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The erection  means a physiological phenomenon where the male sexual organ expands and hardens by a blood flow in the vessels.

It is in nature that our ancestors most often found remedies for their ailments. Male sexuality like   soft erection is no exception. Believe in their vast experience and discover their natural recipes to boost libido and improve erection.

For this reason and in order to help you completely eradicate this problem of soft erection; Dawasanté experts after much research offer you a very effective solution based on medicinal plants to treat soft erection

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Natural treatment to cure male infertility ...


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1: Natural recipes to boost libido in men


Adding ginseng to yogurt or milk may boost their health benefits - Yogurt  in Nutrition

 natural stimulant, ginseng  acts on the physical state. It immediately boosts the body and generates a good tone of it. Guaranteed doping effect. Dosage: 2 g / day for 3 weeks / 1 month.


A small cocktail

Red Eye Negroni - Imbibe Magazine

it seems that a little alcohol helps to overcome a low libido. As it disinhibits and slightly increases the testosterone level, it allows you to let go more easily, even to cause a peak of excitement. Dosage: drink a single small glass in case of slackness. Warning: beyond a certain threshold, alcohol has the opposite effect. It can cause inability to enjoy, erectile failures, sensory disorders (we are less sensitive), not to mention the non-memorable blackouts (we do not remember anything). Excellent for treating  the erection  soft 


2: Natural recipes against erectile dysfunction


A potion with nuts and nuts 

Almonds promote the elimination of bad cholesterol ...

Pound dry dates, pistachios, walnuts, almonds and flax seeds until you get a fine powder. Then mix with water. Dosage: consume daily, take regular cures. 


Eat bland 

Does eating "healthy" rhyme with flat and bland?  - Chatelaine

not too much salt in the dishes if you want to have some in your antics! Especially for the gentlemen.  High blood pressure causes sexual problems because high blood pressure will clog the arteries (atherosclerosis). The blood circulation is then reduced and correspondingly the erection  is more difficult. By limiting the consumption of salt, fats and sugars, you will avoid hypertension and therefore promote the proper functioning of your sexual organs! Dosage: as often as possible.

A cure of ginger

The benefits of ginger as a natural aphrodisiac

 Renowned for its vasodilator properties, ginger allows better blood flow to the penis or the vagina. So cure  the soft erection .

Put 50 g of ginger in a bottle of water and let it steep for at least 5 hours. Dosage  : 2 glasses / day for 2 weeks / 1 month. Enjoy the result.



Amarillo Hops: The Citrusy Variety That Was Accidentally Discovered

Known to calm anxieties, relax, and soothe,  hops  awaken libido. Indeed, once the stress is reduced, the desire can be expressed again! Dosage: yes, there is in beer, but grandmothers recommend instead to consume it in the form of herbal tea.


Dry dates and nuts 

Dried date (s) |  QOOQ

Another grandmother's remedy for erectile dysfunction is to mix and pound equal amounts of dry dates, pistachios, walnuts, almonds and flaxseeds until you get a fine powder. Mix this powder in a glass of water and drink it every day to get effective results against erectile dysfunction.


Foods rich in zinc

The 7 best foods high in zinc

The  zinc  is a good nutrient for erectile dysfunction! Indeed, it helps to  boost testosterone levels  and  achieve better  erections . Among the foods to eat, there are oysters, crab or even lobster. And if you are not fond of seafood, eat meat, it is also very rich in zinc! By consuming foods rich in zinc, your erections will be better as well as your sexual performance!


Garlic and Cayenne Pepper

Rituel pour éloigner les esprits obsesseurs avec l'ail et le piment -  WeMystic France

Admittedly, to taste, this mixture does not look appetizing, but for erectile dysfunction it is very effective! Some men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction also use it for  better sexual potency . Another advantage of this mixture: its action is immediate; you will be ready very quickly!

But why is this combination effective? Cayenne pepper  promotes blood circulation  in the body and in the genital area. Garlic, on the other hand,  improves blood flow  and helps  dilate vessels . So, when these two foods are combined, they become a powerful and effective mixture for stronger erections.



Is maca an aphrodisiac and how to use it?  - The island of ...

Maca is a plant that helps to regain good sexual shape. Indeed, the latter is a  powerful aphrodisiac  which makes it possible to obtain stronger erections, but also to have more endurance during sexual intercourse. Maca is therefore an effective plant for men suffering from soft erections  and sexual failures!

But maca also helps you feel more relaxed and in a better mood. With this plant,  you will therefore feel good on all levels  !



Magnesium: Properties, Effects and Indications - Natura Force

If zinc is a good nutrient for stronger erections, so is magnesium! But how does magnesium act on erectile dysfunction? In fact, this nutrient helps limit symptoms of diabetes, anxiety, and depression. It also plays an important role in preventing heart disease and is beneficial for the blood vessels. Therefore, magnesium is preferred if you suffer from erectile problems.

To enjoy the benefits of this nutrient, the best way is to  spray yourself with magnesium  (its absorption is better through the pores of the skin).


Boric acid

How to use boric acid against pests?

Here is another effective grandmother's remedy to strengthen and fight against erectile dysfunction: boric acid (or boron). The latter helps to regulate steroid hormones and in particular sex hormones. It also increases libido and has  properties similar to those of Viagra . Boric acid therefore has  multiple benefits  !

With boron, your testosterone level will increase; an important point if you have erectile dysfunction, as a low level is one of the main causes of the appearance of weak erections. In addition to increasing your testosterone levels, boron  also promotes libido  and performance in bed. Boric acid has everything to please and thanks to it, your nights will be scorching!


Apple cider vinegar

Quels sont les bienfaits santé du vinaigre de cidre ? | Santé Magazine

It is a grandmother's remedy to bend that we do not think of immediately, and yet! Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction. In reality, apple cider vinegar does not work directly on erection problems, but  rather treats the disorders causing this dysfunction  : high cholesterol levels, diabetes, high blood pressure and infection of the prostate (prostatitis)).

According to some reports, apple cider vinegar also increases testosterone levels. Sometimes its effects are felt quite quickly; after drinking a dose, you may experience an increase in your sexual desire. But if you don't feel its effects right away, don't panic! Usually they really make themselves felt a few days later. 


Pomegranate and watermelon juice

Watermelon juice: 6 benefits proven by science & 2 recipes

If you like fruit juices, bet on pomegranate or watermelon juice if you have erectile problems. Indeed, the pomegranate participates in the improvement of blood flow and the increase in testosterone levels for a stronger erection.

Watermelon is  rich in citrulline , a lively acid that stimulates blood vessels and therefore helps treat erection problems.


The celery stalk

Celery branch: presentation, season, conservation

A powerful natural aphrodisiac, celery is a vegetable that improves blood circulation and boosts testosterone production. With  celery stalks , you will be able to have a good erection!



10 virtues of beet |  Kitchen ItemsAZ

Beetroot is another grandma's remedy for strength. It is  rich in nitrates  and is ideal for having more vigorous erections.



Is ginger really an aphrodisiac?

Natural aphrodisiac par excellence, ginger facilitates the flow of blood to the penis and is effective in the fight against  erection problems . Our grandmothers were already using it to remedy erectile dysfunction and if you too want to enjoy these benefits, grate 50 g of ginger and let it steep for at least 4 hours in a liter of water and in the refrigerator. Drink two glasses a day and from the fifteenth day, you will see the first effects on your libido!




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