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natural remedy for warts

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By On 24/09/2020

The  genital warts  are the most obvious and most painful event caused by the presence of HPV infection or  virus Herpes papilloma .

These are rough growths that form  around the lining  of the anal opening or the external genital tract, affecting both men and women.

Genital warts are much  more difficult to cure  because conventional drug treatment works  very slowly,  so much so that it can take months for the lesions to go away. A much faster solution is rather the surgical solution  ,  although its applicability depends on the type of wart and its location.

To facilitate the healing of  female  and male warts , various  natural remedies  can be used  ,  which have a complementary action to that of conventional drugs. Natural remedies are not miraculous, of course, but they are recommended to be taken to  speed recovery  and  reduce the dosage of drugs,  which have significant side effects.




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The  natural treatment  that we offer you is based on plants and herbs which have antiviral, immunostimulant, necrotic with burning properties and cytotoxic agents which prevent the growth and spread of warts.

Our  natural treatment  to destroy  condylomas  is made up of 2 elements: an ointment and a herbal tea. Anti warts ointment is a burning natural remedy, but very effective in removing warts. They contain plants that burn warts. It prevents the growth and spread of warts. This natural remedy also reduces inflammation, calms itching, destroys the virus and fights infections. As for the herbal tea, it helps strengthen the action of the ointment. Our remedy which is 100% natural will allow you to avoid surgery, it is free of side effects and effectively treats warts in both women and men.


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Natural home remedies for genital warts

HPV infection is  very common. A direct correlation between the virus and the appearance of neoplasms in the cervix has been proven, but its most classic manifestation is the appearance of  genital warts.

The therapies offered by traditional medicine are based on the  application of topical cortisone ointments , which aim to reduce the inflammation in the area affected by the warts.

Natural remedies, on the other hand, each have their own mechanism of action and can be used simultaneously without the risk of causing negative effects on the health of the body.

AHCC , the Shiitake mushroom molecule against warts

The health benefits of the shiitake mushroom: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The natural remedy that has scientifically given the best results in terms of effectiveness is  therapy with AHCC  , a  molecule extracted from the Shiitake mushroom  .

The action of AHCC in the treatment of warts is based on an effect similar to that of cortisones, but completely devoid of side effects. In particular, while cortisone lowers the immune response to reduce inflammation, AHCC  stimulates non-specific immunity  to fight disease, thereby attracting the immune system to the affected area so that the warts can heal quickly.

The AHCC is taken orally. By generally increasing the body's immune activity, it acts on the affected point but may possibly have a beneficial effect on other ongoing pathologies. The effectiveness of AHCC on strengthening the immune system has been confirmed by  several scientific studies.


Aloe vera, topical remedy for warts

Amazing Aloe Vera Benefits and Uses for Health - healthfoodbeauty

Another well-known natural remedy for the  treatment of warts  , but for topical application, is aloe vera. It is a very popular succulent plant also as an ornamental plant. In the market you can find different ointments produced with its extracts, to be used as  natural anti-inflammatory drugs  .

Much like cortisone ointments, aloe vera has the ability to reduce inflammation, helping to remove genital warts.


The effectiveness of natural oils on the treatment of warts

Camphor oil: a remedy to keep at home, the properties of camphor oil |  Online Medicine

Some essential oils have also been rated positively for the treatment of genital warts.

Among these, the most effective are  castor oil and camphor oil, to  which is added the essential oil of lavender which has, however, shown more limited properties than the other two.


Acidic remedies dry out warts

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The name may be scary, but in general with the term "acid remedies" we mean all those which are based on the use of a natural acid which, of course,  should not be harmful to the body.

Among these, there is  citric acid  , which is found in lemon, and  acetic acid  , which is contained in vinegar. Acidic remedies do not have an anti-inflammatory action (on the contrary, they stimulate inflammation), so they should be used  later than other remedies.

If, indeed, AHCC modulates the immune response and aloe, along with essential oils, have topical anti-inflammatory action, acidic remedies are mainly used to  dry warts,  so that they separate. naturally from the rest of the skin. and fall.

The application of acids should be done with caution, especially since it is a remedy which, unlike the other cited, can cause pain, due to the delicacy of the affected area.

The application of several natural remedies can  minimize  the effects of HPV infection , and make both male and female genital warts disappear much faster than with traditional therapy alone.

Pharmacological treatment should not be interrupted  and, before taking any natural remedy to  speed up healing of warts  , it is important to always seek the advice of your doctor.





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