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increase the size of its penis thanks to fenugreek seeds

Fenugrec pour grossir le penis

How to use fenugreek to make the penis bigger

By On 18/08/2020

Few men can say with their hands on their hearts that they are happy with their penises. Most people lie about this, but instead of cheating on their partners or potential mates, they could do something to reach the size of their dreams. Recent studies have shown that one of a man's biggest fears, related to sex, is the size of his penis. Contrary to expectations, size matters more to men than to women.

This is why many men compare their penises to what they see in adult movies or in the toilet at work, when they look at the coworker next to them.


Dawasante's natural remedy for penis enlargement

Herbs to enlarge the penis size medicinal herbal tea

The natural treatment that we offer to make your penis bigger has 3 elements that work simultaneously: a herbal tea, a soap, and an ointment. The herbal tea will make your penis grow in length and thickness very quickly and safely with excellent sexual performance. The active principles of the plants that make up the natural treatment will increase the capacity of the cavernous bodies for a greater blood flow to the penis. In addition to enlarging your penis, it will allow you to permanently end premature ejaculation and sexual weakness.Your erection will then become intense and lasting. This natural treatment is extremely effective and has already proven successful in many men. Our natural treatment is the miracle solution for those who want to naturally grow their penis.

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The use of natural means for penis enlargement

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Although there is a lot of speculation about the effectiveness of herbs in increasing a man's libido and sexual function, specialists have come a long way in their studies and have come to the conclusion that they do work.

In fact, some studies show that in addition to enlarging the penis, plants provide them with even more sexual benefits, including stronger erections, greater stamina, and increased sperm production. 

Let's see how using fenugreek can increase penis size.


What is Fenugreek Seed Extract?

Best known in the West as a curry spice, fenugreek boosts testosterone in men, providing proven benefits in the gym and the bedroom (herbal male sexual stimulation). It also increases milk production in nursing women and protects the liver.

A June 2011 study at the Australian Center for Clinical and Molecular Integrative Medicine found that men aged 25 to 52 had fenugreek extract twice a day for six weeks 25% more than those taking a placebo. In addition, testosterone was increased by over 20%.

Fenugreek is also used for centuries to help diabetics and is a  remedy  useful  for balancing supply in blood sugar . A clinical study recently showed that fenugreek stimulates the secretion of glucose-dependent insulin by the pancreas. It has hypoglycemic function, which means it can help lower blood sugar.

Additionally, fenugreek seeds are also widely used as a galactagogue ( milk-producing agent ) by nursing mothers to increase breast milk production. Research has shown that fenugreek is a powerful stimulant of breast milk production.


What does fenugreek seed extract contain?


2.furastanol saponin

3.Fenugreek saponins


1. What is 4-Hydroxyisoleucine?

4-Hydroxyisoleucine is a protein-free amino acid found in fenugreek, mainly fenugreek seeds, with the effect of promoting insulin secretion. In addition, 4-hydroxy-isoleucine can improve the penetration of creatine into muscle cells. It can improve muscle strength and muscle mass, and increase the strength and size of muscle cells.


Functions and characteristics of 4-hydroxyisoleucine

A. To improve the role of insulin secretion

B. Improves muscle strength and muscle mass

C. lower cholesterol levels

D. Promotes penis enlargement

2. What is furastanol saponin?

Furastanol saponin exists in fenugreek saponin plants, it can increase the body's testosterone levels by stimulating the body to produce luteinizing hormone and dehydroepiandrosterone. Used to treat sexual dysfunction and stimulate muscle growth. Both effects are caused by its stimulating effect of testosterone. The present research shows that its main components, furastanol saponin, formerly diosgenin saponin, play a crucial role in the active ingredient.

Aerobics found that after taking fenugreek saponins their appetite improved. This is considered to be a good thing for people who want to increase their weight.


Functions and characteristics of the food additive furastanol saponin 50%

A. Stimulates and improves sexual performance by increasing hormone levels

B. Strengthen the muscles.

C. improved appetite

D. Helpful for effective penis enlargement


3. Fenugreek saponins

Saponins determine the effectiveness of fenugreek in disorders of the genitourinary system. Thus, protodioscin has the ability to improve erections, increase the level of testosterone in the blood and increase libido. This saponin is metabolized in the body to dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a prohormone on the basis of which the endocrine glands produce over 20 different hormones. DHEA has a beneficial effect on immunity, cell membrane integrity, erectile function and cholesterol metabolism; helps improve physical and psychological conditions, increases sexual activity.

Saponins also help restore spermatogenesis, improve endocrine gland function, and produce a number of hormones.


How to use fenugreek seeds to make the penis bigger

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You must combine the consumption of fenugreek with the practice of a sport, in particular weight training or another type of sport which allows the increase of testosterone in men. 

Also using fenugreek oil for penile massage is a good way to increase penis size. Massage your penis morning and evening with fenugreek oil. if you do not have the oil, you can grind the fenugreek seeds, if they are not already in powder and mix them with organic olive oil. Mix well and let sit all day, stirring occasionally. Then apply on the penis and ensure a good massage to penetrate the active effects.  


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