4 to 5 times a day.


Your second line of defense will be plants and primarily the dandelion. "Friend of the liver" and "hepatic sponge" . Take 3 cups a day of a decoction of roots and leaves at the rate of 50 g per liter of hot water, which you will boil for 2 minutes and infuse for 10 minutes.

In the fall you can prepare the following recipe which will allow you to have "fresh" dandelion all winter long: in the centrifuge, extract 100 g of fresh root juice which you will mix with 18 g of alcohol at 90 ° , 15 g of glycerin (pharmacy) and 17 g of water. Take 1 to 2 tsp. tablespoons per day.

Dandelion is an excellent liver tonic and people who have suffered from viral hepatitis may benefit from taking it for an extended period of time , or even for life. You can also get dandelion tincture for 15 to 20 drops, 2 to 3 times a day. Also use one of the following essential oils: thyme (thymol), basil or tarragon (3 to 4 drops with a spoon of honey).


By external route  : Apply cold poultices (lukewarm if you shiver or are cold) on the region of the liver, which you will renew every two or three hours. At night, you will change the poultice once. Start with thin poultices (1 cm) and gradually increase to 2 cm.

Internally  : Take 1/2 glass of clay every morning (see: Using clay internally). You can complete the treatment with light massages of the liver with olive oil. Continue treatment for as long as the infection lasts.

As soon as you feel better, you can limit the poultices to one for the night but do not interrupt the treatment internally, until you are fully recovered.

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