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Miel pour la faiblesse sexuelle

NATURAL REMEDY: Honey to increase the potency of men

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The benefits of honey for male potency

For a long time, honey has been used by healers to restore male strength and improve erectile function. The beneficial properties of bee products are known to everyone, but what are the benefits of honey for male potency?

The fact is that honey is rich in nutrients and useful substances, it contains unique biochemical components, and its medicinal properties are used to treat many diseases. Including those that cause erectile dysfunction.


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How does honey affect the potency of men?

Honey recipes for medicinal mixtures, if used regularly and correctly, will bring exactly the effect you expect. In addition, it will not depend at all on the reasons which led to impotence or decreased sexual activity.

The product contains around four hundred components, each of which has healing properties:

  • Fluorine and bromine specialize in normalizing the functioning of the endocrine system and metabolic processes;
  • Selenium and zinc have a direct effect on the health of the male genitourinary system;
  • B vitamins affect the degree of motility of sperm, improve erectile function, improve the qualitative composition of sperm, increase the duration of sexual contact, affect the general state of human health;
  • Potassium and magnesium contribute to the work of the vascular system, are involved in metabolism;
  • Vitamin D increases the production of the male sex hormone, participates in metabolic processes, is responsible for the correct maturation of sperm;
  • Vitamin C helps in the restoration and strengthening of protective functions, eliminates inflammatory processes; 
  • Vitamin A strengthens the immune system, increases potency, the reproductive health of a man depends on it;
  • Vitamin E exhibits antioxidant properties, helps cleanse the body of toxins and toxic substances, and increases libido.

Honey stimulates brain activity, improves the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, normalizes the functioning of internal organs and is an excellent antidepressant. With its participation, the restoration of damaged tissue is more effective, visual and hearing acuity increases, the mental and emotional state is improved, the person becomes more resilient and vigorous.

Which honey is the best

Choosing the right type of honey is important for men's health because not everyone will have the expected impact.

The properties of honey, its healing effect and effectiveness directly depend on its type. Dark varieties have been proven to be the most suitable for solving potency problems. Their taste is characterized by a pleasant slight bitterness.

In case of sexual disorders, doctors draw the attention of patients to:

  1. Buckwheat;
  2. Jasmin ;
  3. Ginseng ;
  4. Chestnut;
  5. Linden honey.


Honey, which is used to increase the potency, should be stored in a dark and rather cool place, but a refrigerator is not suitable for these purposes. In addition, the beekeeping product should be stored in a wooden or glass container with a tight fitting lid.

The greatest amount of nutrients is possessed by the fresh honey, recently harvested, which has not had time to start to be sweet.

Folk recipes

Traditional medicine knows many ways to treat many diseases. Including, there are recipes based on honey that contribute to the early restoration of men's strength and health. Consider the most popular and easiest products to prepare

  • Honey and nut recipe for potency

Honey and nuts

Finely chop 100 grams of walnuts, add 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 100 grams of chestnut honey. Mix the ingredients well. Take 1 tablespoon as a tea supplement 3 times a day. The manifestation of the effect of the recipe will occur after the first week in the form of increased vigor and activity, and after a month, sexual stamina will increase, libido will increase, orgasm will become brighter.

  • Another equally effective recipe:

Grind in a blender any proportion of the different types of nuts available. Mix the resulting powder with honey and take 1 scoop 2 times a day with clean water or hot tea.

  • Carrots and honey

By mixing freshly squeezed carrot juice with honey (take 3 tablespoons of honey for 1 glass of juice), we get another useful remedy for potency. It should be consumed every morning on an empty stomach 3 times a week.

  • Ginger and honey

Honey and ginger

Ginger root itself is considered a treasure house of male strength and sexual energy. It contains many minerals, useful elements and vitamins, rich in amino acids. In combination with the equally strong properties of aphrodisiac honey, a very effective remedy is obtained.

Even scientific studies have proven that due to the consumption of honey with powdered ginger root, the concentration of testosterone in the blood increases, which directly affects the male consistency. Thanks to this, the potency also improves.

A mixture of bee product and ginger powder should be taken three times a day, half a teaspoon. It works best when consumed 30 minutes before a meal. The effect of the healing mixture becomes noticeable 3 weeks after the start of the intake.

You can prepare another nutrient like this:

Important! Honey, whatever its grade and quality, loses its healing properties when strongly heated. In addition, it can become harmful to your health, as oxymethylfurfural, a substance suspected of contributing to the formation of cancerous tumors, is released. The temperature differences also affect the usefulness of honey.


Since honey can have a powerful effect on the human body, on the functioning of all organ systems, there are conditions under which the use of the product is strictly contraindicated:

  1. Increased individual sensitivity to the components contained in the sweet treat;
  2. Diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2;
  3. Exacerbation of diseases of the pancreas.

Since honey is considered to be the strongest allergen, it is important to closely monitor the body's reaction when using it to increase male potency and improve libido.

In case of allergic reactions, you should immediately stop using honey and consult a doctor.

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For more information, you can contact our experts on +229 51374202 direct line or by whatsapp at the same number.

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