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8 meilleur plantes africaine pour grossir at agrandir le penis


By On 21/11/2020



If you want to naturally increase the length and width of the penis, it is possible without side effects. With these amazing best African herbs for penis enlargement, you don't have to worry about your small penis anymore.

¶ However, there are some facts about your penis health that we have included in this article that you should be aware of. Make sure you read to the end for the useful information that will serve you well in the long run.


During puberty, the penis will grow both in length and in girth. Once puberty is over, it is unlikely that there will be any new penile growth. That said, some men can experience growth in their early 20s.



When should you start worrying about your penis size?

Do you think you are smaller than average? You probably aren't?

How to grow your penis: the most risky methods

The fear that your penis will appear too small or too small to satisfy your partner during sex is common. But studies have shown that most men who think their penises are too small actually have normal sized penises.

Likewise, studies suggest that many men have an exaggerated idea of ​​what constitutes a "normal" penis size.

The length of a non-erect penis does not consistently predict length when the penis is erect. If your erect penis is about 13 cm (5 inches) or more, it is a normal size.

A penis is considered unusually small only if it measures less than 3 inches (about 7.5 centimeters) when it is erect, a condition called micropenis. 

“ In this case, you have to worry about your penis. However, if you still want to increase your penis despite the current length, these best African herbs for increasing penis size will help you achieve that goal naturally and without side effects ” .



Dawasanté natural remedy for penis enlargement

Herbs to enlarge the penis size medicinal herbal tea

THIS IS BY LARGE ONE OF THE BEST AFRICAN PLANTS TO INCREASE THE SIZE OF YOUR PENIS WHICH HAS PRODUCED A LOT OF TESTIMONIALS. The natural treatment that we offer to make your penis bigger has 3 elements that work simultaneously: a herbal tea, a soap, and an ointment. The herbal tea will make your penis grow in length and thickness very quickly and safely with excellent sexual performance. The active principles of the plants that make up the natural treatment will increase the capacity of the cavernous bodies for a greater blood flow to the penis. In addition to enlarging your penis, it will allow you to permanently end premature ejaculation  and  sexual weakness. Your erection will then become intense and lasting. This natural treatment is extremely effective and has already proven successful in many men. Our natural treatment is the miracle solution for those who want to naturally grow their penis.

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GOURO root to enlarge the penis

Root and medicinal plant to enlarge and lengthen the penis: Gouro rootThe gouro toothpick: the ancestral Ivorian aphrodisiac - Vudaf

The GOURO Root offered by the herbal medicine group AFRICAN plants is a mixture of aphrodisiac roots and natural libido stimulating plants containing among other things the famous GOURO stem coming directly from Burkina Faso.

  • Our products come in several versions: powder, toothpicks and reinforced GOURO bottles
  • They are approved and will soon be the subject of an AOC recognized internationally (Protected Designation of Origin)
  • the plant materials are finely selected and processed according to BPH (Good Hygiene Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)


THE GOURO PACK offered is a set of manufactured products containing mainly GOURO roots, supplemented with a few spices and aphro active ingredients. 

  • GOURO pack = 1 GOURO toothpick packet + the reinforced GOURO bottle or the GOURO SUPERSEX powder (your choice).
  • GOURO SUPERSEX powder: 1 teaspoon in the morning + 1 teaspoon in the evening, diluted in hot porridge or hot tea 


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Shea butter: benefits and advice for use

Shea butter is a commonly used ingredient for skin and beauty products, but it can be particularly beneficial for male health. If you use manual exercises in addition to a penis extender together then the results can be quick and permanent in the short term.

By combining exercises like Jelqing with shea the first effects are felt after a few:

  • Erections and Harder Penis
  • Looser and heavier penis in flaccid state
  • The penis becomes thicker in a few weeks (in combination with jelqing)
  • Irrigation of the penis increased
  • The moisturizers in shea butter are chemically similar to those produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin, making shea an ideal natural ingredient for use on human skin.


