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Cryptozoospermia is defined as a state intermediate between the complete absence of sperm (azoospermia) and the significantly reduced sperm count (oligospermia). Usually, cryptozoospermia is diagnosed when there are only a few or a dozen in ejaculation .


Male infertility natural remedies

The natural treatment we offer to cure cryptozoospermia consists of plants, bark and plant roots. It is a natural, effective, and long-lasting remedy that will allow you to overcome your cryptozoospermia. These plants are recognized as being the most effective in the world in curing disorders related to  sperm production . They improve the quality and quantity of sperm. These herbs will also help your body adapt to stressful situations and will also support a healthy immune system.

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Well, food, for example, in several ways can be an important factor influencing sexual performance.

One of these influences is related to the number of sperm, as certain foods can increase the daily production of male reproductive cells. Therefore, we present a list with the 10 foods that will increase your sperm count. Find out:

1. Dark chocolate

Let's come back to it, dark chocolate!  |  The news

Dark chocolate contains the amino acid L-Arginine HCL, which is extra strength for semen. It should be remembered that this food is also scientifically proven as an aphrodisiac for women and can increase the intensity of orgasm.

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2. Spinach

Everything about spinach: choosing it, cooking it, storing it ...


It's not just Popeye gaining strength with spinach. The folic acid, present in this vegetable, is responsible for making your semen faster, stronger, and in greater numbers.


3. Banana

Bananas: health benefits, nutritional benefits, recipe ideas ...

Vitamins A, B1, and C, found in bananas, are highly recommended for increasing sperm potency, health, and productivity. In addition, the enzyme bromelain  is responsible for the dramatic increase in the number of sperm. Now it is possible to find out why minions exist in droves ...

4. Carrot

Carrots, a seasonal vegetable to enjoy salty or sweet

Like bananas, carrots also contain vitamin A, but in much larger amounts. Then you remember that you learned that rabbits breed a lot, and they also like to eat carrots, and suddenly everything makes sense.

5. Red foods

Tomatoes, a miracle food to prevent cancer?  |  Bio in the spotlight

As a 2014 study found, foods containing  lycopene , the element responsible for the red color, may contribute to a 70% increase in sperm count. Some examples of items that have this substance are tomatoes, watermelon, grapefruit, peppers, papaya, among others.

6. Oyster


In addition to good aphrodisiac items, oysters are also very important for sperm production. They contain a huge amount of zinc, an element which helps to increase the production and, therefore, the number of sperm.

7. Nuts and other nuts

10 types of nuts and their benefits |  Freshly squeezed

According to a 2012 study, around 75 grams of nuts per day is enough to dramatically increase the level of vitality and other sperm-related issues. This is due to the large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids present in this type of food. Almonds and peanuts also contain these substances. Brazil nuts, original and very popular in Brazil, in addition to the benefits of semen, contain selenium, which can further increase the production of reproductive cells.

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8. Mushrooms

Paris mushrooms, thickly sliced

Mushrooms, in their most varied types, contain vitamin D. This substance is responsible for improving sex life in everything from sperm production to fighting  impotence . Among other things, it helps to improve blood circulation in the penis.

9. Fish

Fish nets: fraud fishing was good |  60 ...

Due to the presence of omega 3, this food can provide many health benefits including sperm quality and increased sperm count. This fact was confirmed by a study published in the journal  Human Reproduction  , which analyzed the quality of the sperm of men who did or did not consume this type of fatty acid.

10. Red meat

Red meat: the protein content

Also scientifically proven, red meat can significantly increase the number and mobility of sperm. This is due to the massive presence of the nutrient L-cartinin. The most noticeable difference occurs in men who have low levels of sperm production.


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