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The male menopause is a fact that most men are inevitable and can be described as male menopause.

The main cause of this process is the difficulty or decrease in the production of male hormones.

In the process of andropause, most men experience emotional and physical changes. Andropause is not a sudden change, but a slow development process, and one thing to know is that this process can be different for everyone. Not only biologically, but also some physical factors can alter the speed of this process.

Research shows that it is possible to relieve and delay symptoms of andropause with healthy diet and sports. Lack of androgenic hormones can lead to changes in body structure. Especially around the abdomen and waist, about 10-15 kg can be lubricated. Obesity, thyroid, insulin hormone imbalance, alcohol, stress, chronic diseases can lead to low blood testosterone levels. A high quality of life, a healthy and balanced diet, sport, alcohol, smoking and a stress-free life will protect you from andropause and its effects. So what are the essential foods for nutrition during andropause? Let's take a look together.



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The excellent way to lessen the effects of andropause is to use hormone therapy, which is one way to treat it. DAWABIO's natural remedy is an African herbal mixture which acts on male hormones such as testosterone. This is a natural remedy that helps to increase the concentration of missing hormones in the body, especially testosterone. After a few weeks of using our natural product , you can see its effects such as increased libido, stronger bones and muscles, and improved well-being. To reduce the effects of andropause , just as important is ensuring a healthy and balanced diet, increasing physical activity and avoiding stimulants in the form of cigarettes and alcohol. The compositions of this product are intended to regulate the rhythm of urination, help maintain the good condition of the  prostate , cells and protect against changes caused by aging.

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It increases libido and strengthens immunity. Contains intense zinc increases testosterone levels. The aphrodisiac effect is very high. The vitamin B12 it contains also improves the quality of sperm. The amino acid called tyrosine, in its content, helps the thyroid gland to function better. Thus, it prevents lubrication due to andropause.



Ginger: a miracle food!

Ginger, which has antioxidant properties and cleanses the blood, lowers cholesterol. Ginger, which also maintains strong memory, plays an important role in increasing sexual potency. It will be very beneficial for men before and during andropause to start the day with 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger honey.



Pure sliced ​​rye bread is a product delivered to your home

Studies indicate that this bread increases the absorption of zinc, a very important mineral for the production of testosterone. The phytic acid you get from eating three slices of rye bread provides you with more zinc than you will get from wheat.



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You can meet 82% of your daily vitamin A requirement by eating just a few leaves of lettuce, which is a high source of vitamin A. Studies show that vitamin A deficiency makes the testicles work less.



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The antioxidants in potatoes minimize the damage caused by mercury-like heavy metals in our body by suppressing norepinephrine receptors which increase libido. It is recommended to bake and consume in the oven as a serving recommendation.



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Alcohol should be avoided. Although it negatively affects the absorption of some vitamins and minerals, it destroys bone-forming cells and impairs the absorption of calcium. Plus, the appetizers he and he eat set the stage for obesity.


No smoking.

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As it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and many health problems, it reduces the conversion of vitamin D to its active form. It also increases the body's need for vitamin C.


To discover the natural solution to relieve the symptoms of andropause, click here

We deliver all over the world.

For more information, you can contact our experts on +229 51374202 direct line or by whatsapp at the same number.



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