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How to treat hepatitis B with plants?

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The liver is an organ that performs a number of very important functions in the human body. It is worth taking care of this organ, because despite its high regenerative capacity, liver failure can occur during liver disease. Hepatitis is the most common reason for visits to a hepatologist. Symptoms of a diseased liver that indicate inflammation include, but are not limited to, liver pain, nausea, and constant fatigue. Hepatitis B is one of the most common forms of hepatitis. In this article, we will talk about natural solutions to cure hepatitis B virus.



Dawasante's natural remedy to cure hepatitis B

hepatitis b and c natural remedy

Although many people with hepatitis do not have any worrying symptoms, it is a chronic disease that can lead to cancer and cirrhosis.

The scary part? Hepatitis B is up to 50 to 100 times more contagious than HIV. The virus can live outside the body for several days and go unnoticed. For this reason, people who are particularly vulnerable to this disease should monitor their health and be able to block the disease quickly. Hepatitis B is not incurable. There are natural ways to support the immune system and prevent unhealthy chronic infection. There are also herbal remedies available to relieve acute type B inflammation, which can take months for some. 

One of the most effective solutions to cure hepatitis B is the use of African plants. Here is a natural remedy that has produced incredible cures in patients, with particular success in liver disease where doctors have shrugged their shoulders. It is very effective in destroying hepatitis b and c viruses in up to 1 month. The natural treatment  that we offer to cure hepatitis is entirely made up of medicinal plants. Unlike drugs that only fight the symptoms of hepatitis, it completely destroys the virus. It also helps cleanse the liver. It is the miracle solution to cure hepatitis B and C.

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It can spread in several ways:

One of the most common ways of spreading the disease is by transmission of the virus from mother to child at birth. 

By contact with infected blood: this happens especially often in children, when an infected child transmits the virus to an uninfected person using the same cutlery, toothbrushes, etc. If the virus finds an open sore or abrasion, infection can occur. 

Sexual intercourse:  this occurs when bodily fluids from an infected person enter a healthy body. It is said that more than half of patients are infected this way. People with multiple sexual partners are particularly vulnerable. 

Sharing a needle:  Reusing a venflon or a syringe can carry the virus. This can happen for health care, as well as for drug users. It can also happen if you get a tattoo in an area that is not following medical procedures properly. Since the symptoms of hepatitis B are similar to those of other viral infections, special blood tests should be done to detect hepatitis B antigen HbsAg.

Liver diet - support in the treatment of diseased liver

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A healthy diet promotes the regeneration of the liver. Good nutrition in liver disease is essential for effective treatment.

  • It should be remembered that the liver, which plays an important role in the digestion of lipids, is responsible for fatty, heavy, fried meals, as well as alcohol.
  • The hepatic diet  is based on the regular consumption (4-5 times a day) of small, easily digestible meals.
  • Adequate protein intake is important.
  • Digestion is favored by herbs - marjoram, cumin, mint.
  • It is necessary to drink the optimal volume of fluids, such as water, herbal infusions, tea (preferably green).

A diseased liver requires complete abstinence from alcohol, as well as restrictions on the consumption of coffee and other caffeinated beverages. People with liver pain are advised to drink a glass of lukewarm water with a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach. St. John's Wort, nettle, and rose hips also have beneficial effects on the liver.

Liver regeneration - how to cleanse the liver of toxins?

In addition to proper treatment and maintenance of proper nutrition, support for organ regeneration is of secondary importance in hepatitis. A beneficial effect on the liver has cholagogue herbs, such as:

  • dandelion,
  • milk thistle,
  • licorice root,
  • artichoke,
  • mint.

These plants will help to effectively cleanse the liver of its toxins, which are not only unhealthy food, but also stimulants or drugs. Herbs for the liver can also be taken in supplement form. These types of liver pills will support the work of the organ and the entire digestive system, stimulating the secretion of digestive juices and preventing the accumulation of excess fat.

Phospholipids also promote liver regeneration. Their advantage is, among other things, not to interact with the drugs and therefore not to interfere with the basic treatment.

Home remedies for liver pain

Let the liver rest: step away from the table, sit comfortably on the sofa, loosen tight clothes at the waist (be sure to unfasten the belt). Put a hot water bottle on the sore spot. Under the influence of temperature, the bile ducts dilate, which will facilitate digestion and relieve pain. In some cases, try a massage. When these methods do not bring relief, look for natural medicines.

Opt for herbal spices: thanks to them, your cooking will gain in taste and aroma, it will also be easier to digest. The liver will be better served by herbs and spices, which have a diastolic effect on the bile ducts, regulating the supply of bile to the duodenum, increasing the secretion of gastric juice, speeding up digestion. These are: thyme, marjoram, cumin, mint, oregano, juniper. Avoid pepper, curry, savory, hot peppers, vinegar and mustard which irritate the digestive tract. 

Limit animal fats: they are high in cholesterol, which in excess disrupts liver function and the secretion of bile. Replace them with vegetable fats. 

Add more vegetables and fruits to the menu but do it slowly: before the liver calms down, eat it in cooked form. Avoid products that promote gas (including cabbage, beans). Be careful with garlic, as it can irritate the liver. 

Eat more often: but chew each bite less and carefully - then the liver will follow the supply of bile, which is necessary for the digestion of food, and will catch harmful substances.


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To contact our experts please call or write to us on the following number, tel / WhatsApp
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