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Herbal tea natural plant to treat fibroids and prevent miscarriages


The existence of several small uterine fibroids is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage

Fibroids, which are benign tumors of the uterus, are  thought to  affect more than one in 5 women of childbearing age . But few data exist on the influence of their growth on the course of a pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage, premature delivery  and  retarded growth of the fetus in uterus. That is why the Dawasanté experts provide you with a natural product against miscarriages and to make fibroids permanently disappear.

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In total, several fibroids were diagnosed in 170 women. These patients had  a 55% increased risk of having a miscarriage . In addition, the existence of small fibroids was significantly associated with this obstetric complication, compared to larger fibroids, the authors report. 

The  submucous fibroid  develops in the uterine cavity. It decreases fertility by interfering with the implantation of the embryo. But, to get pregnant, a vaginal operation allows it to be resected. Three months of healing are then necessary. This surgery also increases your chances of carrying a pregnancy to term.

Other types of fibroids,  subserosal  (on the outer surface of the uterus) or  interstitial  (in the uterine muscle), do not necessarily interfere with fertility. " The location of the submucosal myoma is the only one that is really embarrassing for conceiving a child and concerning the risk of miscarriage.  For other locations, depending on the size and number of myomas, imbalances in vascularization can cause difficulties. , but few good quality studies have analyzed it ".


         fibroids can complicate pregnancy:


  • Pelvic pain like uterine contractions, related to a torsion of a pedicled fibroid (the fibroid rotates around itself thanks to its pedicle) or with fibroid necrobiosis (acute necrosis of the fibroid linked to its poor blood supply) .
  • Compression of neighboring organs (even more accentuated in pregnant women because of the uterine volume): Bladder compression (bladder) causing pollakiuria (very frequent urination); Ureteral compression (ureters) causing dilation of the ureters and renal cavities; rectal compression (rectum) causing constipation or false urge to have a bowel movement.
  • Increase in the volume of fibroids under the effect of hormonal secretions during pregnancy.
  • Repeated miscarriage: This is essentially the case with submucosal fibroids having a “foreign body” effect and which cause the expulsion of an early pregnancy.
  • Late miscarriage: Expulsion of the fetus before it is viable.
  • Premature childbirth: Childbirth occurring before the term of pregnancy, linked to the occurrence of premature uterine contractions, compression of the fetus by fibroids or premature rupture of the water bag.
  • Obstacle previae in childbirth: When the fibroid is placed in the cervix or in the uterine isthmus, it can prevent the descent of the fetal mobile during childbirth.
  • Obstructed presentation: Abnormal presentation of the unborn child at the end of pregnancy, with breech presentation or transverse presentation of the fetus.
  • Delivery haemorrhage: Due to poor uterine retraction after childbirth.

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