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I, MUKABE Jennifer, suffered for more than 05 years from obstruction of the fallopian tubes. Both my tubes were blocked, so it was impossible for me to get pregnant naturally. If you suffer from blocked fallopian tubes click here.

I want to share with you the best solution to unclog fallopian tubesThis is a natural treatment based on medicinal plants which allow the tubes to unclog, this natural treatment is a real miracle after 06 weeks of treatment I went back to my doctor to see the condition of my tubes and indeed we noticed that there was an improvement and that the liquid could pass. After 02 months of full treatment, we tried to have a child and by the grace of GOD after the 05 long waits and search, we found the solution. Today we have our daughter GRACE who is already 08 months old and in great shape. It is beautiful and very possible to unclog the fallopian tubes and to get pregnant naturally, the experts at DAWASANTE allowed us to have our child without having to undergo IVF.

What if I have blocked tubes and want to get pregnant?
Here is the best  African herbal remedy for unblocking the tubes and getting pregnant quicklyThese herbs are very effective in unblocking the fallopian tubes. They have already enabled many women around the world who had blocked tubes to regain their fertility without operations. If you have blocked tubes, here are the medicinal plants that will allow you to experience the joy of being a mother.

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Trumpets bite-size testimonials: natural treatment

Natural herbal treatment is the best way to naturally unblock the fallopian tubes, become fertile, and have children. Luciole had testified last year, asking our opinion on his situation. As I explained to him in my answer, with the baby tests, you never know how it will be, and especially how long it will take. And indeed, after more than a year, the doctors realized that Luciolehad blocked tubes that would not allow her to get pregnant naturally. Here is his testimony.






I asked you for a little help a few months ago because I wanted to have a baby.

You answered me and I thank you. So I chose to continue with the baby tests.

As a reminder, at the time, I had cancerous lesions on the cervix (therefore rigorous monitoring) and polycystic ovaries. We were already in average dispositions, but super confident in nature, and in life. Guest gifts wedding dresses classes dance wedding catering wedding stationery.

The only indication of the gynecologist "come see me in a year if you are not pregnant".

So we went head-to-head and took our practical work seriously.

I saw my gynecologist no less 3-4 times in these 12 months, for different follow-ups. Pain in the ovaries, lesion checks, and of course the ovaries. Nothing to report, we continue the tests without pressure, without a schedule, just because we like to train!


Still nothing on the horizon.

He then talks to us about infertility, treatment protocols, reimbursements, and assisted reproduction. The famous words that scare. My partner and I are a little shaken up, even if we suspected it (and yes I tend to dig a subject long, wide, and across…).

We each pass our many exams (supposed to be 100% refunded, but we still have to move forward ... in a month anyway! Yes that they do not say!).

My last meeting is a hystero (tube radio using a contrast liquid). Normally it doesn't hurt, but opinions differ on this.

For me, it was very painful.

My two tubes are blocked, the liquid does not pass, and forces entry. After the 4th test, the doctor decides to stop forcing and hurting me. But she has this little phrase "damn it was just starting to pass."

So I only listen to my courage and tell him to make one last try to unblock the tubes. It hurts horribly, but the wicked eventually opens, and the liquid passes.

When I get home, I'm completely confused.

Blocked TUBE? Why ? Where is that from?

I inquire and see that I do not fit into any category of pre-arrangements with blocked tubes ...

I even contacted my mum saying "you're sure I didn't have appendicitis, eh ?? ". I knew the answer, of course, but at least that could explain everything that was on my mind.


Why the cancerous lesions due to the papillomavirus when I had always protected myself?

Why the polycystic ovaries, when I had ultrasounds of the ovaries younger?

Why are the tubes blocked, and how did we miss it?

Right now I feel super angry.

Against the medical world, against life a lot too. But above all, I do not understand why all this has never been seen or considered important enough to inform me.

When I was 17, I did this famous ultrasound of the ovaries. I was told, "you have cysts, it's nothing, we put you on the pill that will go away". I have been on the pill for 11 years. They didn't go away, and I gave my body 11 years of hormones without ever knowing it wouldn't change a thing. Without ever knowing that maybe it will be a little difficult to have a baby.

And today, it took a painful and "exceptional" examination to discover that the months of testing had been wasted, it was unlikely to pass. With a diagnosis that says "we don't always know where it comes from, it's probably an old infection that has degenerated, often there are no symptoms."

So yes, why do a test without symptoms? To avoid learning at 29 that it was screwed up anyway (naturally).

I really wonder how can we miss all of this, and if we could have done something, anything to reduce the bill.

If you suffer from blocked fallopian tubes click here.

Today I can respond to Luciole and all the other women who suffer from blocked fallopian tubes. In all sincerity and with all my certainty, having the tubes blocked is not inevitable. The solution to naturally unblocking the fallopian tubes and having children exists and it is very effective. Health experts from Africa have developed a natural herbal treatment that helps to naturally unblock the fallopian tubes and get pregnant naturally.


I take this opportunity to express my eternal gratitude to the experts at  Dawasanté 


To discover our natural remedy for unblocking the tubes and getting pregnant quickly, click  here

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