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The teratospermia  (or teratozoospermia ) is a sperm abnormality characterized by sperm having morphologies defects. Due to these deformities, the fertilizing power of sperm is impaired, and the couple may have difficulty conceiving.  However, Dawasanté experts provide you with a natural plant-based treatment to improve the quality and quantity of your sperm.

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Male infertility natural remedies

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Teratozoospermia can occur from birth, which is thought to be due to a genetic cause or be acquired over time through hormonal changes or trauma. Depending on the cause, it will be possible to apply personalized treatment to reverse this situation.

In congenital cases of teratozoospermia, it is very difficult to obtain a cure. The same is true when these changes are the result of cancer treatment. In severe cases of teratozoospermia, assisted reproduction will be necessary to become parents.

However, when the degree of teratospermia is lower, there are pharmacological or natural treatments that can help restore sperm quality.

Natural treatment 

Since the exact cause of teratozoospermia is not known, it is difficult to apply a solution to problems with sperm morphology.

However, a  healthy lifestyle can greatly influence the quality of sperm. For this reason, there may be variations in sperm values ​​within a few months of each other.

Proper treatment should ensure that the process of sperm maturation during spermatogenesis proceeds properly. Therefore, we are going to discuss some recommendations for maintaining good habits that promote this correct formation of sperm.

1-1 Power supply

A healthy and balanced diet improves general health. In addition, the vitamins and antioxidants contained in certain foods also provide benefits to the quality of sperm.

These are some of the important components that a man should include in his diet to improve his fertility status:

  • Selenium
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
this mineral is found in Brazil nuts, walnuts, tuna, beef, chicken, eggs and cheese. It should be taken in small amounts, otherwise it can be toxic.
in spinach, tangerines, strawberries and tomatoes. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and also helps in the absorption of iron.
it is a mineral found in foods such as oysters, clams or red meat. Zinc is essential for the functioning of enzymes, which are responsible for producing energy in the body.
in fatty fish and crustaceans. It is very important to include them in the diet because the human body is not able to synthesize them on its own. In addition, it brings multiple benefits to the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the immune system, etc.
Healthy and balanced diet to cure teratozoospermia

Image: Diet for teratozoospermia treatment

1-2 olive oil

Olive oil is essential in the Mediterranean diet and also has reproductive properties thanks to its oleic acid content.

Oleic acid acts as a lowering agent for bad cholesterol or LDL levels which can build up in the testes, making it difficult to produce sperm properly.

Olive oil also helps raise good cholesterol or HDL levels and prevent the risk of heart and brain complications.

In short, olive oil is an ally in the fight against male infertility and especially teratozoospermia.

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1-3 Avoid heat

High temperatures in the testes affect sperm production and can cause sperm abnormalities.

Therefore, men with infertility issues should consider the following recommendations:

  • Do not use the laptop on your legs.
  • Avoid saunas in general.
  • Wear boxers and wide pants.
  • Try not to cycle long distances.

Once the temperature decreases and the heat exposure decreases, the testes return to their normal function and the quality of sperm improves in a short time.

1-4 Eliminate toxins

Some compounds that we are exposed to on a daily basis can be very harmful to reproductive health without our being aware of it.

Tobacco, drugs, marijuana smoke, pesticides, chemicals, and excessive amounts of alcohol can cause sperm deformity.

It is therefore important to eliminate these bad habits from your environment.

2-Vitamin supplements

In some cases of teratozoospermia, it is common for the urologist to advise the administration of certain nutritional supplements that supplement the diet in order to obtain a better result.

The most common treatment is a vitamin and antioxidant supplementation.

Antioxidants are responsible for reducing the oxidative stress to which sperm are exposed, which causes cell damage and the fragmentation of their DNA.

Some recommended dietary supplements include vitamin E  or essential amino acids like  L-carnitine. Vitamin E treatment is also recommended for chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as it is a very powerful antioxidant.

On the other hand, Andean maca supplements are also very beneficial due to the multitude of properties of this Peruvian plant.

It should be noted that these compounds are not miraculous and that in no case will it be possible to regain total fertility if the seminal parameters are severely affected.

However, when there is mild teratozoospermia, they can help and give a little boost for men with vitamin deficiencies in the diet.

Peruvian Maca powder to treat teratozoospermia 

Image: Peruvian maca powder

3-Your frequently asked questions

3-1 Is there a cure for severe teratozoospermia?

If a man has less than 5% of sperm with normal morphology, it is very difficult to find a normal value with natural or pharmacological treatment. Improvement can be seen over time, especially if the man maintains a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, if the teratozoospermia appears associated with another pathology such as, for example, varicocele, it is possible that the spermogram improves its parameters during a surgical intervention to eliminate the varicocele.

3-2 Can acupuncture be of benefit in the treatment of teratozoospermia?

There are studies that say yes. In general, acupuncture has been successful in increasing pregnancy rates in idiopathic infertility, that is, when the origin is unknown. An improvement in seminal quality has also been observed in men with oligospermia, asthenospermia  and teratospermia who practice acupuncture.

3-3 Does eating forest fruits improve seminal quality?

Yes, many forest fruits have antioxidant pigments and a great capacity for absorbing oxygen free radicals, so this food group is perfect if you want to improve or protect sperm quality.

Some research has uncovered the medicinal properties of pigmented polyphenols, such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, tannins and other phytochemicals present in the skin and seeds of these fruits.

Moreover, blueberries, blackberries, currants and strawberries are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from cellular damage.


We deliver all over the world. 

For more information, you can contact our experts on +229 51374202 direct line or by WhatsApp at the same number.


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