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 When it comes to soft erection  There are many causes that can lead to the inability of the penis to erect normally such as serious illnesses and psychological factors. All men with a weak erection problem show different causes and it is important to identify them correctly in order to apply the right treatment.

Therefore and in order to help you and completely eradicate these genes, the Health experts of Dawabio after much research offers you a very effective solution based on medicinal plants to treat a soft erection.  Click on the image below to discover this natural treatment

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It is very important for men with impotence and other health problems to consult a doctor first to know the real state of your health and what will be the most appropriate treatments.

Usually, a flabby penis occurs in older men as they tend to have serious conditions like diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, and multiple sclerosis.

These diseases affect the nerves and also the circulation of blood to the penis. That is why, when you visit a doctor to discuss an impotence problem, he will ask you to examine your general health, as any of the slightly higher diseases can cause this sexual problem.

In the rest of our article we will outline some natural soft erection treatment.

1: Red vine, ginseng

If the erection gradually becomes poorer, without there necessarily being a drop in libido, and if the spontaneous erections in the morning or at night disappear, this often indicates a vascular cause. In this case, we can bet on circulatory plants such as sweet clover,  red vine,  witch hazel, horse chestnut ... We use them alone or in synergy (Quatuor Circulation, Super Diet; Nat & Form, etc.). 6 capsules per day or 5 ml of glycerine macerate (Phytostandard, Phytoprevent) morning and evening, for at least a month to treat sexual weakness or soft erection.

2: The "vegetable Viagra"

Tribulus Terrestris (also called "  vegetable viagra ") and mucuna are two plants that act on the erection by promoting the production of testosterone. "This association is useful in the event of significant erectile problems associated with a decrease in libido", specifies the specialist.

Dosage:  To be taken in the form of a glycerine macerate, 5 ml morning and evening as a minimum 3-month cure to see results.

3: Patchouli or pine essential oils

Essential oils with vasodilating virtues (pistachio lentisk, patchouli, palmarosa ...) can promote erection. Other oils with testosteronergic action can also help restart the machine if the problem is accompanied by a  drop in libido: Scots pine, cumbawa, black spruce, Siam wood ... Aromatherapy can help. elsewhere be associated with herbal medicine to cure sexual weakness or soft erection.

4: A dietary supplement based on amino acids and vitamin B3

The combination of amino acids (l-arginine and l-carnitine) and vitamin B3 increases the production of nitrogen monoxide, thus promoting the vasodilation necessary for an erection. "The advantage is that you can take this dietary supplement continuously, to cure sexual weakness or soft erection. There is no need to plan the intake before sex, which helps keep sexual spontaneity This is interesting for those who experience a small decrease in libido which is accompanied by a decrease in erectile capacity but do not want or cannot take drugs such as Viagra, Cialis ... for medical reasons ", summarizes Annabelle Pongratz Muller-Vitu. It is in the form of sachets of powder to be diluted in water (Ezerex), in a cure of a one-month minimum.

5: An ylang-ylang massage

The psychic aspect of the erection is not to be neglected. "Tenderness, touch,  caresses ... and the atmosphere of relationships are very important to restore dialogue and trust within the couple," recalls the sex therapist. To create favorable conditions, we can for example try to be massaged by (and massaged) his partner with a vegetable oil in which we dilute a few drops of essential oil, to be chosen for its fragrance, according to the smell that we feel. "talks" the most. Some ready-made massage oils (Light of Love massage oil, Essential Elements; Sensory Awakening massage oil, Puressentiel) contain essential oils known for their intoxicating and aphrodisiac fragrances: sandalwood, ylang-ylang, ... On the other hand, the essential oil will have no real therapeutic action by the cutaneous route.

6: A good workout

Sport is the number one ally of erection: it promotes good vascular health, improves self-esteem and endurance, lowers stress, helps fight against abdominal obesity which is very bad for the body. 'erection ", notes the specialist. No need to do much: 30 minutes 3 times a week already allow good maintenance at the cardiovascular level, which can only have a positive impact on the erection. help quickly find solutions to sexual weakness or your soft erection.

In general, a healthy lifestyle promotes a good erection and certain "enemies" should be avoided: alcohol,  tobacco, cannabis.

 Also to finish here are some foods that help treat erectile dysfunction  :

·          Dark chocolate: Yes, you read that right! Dark chocolate is an aphrodisiac and has many health benefits. It helps lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and contains high levels of phenethylamine, a relaxing chemical that can also increase sexual pleasure. If all that wasn't enough, dark chocolate cocoa is rich in flavonoids; vasodilators that facilitate blood flow to the penis, and thus improve sexual weakness or soft erection.

·          Bananas: Often embarrassing when eaten in public due to their resemblance to an erect penis! The fruit is very rich in potassium which is very beneficial for the heart and maintains good blood circulation, which is obviously essential for a strong erection. Potassium will also help maintain normal sodium levels and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Bananas are also an excellent source of vitamin B and thus maintain your energy level and testosterone production, leading to higher libido.

·          Chillies: Keep the heat with the chili in your sex life! Have you ever felt a rush of blood in your face and redness of the skin while eating chili peppers? This is because they work effectively to dilate blood vessels, and luckily not just on your face. When it comes to sex, they also do wonders by pumping more blood into the penis, and they work very quickly. However, it doesn't over-consume it, as it can irritate your stomach and intestines.

·          Salmon: This is a fantastic food for weight loss because the fish generally do not contain carbohydrates and are perfect when combined with vegetables. Salmon is also good for the penis and thus may improve sexual weakness or flabby erection. Omega-3 fatty acids in oily fish help improve the functioning of your nervous system and promote healthy heart and blood circulation. towards the penis because of the enormous cardiovascular benefits they provide.

·          Watermelon: This fruit has been shown to be a natural food similar to Viagra. The drug Viagra works by helping to relax and widen the blood vessels in the penis, allowing an easier erection when you are sexually aroused. Many experts claim that watermelon  (or watermelon) works in a similar way due to the presence of "citrulline". Citrulline stimulates the production of arginine, an amino acid that helps relax and dilate blood vessels, thus improving blood circulation just like Viagra does.

We deliver all over the world. 

For more information, you can contact our experts on +229 51374202 direct line or by WhatsApp at the same number.


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