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Fibroma and infertility natural remedy


There are many factors that can affect your ability to get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. There is a link between fibroid and infertility. Uterine fibroids are a major factor in infertility in women. They affect around 20 to 50% of women of childbearing age. Some fibroids remain even after menopause. We see that they are more present in African-American women (50 to 80%). They are a fairly common condition and they are especially present in some families. If your mother has fibroids, chances are you have them too.
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What is a fibroid?

Uterine fibroids (myomas or leiomyomas) are benign (non-cancerous) tumors of muscle tissue in the uterus. Fibroids occur when a single muscle cell in the lining of the uterus multiplies and grows to form a non-cancerous tumor. Fibroids can change the shape or size of the uterus and sometimes the cervix (lower part of the uterus). Women usually have more than one fibroid. Their symptoms depend on their location, size and number.
Fibroids are usually found in or around the body of the uterus, but sometimes in the cervix. There are three main types of fibroids: They are:
-Sub-serous fibroids: They are located in the membrane lining the outside of the uterus
-Intramural fibroids: They are located in the muscular wall of the uterus
-Sub-mucous fibroids: They are inside the internal lining of the uterus.

I have fibroids and want to get pregnant, what should I do?

If you have fibroids and are looking for a natural alternative to avoid the operation, you've come to the right place. Here is the best natural remedy in the world to make your fibroids disappear naturally and get pregnant fast. It is composed of several herbal tea made from the best plants in the world to remove all your fibroids, make the pain disappear and expel all the waste contained in your uterus. How does it work?
Herbal tea works by preventing the action of progesterone on the endometrium (lining of the uterus) and keeping estrogen levels within normal limits. This will result in the permanent disappearance of fibroids and your pain. Thus, the heavy menstrual bleeding will completely stop at the end of the treatment.To discover our natural remedy for:

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Natural herbal remedy to treat fibroids


The natural treatment that we offer to permanently cure uterine fibroids consists of several herbal teas. This remedy has proven its effectiveness with dozens of resolved cases. It is specially designed for patients who do not want to have surgery.



How can fibroids reduce fertility?

Let's start with the good news: The vast majority of women with fibroids will have children normally. Fibroids can stay small or grow in areas that do not affect the reproductive system. Conversely, some fibroids will have a negative impact on the ability to conceive, stay pregnant and carry a baby to term. Even though fibroids don't interfere with ovulation, they can prevent the uterus from doing what it's supposed to do to promote conception and pregnancy. It all depends on the location of your fibroids?
Depending on their location, fibroids can prevent sperm and egg from coming together for conception by blocking the fallopian tubes. Fibroids can interfere with an embryo's ability to implant. They often grow in places or at sizes that make it difficult for the pregnancy to continue. Fibroids can even affect the health and well-being of the fetus.

How Do Fibroids Affect Your Ability To Have A Baby?

uterine fibroma and pregnancy |  My gynecologist and I
The answer has a lot to do with where the fibroids are located in the uterus. Uterine fibroids can reduce fertility in several ways:
- Changes in the shape of the cervix can affect the number of sperm that can enter the uterus.
-Changes in the shape of the uterus may interfere with the movement of sperm or the embryo.
–The fallopian tubes can be blocked by fibroids.
-They can have an impact on the size of the lining of the uterine cavity.
-The blood flow to the uterine cavity may be affected. This can reduce an embryo's ability to stick (implant) to the uterine wall or to grow.


What Happens to Fibroids During Pregnancy?

Fibroids are found in 2% to 12% of pregnant women. But most fibroids do not grow larger and cause problems during pregnancy. If a fibroid does develop, it usually does so during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

What Can Happen With Fibroids During Pregnancy?

If a woman conceives after having a fibroid removed, she should discuss it with the obstetrician who will give birth. A cesarean may be recommended.
In some cases, fibroids can lose their blood supply and cause severe pain. Hospitalization may be necessary. In addition, fibroids can change the position of the baby in the womb. This can increase the risk of miscarriage, premature delivery, and cesarean section. How fibroids are managed depends on your situation and your doctor's recommendations. Surgery is rarely needed or performed during pregnancy.

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