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Benefits of chocolate for people with fibromyalgia

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Chocolate is a product that increases the levels of serotonin (it is known as the natural antidepressant) and endorphins in the brain and therefore can cause a certain feeling of well-being.

This causes many people to turn to it as a stimulant to increase energy levels. It cannot be considered bad food because it has nutritional power: bitter chocolate is a good source of iron and magnesium and all types of chocolate contain potassium.

But you have to keep in mind that all of them are also very high in fat and contain compounds that act as stimulants. This last detail can cause, in particularly sensitive people, undesirable reactions that are triggered as it occurs in those who usually suffer from migraines. This is a clear example that when consuming this product everyone should refer to their previous experiences with it and, of course, not go overboard.

However, dark chocolate (dark chocolate) does not contain the same amount of milk or sugar as milk chocolate, and scientists recently rediscovered what Mesoamerica have known for centuries that dark chocolate can provide benefits. for health; especially if it has been grown organically and by hand.

It is not necessarily bad that the chocolate has milk, the important thing is that it contains at least 70% pure cocoa powder; The purer the cocoa in the chocolate, the more beneficial it will be. Bitter is better, but even when we can treat each other once in a while, we shouldn't overdo it.


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  • The tryptophan and cannabinoids found in dark chocolate can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, by lowering stress hormone levels. Which can help fibromyalgia patients feel less stress and pain.
  • The stimulants of theobrominecaffeinetyramine, and phenylethylamine in cocoa provide the person who eats it with the necessary boost. Which can produce a little more energy. 
  • Cocoa can also trigger natural opiates in the brain, which can relieve pain and promote feelings of well-being. Which helps improve fibromyalgia pain.
  • Cocoa also helps the body to produce nitric oxide, which is important for blood flow and blood pressure, promoting healthy blood flow, similar to low dose aspirin, which helps release toxins, which s 'build up in the body can increase pain.
  • Cocoa also contains many flavonoids, which are plant compounds with high antioxidant properties. These prevent cell damage and wear and tear, in addition to preventing fatty substances in the blood from clogging the arteries. Which is certainly good and necessary for everyone, whether or not they have fibromyalgia.

However, even dark chocolate is not 100% healthy for the following reasons:

  • While cocoa contains tryptophan, cannabinoids, theobromine, caffeine, tyramine, and phenylethylamine, the amounts of these substances are lower compared to other foods. For example, a cup of coffee contains much more caffeine than a bar of chocolate. In this case, eating a bar of dark chocolate instead of having a cup of coffee does not provide the psychological effects that caffeine provides. However, if we combine a bar of dark chocolate with other foods that contain these same substances, a more noticeable effect is obtained. 
  • Another concern is that a large part of the active ingredients found in cocoa which improve health are destroyed during the production of chocolate. In other words, the more important the treatment, the less the potential benefits. Chocolate companies are looking for ways to minimize the loss of these chemicals, so as not to reduce the health benefits. 



Additives are chemicals that are added to foods during their manufacturing process. One of its goals is to keep them from spoiling in a short time and to improve their appearance, color, or taste. So, there are colors, preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers, artificial sweeteners, and flavor enhancers.

Although they are now considered necessary and unavoidable, many experts and specialists in the subject assure that they can have significant toxic effects to the point of even contributing - some of them - to the development of certain tumors.


• Read the labels of all the chocolates you eat and choose the ones with the fewest additives.

• The more “natural” a food tastes, the fewer additives it contains. Learn to appreciate it that way.

• Do not eat chocolate with very striking or very intense colors. They are the ones that contain the most dyes.

In conclusion, to get the possible benefits from chocolate, you need to keep in mind the type of chocolate you are eating; Avoid milk chocolate and those sold as candy and look for the following qualities in chocolate:

  • Which has a high cocoa content (70% or more)
  • It has not undergone any alkalization process
  • This was dried and cold-pressed instead of toasted.
  • Contains cocoa butter instead of milk fat or hydrogenated oils.
  • Contains natural low glycemic sweeteners, such as raw cane instead of refined sugar.
  • Which has preferably been organic
  • This was done with as little processing as possible, for example by hand.


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