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Comment finir avec laddiction a lalcool 1


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Drinking alcohol is a generally accepted social activity, but when drinking becomes abusive alcoholism ensues, a condition that leads people to experience alcohol dependence, which puts their own health, integrity and their safety at risk and that of their loved ones.

Alcoholism is a multi-factorial problem , but ultimately affects the alcoholic's overall quality of life. In the medium to long term, it can increase the risk of liver disease and cancer, as well as depression.


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It is difficult for an alcoholic to realize his condition, but there are a few points to detect it. Affected people cannot control the way they drink, need to drink continuously, drink several alcoholic beverages in a few hours, show withdrawal symptoms when quitting or do so quickly, have tried to stop drinking but do not cannot, have an emergency or a strong (uncontrollable) desire to drink, have given up important activities or events to satisfy their desire, and may have had altercations with other people due to their drinking.

It is not uncommon for people with this problem to experience anxiety, feelings of sadness, and even depression.


There is no single cause for alcoholism. As stated, it can be influenced by several factors, among which are social, genetic, psychological and environmental. It is believed that there may be a genetic predisposition, but this does not guarantee the development of the problem. An event in life can trigger it; for example, the death of a loved one, separation or financial hardship.

It is also believed that as alcohol consumption increases, changes in the functions of certain areas of the brain related to pleasure and controlling ability occur, which can lead to over-stimulation of the brain's reward system. . This is why the urge to drink to repeat the pleasant experience is generated, but if the consumption ceases, symptoms of withdrawal syndrome appear, such as restlessness, tremors, nausea, sweating and l 'irritability.


Being a multifactorial condition, the  treatment varies from individual to individual.  Cases can be resolved with psychological therapies, drug rehab programs, oral or injected medications, and medical treatments to alleviate other problems that alcoholism may generate; for example, liver damage. Alcoholics often need a lot of emotional support.


The herbal remedy is an alternative to medical treatment and cheaper. It is one of the popular beliefs among people. The use of herbs to get rid of addiction gives effective results and does not affect bodily functions or the brain. The  treatment of herbal dependency does not cause side effects. Here is a list of herbs to fight alcoholism:


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Our natural remedy to stop alcoholism is in the form of herbal tea. This natural therapy is the perfect solution to stop drinking. It is made up of plants that remove harmful toxins from the body while reducing the need for alcohol. These plants play the role of decreasing the release of dopamine (stimulated by the consumption of alcohol or other psychoactive substance) by inhibiting the neurons that release it. The decrease in the release of dopamine decreases the phenomenon of positive reinforcement (feeling of pleasure or reward) which would lead to abstinence. Our natural remedy for stopping alcohol consumption helps overcome withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, irritation, hunger, and lack of concentration.

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One of the plants used in the  treatment of addiction with  the  herbal  medicinal because it causes a kind of relaxation and calm the body and prevents the onset of withdrawal symptoms resulting from the judgment of opiates.


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It is used to get rid of alcohol addiction and puts some turmeric in the alcohol cup because it makes the user feel uncomfortable, which prevents them from using it.


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In the herbal addiction treatment program  , ginger is used which generates a feeling of vomiting when consumed before consuming alcohol, where it grinds its roots and a teaspoon is taken and boiled with it. of water for 30 minutes, then taken.


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Black hellebore works to reduce the effect of alcohol on the body when consumed and thus lose cravings for alcohol.


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Kudzu works to  treat withdrawal symptoms  caused by alcohol abuse, but it reduces the body's intense cravings.


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It is one of the traditional herbs used to flush toxins from the body and treat withdrawal symptoms caused by stopping the drug.


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One of the Chinese herbs which has been used through the ages to get rid of addiction and detoxify the body.


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Chamomile, or chamomile, treats the withdrawal symptoms caused by reducing the insomnia and nausea dose of the drug, and the detox phase is painless.

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