Consumption of onion to enlarge the penis


Research shows that onions are great for creating healthy blood flow throughout the body to the heart. Additionally, consuming onions helps prevent blood clotting. But what people rarely realize is that onions not only help blood flow to the heart, but also blood flow to the penis. 


Onion juice and honey and garlic to enlarge the penis


It can be eaten raw or as a juice!

  • Cut a peeled onion into 4 parts
  • Place 2 cloves of garlic
  • A little honey (optional)

Excellent juice to increase your sexual potency!

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Avocado - My well-being plate

Did you know that there is a trick that can help you grow your penis made from avocado pulp? Indeed apart from its therapeutic virtues, avocado is an excellent fruit used for several uses.

Well before offering you our natural tip, let's remember some of the health benefits of avocado.

So for this trick you would need:

  • One cooked egg
  • Peanuts
  • A lawyer,
  • A hard coconut
  • Of honey
Preparation and directions for use
  • Cut the egg, peanuts, avocado pulp and coconut into small pieces
  • Mix everything in a blender and add honey

 Drink the Mixture 3 times a day

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General tips for penile health


Penile health needs a holistic approach. In other words, taking care of all aspects of your general health is important for the health of your penis. This is especially important because a range of different health conditions can affect your fertility and penile health.


Stay hydrated

Portrait of a young sportsman with a bottle of water - Stock Photo © stetsik # 334405686

Hydration is important for your overall health, as well as the health of your penis. There may be a link between dehydration and erectile dysfunction, so try to drink about two liters of water per day.


Eat a balanced diet

To have quality sperm, what should you eat?  |  Health Magazine

Eating a balanced diet is essential to help lower your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, both of which can cause erectile dysfunction.

A 2016 Trusted Source study of 25,096 subjects examined the relationship between erectile dysfunction and flavonoids, which are mainly found in vegetables and fruits.

Researchers found that subjects who regularly consumed flavonoids were less likely to develop erectile dysfunction.

Certain foods can also increase your testosterone levels and improve your fertility. This includes:

  • spinach
  • spicy capsaicin dishes
  • Lawyer
  • Exercise regularly
  • Moderate physical activity can lower your risk of erectile dysfunction.


Practice pelvic floor exercises

natural technique against premature ejaculation

Pelvic floor exercises are often associated with vaginal health, but they can be helpful for anyone.

These exercises can improve your ability to get and maintain an erection, as well as prevent drips after urination.

A small 2005 study of 55 people with erectile dysfunction found that pelvic exercises helped 40% of participants return to normal erectile function.

Another 35.5 percent reported that although they did not fully regain normal function, their overall erectile function improved.

You can do basic Kegel exercises by tightening the muscles that you use to urinate. Squeeze for five seconds, relax, and repeat for 10 rounds. Finally, work up to 20 repetitions. Do this two or three times a day.


Maintain a healthy weight

3 reasons for rapid weight gain in men

Maintaining a healthy weight can lower your risk for diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease, all of which affect the health of your penis.



Practice stress management

How to deal with stress before a job interview?  - Cadremploi

The practice of stress management is great for your overall health and the health of your penis.

Stress and anxiety can affect your sexual performance and fertility. Stress also increases your chances of developing cardiovascular disease, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.


Stress management techniques include:


  • deep breathing
  • spend time with loved ones
  • logging
  • meditation
  • Practice sleep hygiene
  • Sleep is important for your vascular health, which affects your ability to become erect.

There appears to be a link between obstructive sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction, possibly because sleep deprivation can lead to low testosterone and other hormonal imbalances.


Avoid tobacco

Tobacco: how to proceed to avoid passive smoking?
Smoking cigarettes is strongly associated with erectile dysfunction.

A 2013 study from Trusted Source showed that this may be because smoking disrupts your heart's autonomic function, which in turn leads to erectile dysfunction.

Smoking can also decrease your fertility.


Drink alcohol in moderation, 

Risks of alcohol dependence on one's health and natural responses.

As with tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption can cause a number of health problems, which in turn can affect the health of your penis.



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