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camphor oil and keloids

Folk and natural remedies for keloids

By On 03/02/2020

What are keloids?

Keloids are scar tissue after sores appear, which grow and harden. This condition can lead to a scar larger than the original wound.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, not all people who are injured will develop keloids. If you have keloid-prone skin, anything that causes scarring can cause this condition. This includes severe scratches, burns, or pimples. Some people also experience keloids after piercing their ears or getting a tattoo. It is not uncommon for surgical scars to cause this condition.

In rare cases, this condition appears in people who have not suffered any injuries. This condition is called " spontaneous keloids ".

Scar tissue is most commonly found in the chest, shoulders, ears, and cheeks. However, scars can attack other parts of the body as well. While not too dangerous for your health, keloids can dramatically affect your aesthetic appearance. Once onset, keloids can slowly grow in size for months or years.


Herbal remedy for keloids 

CHELOIDES natural remedy

 If you have keloids, there are two ways you can get rid of them. Either you can reduce them with surgery or you can opt for natural treatment. Conventional treatments like surgery have several drawbacks. They are ineffective, they are expensive, and keloid scars tend to recur even after surgery. Our natural treatment to remove keloids consists of 2 elements: an ointment and herbal tea. Anti keloid ointment is a gentle, yet very effective, natural remedy for keloid removal. It contains plants that help regenerate the skin, which is excellent for the natural treatment of keloids. As for the herbal tea, it helps strengthen the action of the ointment. It is a natural solution to get rid of keloids without surgery. To discover our natural solution against keloids clicks here!

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After mechanical injuries, there is a risk of developing keloid scars, which look unsightly. Therefore, people spend a lot of money on expensive treatments to remove scar formations. Instead, you can use a more economical and effective method of combating keloid scars - folk remedies. Treatment of keloid scars at home is carried out as additional therapy prescribed by a doctor.



How to remove keloid scars with folk remedies


Over time, several natural recipes have been discovered to aid in healing. But they should be used with caution, as these products have a strong effect on the skin. There are several options:

  • Onion juice: This juice contains unique enzymes that speed up skin regeneration. Steam the onions and remove the juice. This juice will be applied to the scars. For the night make compresses based on onions in the oven. The treatment is quite long - several months, but the result will be satisfactory.

  • Melon Seed Mask: It should be applied to the scarred area daily to smooth the scar tissue. To prepare this remedy, you need to dry the melon seeds, grind them to a powder state, add eggshells, and olive oil. The resulting mixture is applied to the scar in the form of a compress. The procedure should be carried out for at least a month.

  • Honey: Rub into the damaged area up to three times a day. After a few months, the scars will turn pale and smooth.

  • Essential oils: Some oils have to regenerate and healing properties. Some of the more common options include lavender, sea buckthorn, or castor oil. St. John's Wort (hypericum perforatum) oil has analgesic and antiseptic effect. Calendula oil helps smooth scars.

  • Beeswax or paraffin  :  they make masks that can smooth the skin. You can also make a special ointment. To do this, heat the sunflower oil and melt the wax in it. Cool and massage the scars with. Do this treatment for one to two months.

  • Sophora japonica ointment: chop the fruits of the sophora japonica, mix with melted goose fat and simmer over low heat for about an hour. Handle for five days, at regular intervals, keep the product in the refrigerator. After that, it can be used to treat problem areas.

  • Cabbage compresses are another good option for getting rid of scars at home. It is necessary to rinse several leaves, grind to a pasty state, and add rose water. Mix everything, put on a towel, apply to the area to be treated and secure with a bandage. This tool has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Camphor oil:  moisten a linen towel, apply to the scar, cover with cellophane and secure with duct tape. Keep the compress on overnight.

  • Parsley broth:  chop the greens, pour boiling water and leave for twenty minutes. Let cool, pour into molds and freeze. Wipe scars with ice cubes in the morning and evening for three consecutive months.

  • Lemon juice also effectively reduces the visibility of the keloid scar. The apple cider vinegar is able to reduce the size of the scar, relieve redness.

  • Many patients claim that hirudotherapy helps fight keloid scars. But of course, this treatment can only be done in specialized centers and practiced by a health expert.

In addition to the use of effective recipes of traditional medicine, you need to eat well. The diet should include enough protein and vitamins. Zinc, which is found in high amounts in pumpkin and sunflower seeds, peanuts, and cheese, helps in the treatment of scars.

Remember that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, the formation of a colloidal scar can also be avoided by taking appropriate measures in advance. The fight against concomitant diseases using traditional methods should be in accordance with the recommendations of a specialist. Treatment requires systematic observation by a doctor.


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