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Natural treatments for ovarian cysts

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Ovarian cysts are a common problem, but few women know about natural treatments for them. The ovarian cysts are bags filled with liquid that grows on or in the ovaryThey are made up of liquid, semi-liquid or even gaseous substances.
The appearance of ovarian cysts does not take into account age, because they can appear at 20 years, but also at 50 years. They are different in shape and size and can be discovered by a specialist doctor with a special device. Ovarian cysts, often painless, are very common and rarely serious. Once you have been diagnosed, surgery or treatment for these drugs will be recommended.
Before ingesting drugs, it is necessary to review the information in the following lines, to see that there are other alternatives than those found on the shelves of pharmacies.


Natural treatments for ovarian cysts

It is good to use herbal supplements to help nourish the endocrine system, promote hormonal balance, regular ovulation, and good circulation in the reproductive organs . It is also good to use herbal supplements that detoxify the liver to improve hormonal balance and estrogen metabolism. Ovarian cysts are considered to be stagnant in the body, both in terms of the liver and circulation to the reproductive organs.
Experts recommend many plants and herbs that are used to treat these ovarian cysts:

Dawasante's natural remedy to cure ovarian cysts

FEMALE INFERTILITY: natural remedy

Here is the best natural remedy in the world to make ovarian cysts disappearThis natural remedy is made from the best herbal remedies for treating ovarian cysts. He will heal you and you will avoid the operation. Herbal tea is made up of several herbs that regulate the hormone levels and the size of your cysts. It will help you relieve the pain of the menstrual cycle and regularize your cycleThe herbal tea will also expel waste from your uterus. Usually, except when the diagnosis is too late, our natural treatment will cure ovarian cysts without side effects. 

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Agnus castus or vitex

It has been used since its creation as a regulator of hormonal imbalance. It is used for treatment against cysts, but also for the improvement of symptoms caused by the onset of menopause. The plant also regulates the level of estrogen in the body and also prevents the development of possible cysts.


The armourarium (milk thistle)



It is excellent for a detoxification cure. It is the best food herb for maintaining liver health, which in turn helps filter toxins, but also remove excess hormones.

Red clover tea

Red clover is a special plant that only lives on certain surfaces; it is recognized as a substitute for estrogen (if it does not exist in the body). Tea, consumed regularly, ensures the balance of hormonal states.


Maca Root (Lepidium meyenii)

Maca is an excellent fertility herb that helps the body produce progesterone and balance hormones without containing hormones per se. It  helps natural progesterone to work better by nourishing the endocrine system. Which is great for treating ovarian cysts.


Dandelion ointment and teas

The dandelion plant is an incredible diuretic, which leads to complete cleansing of the liver. Consuming two cups a day, indefinitely, leads to the elimination of excess hormones in the body, which can cause ovarian cysts. 



Bee honey is recognized for its benefits by strengthening immunity and vitamin the body. Bee pollen has become famous for centuries as a remedy,  an effective treatment, in terms of maintaining the health of the ovaries and the whole reproductive system. In particular, winning the fight with the formation of ovarian cysts and their development.

Arisarum proboscideum ( The tail of the mouse)

Daily consumption of mouse tail tea (about 2-3 cups per day), daily regulates the menstrual cycle, one of the causes of ovarian cysts.
If you go to a herbalist or other specialty store you will see the wide range of herbs and natural treatments to heal and stop the appearance of ovarian cysts and beyond. These include: chestnut flowers or leaves, oats, and honeysuckle.
They are found and consumed in the form of teas, herbal teas, capsules or other desired preparations. Before administering any treatment, seek the advice and recommendations of the manufacturer or medical specialist, if applicable.


Reduce estrogen

Excess estrogen is one of the most common types of hormonal imbalances that can disrupt ovulation. One of the best ways to get rid of excess estrogen from the body is to stop your exposure to xenoormones.

  • Avoid exposure to estrogen and xenoestrogens
  • Eat only organic products
  • Do not put plastic food in the microwave
  • Stop drinking water from plastic bottles
  • Avoid mineral oils and parabens in skin care products
  • Use natural detergents


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