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tribulus terrestris heals cryptozoospermia

Nieplodnosc a bezplodnosc czy mozna je leczyc

NATURAL REMEDY: How to cure cryptozoospermia in a natural way?

By On 11/08/2020

Cryptozoospermia is a complicated form of oligozoospermia (low concentration of sperm per 1ml of semen - less than 2ml), in which the sperm count is extremely low. Unique samples, and not always complete and viable, can only be detected after concentration of sperm by centrifugation. The material is applied to a large number of glass slides, each of which is carefully examined for the presence of germ cells. If they can not be found, azoospermia  is diagnosed - the complete absence of sperm.

Causes of cryptozoospermia

The most serious and incurable forms of cryptozoospermia occur for the following reasons:

  • Damage to the seminiferous tubules of the testes due to trauma, purulent inflammatory tissue fusion (orchitis, epididymitis, infectious parotitis transferred to childhood with complications on the testes);
  • Congenital genetic disorders of hormonal levels, testicular malformations, vas deferens;
  • Malignant tumor of the testes and pituitary gland;
  • Exposure to radiation.


Male infertility natural remedies

The natural treatment we offer to cure cryptozoospermia consists of plants, bark and plant roots. It is a natural, effective, and long-lasting remedy that will allow you to overcome your cryptozoospermia. These plants are recognized as being the most effective in the world in curing disorders related to sperm production. They improve the quality and quantity of sperm. These herbs will also help your body adapt to stressful situations and will also support a healthy immune system.

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Corrected cryptozoospermia develops under the influence of the following factors:

  1. Chronic or acute inflammation of the testes, their appendages, prostate. Due to infections, the structure and function of tissues are disturbed, the composition of seminal plasma changes , spermatozoa are damaged by oxidative processes.
  2. Varicocele (enlarged scrotal veins), hydrocele (fluid in the membranes of the testis).
  3. Intoxication: chemicals, alcoholism, drug addiction, certain drugs.
  4. Hormonal disturbances: taking steroids, obesity, acute and chronic stress.
  5. Violation of the patency of the seminal ducts;
  6. Scrotal trauma (testicular hematoma).

There are no symptoms characteristic of cryptozoospermia. There may be signs of diseases that caused a decrease in the number of sperm: pain in the groin, discharge from the urethra, enlarged scrotum, testicular edema.

Treatment of cryptozoospermia

Many men manage to get rid of cryptozoospermia by correcting their lifestyle:

  1. Stop drinking beer and other liquor. A small amount of dry red wine is acceptable.
  2. Do not go to baths or sauna.
  3. Introduce seafood, feta cheese, celery, parsley, honey, nuts, seeds in the diet, remove fast food, sweet soda, minimize the use of sausages.
  4. Regular physical activity and a stable sex life are helpful.

In some cases, the causes of cryptozoospermia can be influenced by certain folk remedies:

  • Sage infusion: pour 10 g of leaves with a glass of boiling water, let stand for half an hour. Drink a tablespoon three times a day.
  • Periwinkle infusion: 5 tablespoons of dried leaves pour 0.5 liters of vodka, let stand 10 days, drain. Drink a teaspoon 3 to 5 times a day.
  • Tincture on submore bee: pour a teaspoon of a glass of vodka. After 3 weeks, filter, drink 20 drops for a month after meals.
  • Infusion on wormwood seeds: pour a teaspoon of raw materials with a glass of boiling water, leave for an hour, drink during the day.
  • Royal jelly or bee bread: dissolve half a teaspoon under the tongue on an empty stomach.

3 products that will increase the number of sperm

  • Ail

Garlic, an aromatic with intense scents

It contains, among other things, allicin, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, also has a beneficial effect on body pressure. This substance has a positive effect on the blood supply to the penis, which helps to increase the amount of semen produced. Garlic is also a source of  vitamin B6 and selenium , which are responsible for the production of healthy sperm.

  • Beef

Beef Tataki Recipe |  Zest

It is a good source of  zinc , which helps prevent free radicals from entering semen. It also, they simply say, stops the "conversion" of testosterone to estrogen, which can lead to low libido. The deficiency of this macroelement can be the cause, among other things, of a decrease in immunity, skin problems, depression or erectile dysfunction .

If you don't eat meat, you'll find zinc in whole grains, nuts, almonds, or herbs like chamomile or sage.

  • Eggs

The 5 health benefits of eggs: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Eggs have a great impact on the quantity and quality of sperm. They are a source of  vitamin E , the deficiency of which can cause degeneration of testicular tissues. It also neutralizes the effects of free radical damage. Eggs also contain zinc and selenium: "these elements regulate the production and maturation of healthy and strong sperm"

It should be remembered that these are just a few of the important parts of managing male fertility. A  healthy lifestyle  is also important. No drugs, lots of traffic.


Cryptozoospermia prevention measures:

  1. Eliminates overheating of the groin area (sauna, steam room, even a laptop).
  2. Do not abuse alcohol, exclude smoking.
  3. Avoid any kind of unprotected sex.
  4. Treat STDs in a timely manner.
  5. Adhere to the principles of healthy eating.


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