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The fallopian tubes are muscle tubes lined with delicate hair-like structures. These “hairs” work in both directions; help egg travel from the ovaries to the uterus and help sperm come up from the uterus.
Each fallopian tube ends in fimbriae, which are finger-like structures. Fimbriae grab and guide an egg when the ovary releases it.
The fallopian tubes play an important role in conception because they are the place where most of the eggs are fertilized. If part of the fallopian tube is damaged, for example by surgery or an infection, it may be blocked with scar tissue.
The fallopian tubes blocked are one of the possible causes of female infertility. Usually, there are no symptoms, but certain risk factors can increase the risk of developing the disease. The medical term for a blocked fallopian tube is tubal occlusion. However, Dawasanté experts provide you with a natural herbal treatment to unblock the tubes without surgery, allowing you to quickly get pregnant.


Dawasante's natural treatment to unclog blocked fallopian tubes

What if I have blocked tubes and want to get pregnant?
Here is the best  African herbal remedy  for  unblocking the tubes  and  getting pregnant quickly . These herbs are very effective at  unblocking the fallopian tubes. They have already enabled many women around the world who had blocked tubes to  regain their fertility  without operations. If you have blocked tubes, here are the  medicinal plants  that will allow you to experience the joy of being a mother

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What are the best natural treatment for unclogging your tubes?
Thanks to our research, we have identified several effective homemade natural remedies to unblock the tubes  and get pregnant quickly in addition we have:

11 remèdes naturels contre les trompes bouchées


Definition |  Curcuma - Curcuma aromatica - Curcuma domestica ...
Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. It can be very effective in unblocking the fallopian tubes. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric is very effective in reducing inflammation. You can consume curcumin in supplement form, add turmeric to your food, or drink a glass of turmeric.
Turmeric has no known side effects when taken in small doses. However, at doses of more than 8 grams per day, it can have unwanted effects. Make sure you take the correct dosage of turmeric or, better yet, add the spice to your cooking.


Garlic: what are its health benefits?
Garlic is a great way to improve fertility and unclog the fallopian tubes. Garlic has always been consumed for its many health benefits as the aphrodisiac properties present in garlic help to improve blood circulation in the body. Eating raw garlic daily on an empty stomach helps fight infertility in women, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol


3-  Cleansing with a fertility diet

Beber suco é bom or ruim?  Entenda a polêmica.

The fertility diet helps cleanse the entire reproductive system and increase blood flow to the reproductive organs. The herbs in this cleansing regimen are absorbed by the body and will work where they are needed. The fertility cleanse creates a "clean slate" in the body which helps the body respond better and use other natural remedies.

This fertility diet cleans up the food waste that you need to avoid and synthesizes more that you need. Foods that you should avoid are alcohol, cigarettes, non-organic meats and dairy products, processed foods, processed white seeds, white sugar, fried foods, soy foods.

When it comes to what you should eat, the following should be suitable for fertility cleansing:

  • Eat all organic vegetables.
  • Eat low amounts of dairy products and make sure the ones you eat are organic.
  • Eat fish at least three times a week. 
  • All types of red meats are recommended. 
  • Avoid chicken or chicken products.
  • Seeds are also highly recommended
  • Consume foods with high enzymatic proportions
  • Avoid all refined sugars or fruit juices (unless it is freshly squeezed).
  • Drink plenty of clean water.


4- Castor oil - News - Castor oil: its effects ...
the castor oil has been used for centuries to enhance fertility in women, and in particular to unblock fallopian tubes. How is it used?
-dip a cloth in castor oil
-Place this cloth on the skin on the lower abdomen. This will improve circulation and promote healing of the tissues and organs under the skin. Castor oil therapy helps the fallopian tubes by softening tissue and improving circulation in the pelvic area.

5- Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar: the new slimming drink that everyone ...
Apple cider vinegar is a fermentation product that produces yeasts and bacteria that are beneficial for unblocking the tubes. This is because vinegar contains a number of vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, copper, group B vitamins, and vitamin C. Taken daily, it can help unblock the fallopian tubes by balancing hormones and shrinking fibroids.
Instructions for use:
-Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 glass of water
-You can add a touch of honey or molasses to soften the mixture.
-You can drink the mixture right away or sip it for 30 minutes.



Meditating daily will help lower stress levels and promote general healing. However, reducing stress reduces deterioration and inflammation of the fallopian tubes.
As an additional tip, don't forget to start meditating with a short session consisting of breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Even if you only do it for a few minutes, meditation will provide you with positive energy to start your day and reduce your stress.


7- Fertility massage

Apaisez votre corps et vos émotions par le massage des chakras ...
Some alternative medicine practitioners suggest fertility massages to unblock the fallopian tubes. These usually involve hot oil massages on the abdominal area. How to do a fertility massage?
- Lie down on an exercise mat with your face up and a pillow under your lower back.
-Relax and apply almond, olive, or lavender oil to your hands and apply by massaging your pubic bone, as the uterus is below this bone.
-Gently massage from bottom to bottom and pull your abdominal wall towards the navel. Maintain this position, count to 10 and release your hands. Repeat this maneuver 10 to 20 times.
NB: Do not do this if you are bleeding or are pregnant. Also, if possible, visit a massage therapist who specializes in abdominal massage for best results.


8- Mugwort

Mugwort: planting and growing - Ooreka

Mugwort is a plant sometimes recommended to improve female fertility. It is also recommended for unblocking the fallopian tubes.
Mugwort has a long history of use for fertility in a number of different cultures. It has been used all over Europe and Asia for centuries. It is often used in Chinese medicine in the form of moxibustion, which involves burning a mugwort above an acupressure point.


9-  Green clay

5 good reasons to opt for a clay cure - Sens Magazine ...
The use of green clay to unclog the proboscis is very common in East Africa.
The blocked tubes are released by the serious treatment of green clay and the follow-up of a feeding program made by a dietician or a naturotherapist.


10- Foods with antioxidants

Top 10 Antioxidant Foods

Try to avoid things like meat from animals as they contain hormones that can affect a woman's hormones like estrogen. Replace them with foods rich in antioxidants to promote wound healing. Foods rich in antioxidants are:

  • Fresh fruits, vegetables (all kinds)
  • Vegetable oils like sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil.
  • Tea, chocolate, soy, coffee, and cinnamon are high in flavonoids (a type of antioxidant).
  • Carotenoids are plant enzymes that have antioxidant activity and can reduce the build-up of free radicals in the body. Carotenoids can be stored by consuming eggs, fruits and red-yellow vegetables like carrots, mangoes, peppers, papayas, citrus fruits, spinach, etc.


11-Stop drinking and smoking

Confinement: should we take the opportunity to quit smoking?  Answers ...

The blockage of the fallopian tubes most often occurs when you are under excessive stress. So, you need to improve the quality of your life to be on track to naturally unblock the fallopian tubes.

Alcohol and smoking are considered to be primary factors for such illnesses and are important for relief by permanently giving up these habits. Not only will this action improve the conditions of the fallopian tubes, it will also improve the health of your body, nails, hair, teeth and even your skin.

If you are a regular smoker or an alcoholic, now is the time to start working out and quit altogether.


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