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Varicocele causes erection and fertility problems?

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Do varicocele cause erection and fertility problems?

Varicoceles and Varicocelectomy Diagnosis and Treatment - (NY/NJ/CT)


Does your partner already suffer from erectile dysfunctionAre you trying to get pregnant in vain? Well, sometimes all of these seemingly so "serious" problems can be due to some trivial ailment of the partner. Varicocele can have a negative influence on fertility and erection, read to discover how to overcome it naturally.



This is varicocele, a disease found in about 20% of the male population, especially between the ages of 15 and 35. It is a disease similar to varicose veins and, as a whole, represents a dilation of the veins in the seminal duct.

The most important problem with varicocele is the increased incidence of this disease in infertile men, which creates a cause and effect association. It is not known exactly how the presence of varicocele alters the structure, function, and production of sperm, but it is believed to affect thermoregulation in the scrotum (you should know that in order to produce "quality" sperm, the temperature in the testes should be lower than that of the body).



What is a varicocele?



Varicocele is a dilation of the pampiniform venous plexus and internal spermatic veins. The pampiniform plexus is this network of veins that accompanies the spermatic cords, which is to say, the "tubes" which transport the sperm from the testes to the prostate then into the urethra, where they are eliminated during ejaculation under sperm form. If these veins in the pampiniform plexus dilate and twist, like varicose veins of the lower limb, it is called a varicocele.

But, varicocele is not a fatality whose only way out is an operation. The use of natural plants makes it possible to permanently cure varicocele by avoiding surgical operation. The natural remedy for curing varicocele that we offer is completely herbal. It's a  natural remedy that treats varicocele successfully by strengthening the valves or valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. So the veins become tonic and tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins. This to join the most important veins like the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. So, it has proven its effectiveness with dozens of resolved cases. Associated with a  suitable diet, it can treat varicocele quite easily. So, this is the best natural remedy to cure varicocele and avoid the operation.



Discover the best natural treatment for varicocele

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Types of primary varicocele


it is mainly observed in young people (15-35 years), mainly with localization on the left, but can also be located on the right side or bilateral. 

Secondary:  it can occur in men of any age, following external compression, on the venous axis, most often due to a renal or pararenal tumor.

It frequently appears on the left side!

The disease manifests more frequently on the left side due to an anatomical feature, namely that the left spermatic vein has no valves and flows perpendicular to the left renal vein and not directly as occurs on the right side, promoting stagnation of the sole in the vein and the appearance of dilation. For this reason, only one testicle is affected most of the time.



How does this manifest itself?


Most of the time varicocele does not have any symptoms, it is diagnosed when men come to the doctor for problems with sexual dynamics or fertility.

Sometimes they may feel a sensation of weight or even pain on the left side of the scrotum. Objectively, on examination, the scrotum appears more elongated, asymmetrical. On palpation,  irregular venous dilations may be felt,  giving the sensation of swelling of the veinsMost of the time, varicocele occurs in people who also have hemorrhoids or varicose veins in the lower extremities, that is, they have a genetic predisposition to develop varicose diseases.

Varicocele usually begins in adolescence and should be treated as soon as there is an active lesion which ultimately leads to infertility. It is recommended that the disease be discovered as early as possible, in order to be treated early, which is why all young men should self-remedy, at least every six months. Any change in volume between the two scrotal pockets or the sensation of dilated veins should be followed by a visit to the urologist.



Simple and efficient!



Treatment depends on the stage of varicocele at the time of diagnosis.

If it is a small or moderate varicocele, a conservative method can be used that involves the use of a garter belt, physiotherapy, or local infiltration with novocaine.

If the doctor discovers significant varicose dilations, the only curative treatment in modern medicine is surgery. But we are talking about a simple and small-scale surgical intervention that does not affect the further course of the patient. Almost in two days, the patient can resume his normal activity and the sexual life can start again without any problem one week after the intervention.

Varicocele can be symptom-free for years, and men can get used to living undisturbed by the difference in volume between the two testicles. But it is good to be warned, because seemingly insignificant, this condition leads to infertility and disturbances in sexual dynamics over time. Minimal and extremely simple surgery solves this problem without further repercussions on sex life.


Discover the best natural treatment for varicocele

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