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The prostate cancer is common cancer affecting the prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system. Cancer develops from the tissues of the prostate when cells there mutate and multiply out of control. These can then spread (metastasize) by migrating from the prostate to other parts of the body, especially the bones and lymph nodes in the pelvis.

Men with fertility problems are statistically more likely to develop prostate cancer than others, according to a Swedish study, which strengthens the hypothesis that these two health problems could have common causes. However, Dawasanté experts have a natural herbal treatment available to treat prostate cancer and improve fertility. Click on the image below to discover this natural treatment.

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Herbal remedy for prostate cancer

Here we offer you a mixture of seeds, roots, and bark from Africa that can prevent and cure cancer (breast cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, tyroid cancer, cervical cancer. uterus, kidney cancer) and cardiovascular disease. These plants are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against cancer. Their use against cancer is much more effective than chemotherapy.

Rich in antioxidants and trace elements, our plants for curing cancer delay the development of cancer cells thanks to a pigment it contains, phycocyanin. The root extract very selectively kills cells. Healthy cells are not killed, while cancer cells are. Our natural treatment kills cancer in an all-natural way without nausea, weight loss, or hair loss, while protecting the immune system.

No one can tell you that these herbs definitely cure any type of cancer, that would be lying. But thanks to these plants, you can improve the quality of life of patients by cancer, a fact verified. Best of all, they can even relieve some symptoms of cancer! How does it work?

These African plants are powerful antimicrobials and antifungals. They make it possible to stop metastatic processes by reducing the size of the tumors. This will significantly slow the advance of cancer.

However, even if these roots are very effective, we recommend that you accompany them with conventional treatments. We are definitely not asking you to give up your cancer treatment. Indeed, one should never completely leave aside a medical treatment to start a therapy resulting from the natural African herbal medicine. You will put your health and your life in danger. Our natural anti-cancer treatment should be combined with conventional therapy.

Sexuality and fertility

Prostate cancers and their treatments influence sexuality and fertility. Dedicated support for sexuality is in place, as well as measures to prevent infertility if you are considering a fatherhood project.

There is no harm or risk of having sex during treatment. In the case of brachytherapy treatment with permanent implants (iodine 125 grains), your doctor will give you the recommendations for protecting sexual intercourse. In addition, in the event of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy, during treatments and six months after the end of treatments, it is necessary to use a suitable means of contraception (for you or your partner) in order to avoid any risk of fertilization from an altered sperm.


After diagnosis, stress, worry, and fatigue often lead to decreased desire. But sexuality is not limited to sexual relations, it encompasses affection, tenderness, speech ... and over time, desire often returns little by little.

Physical difficulties, in particular erectile dysfunction or urinary continence, may appear. They are variable and depend on the erectile and urinary problems that you may have had before the treatments, as well as the treatments received. Erectile dysfunction can appear immediately after treatment or more gradually, in the months or even years that follow. Do not hesitate to talk to your medical team and ask all your questions. Doctors and health professionals are used to this type of request and will direct you to the solutions adapted to your situation and your needs.

If it is difficult to get an erection sufficient to have sex, you may be offered different treatments. Some are to be taken by mouth (5-phosphodiesterase inhibitors); others are injected into the cavernous bodies at the base of the penis (we speak of intracavernous injections), still others are presented as a gel to be inserted into the urinary meatus. A vacuum pump can also be a way to get erections.


 Cancer treatments most often lead to loss of fertility. If you are considering fatherhood, talk to your doctor before starting treatment in order to implement fertility preservation measures.

Freezing (cryopreserving) sperm is the most effective way to preserve male fertility before cancer treatment. The most common way to collect the semen sample is through masturbation. Men who cannot ejaculate can have vibratory or electrical stimulation to help them do so. The semen will stay frozen or stored until you need it. Freezing, even for many years, does not damage the sperm.

According to the Prostate Cancer Treatment Guide, hormone therapy generally has the lowest risk of fertility loss. If fertility problems exist, they will usually only be apparent during treatment. Then the ability to produce sperm should return to normal. For those undergoing radiation therapy, the risk of fertility loss is highly dependent on the dose of radiation received. If fertility can return to normal, it may take up to five years. What is promising, however, is that more precise dosage planning has started to reduce this risk of infertility, the PCF noted.


Infertility or the inability to conceive is a potential side effect of prostatectomy or radiation therapy.

The surgery involves removing the prostate as well as the seminal vesicles that produce semen. Men who have had a radical prostatectomy can still reach orgasm but without ejaculation.

Radiation therapy can affect the transport of semen. Men who want to father a child should consider freezing their sperm.

We deliver all over the world.

For more information, you can contact our experts on +229 51374202 direct line or by WhatsApp at the same number.






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