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TYPES OF TERATOSPERMIA: mild, moderate, and severe

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The teratospermia  (or teratozoospermia ) is a sperm abnormality characterized by sperm having morphologies defects. Due to these deformities, the fertilizing power of sperm is impaired, and the couple may have difficulty conceiving. This is how the Dawasanté experts provide you with a natural treatment to treat all your fertility problems related to the quality and quantity of your sperm.

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Teratozoospermia or teratospermia is a seminal alteration that involves a high percentage of abnormally shaped sperm.

It is a cause of male infertility, the severity of which will depend on the greater or lesser number of amorphous sperm cells in the semen.

According to the different criteria used to assess the degree of teratozoospermia, we can distinguish 3 types:  mild, moderate, or severe.

1-Classification of teratozoospermia

When a man performs a spermogram to assess the quality of his sperm, in the results report, he will obtain the values ​​of all seminal parameters, including sperm morphology.

A man is considered to have teratozoospermia when the percentage of sperm with normal morphology in his seminogram is less than 4%, according to criteria established by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2010.

On the other hand, some labs also use Kruger's strict criteria to diagnose teratozoospermia. According to Kruger, a man suffers from teratozoospermia when less than 15%  of his sperm has a normal form.

Percentage of normal sperm

Percentage of normal spermatozoa

Since the WHO benchmark is so low, there is no point in talking about types of teratozoospermia based on the number of normal sperm. Therefore, for the classification of spermatozoa in this sense, it is better to use Kruger's criterion, which is stricter than the previous one.

1-1 Mild teratozoospermia

A man suffers from mild teratozoospermia when the number of normal sperm in his spermogram ranges from 14% to 10%.

The rest of the sperm will have an abnormality in their head, neck or tail. Despite this, men with mild teratospermia do not have a bad prognosis for having children.

If assisted reproduction techniques are necessary to achieve pregnancy, artificial insemination  (AI) and in vitro fertilization ( IVF ) may be performed, depending on the concentration and mobility of the sperm.

The shape of the sperm is important for the fertilization of the egg. However, men with mild teratozoospermia can achieve a natural pregnancy.

In addition, there are various dietary supplements that contain vitamins and antioxidants that help in the maturation of sperm and can improve their morphology.

If you are interested in this topic, you can read the following article:  Treatment of teratozoospermia.

1-2 Moderate teratozoospermia

Moderate or severe teratozoospermia is diagnosed when sperm results show that only  9-5%  of sperm have a normal shape.

With this diagnosis, it is quite complicated to have children naturally. To achieve a pregnancy with moderate teratozoospermia, an in vitro fertilization technique such as ICSI  will most likely be necessary.

The ICSI  (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is based on the selection of spermatozoa under a microscope and their direct injection into each egg and fertilization.

PMA, like any medical treatment, requires that you trust the professionalism of the doctors and clinic you have chosen. Obviously, not all are the same. The  Fertility Report selects the most advantageous clinics for you based on our rigorous quality criteria. In addition, the system performs a comparison of prices and conditions offered by different clinics to facilitate your decision making.

1-3 Severe teratozoospermia

When the spermogram morphology test shows a normal sperm value of less than 5%, the man has severe or severe teratozoospermia.

Sperm with good morphology is therefore very few in number and, therefore, the possibility of achieving natural pregnancy is very low.

Spermatozoa with alterations in their morphology have problems progressing gradually, they have more difficulty reaching the egg, penetrating its thick pellucid layer and also fusing its male nucleus with the female one. The consequence of all this is that they can lead to fertilization failures.

Teratozoospermia and fertilization failure

Teratozoospermia and fertilization failure

The most suitable assisted reproduction technique for extreme teratozoospermia is ICSI or its improved variant: IMSI.

The IMSI  is the same as intracytoplasmic sperm injection, but with the use of a microscope magnification of 6300, so it is possible to get very close to the sperm morphology and make a better selection.

2-Your frequently asked questions

2-1 Can we cure severe teratozoospermia?

If a man has less than 5% of sperm with normal morphology, it is very difficult to regain a normal value with natural or pharmacological treatment. Improvement can be seen over time, especially if the man maintains a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, if the teratozoospermia appears associated with another pathology such as, for example, varicocele, it is possible that the spermogram improves its parameters during a surgical intervention to eliminate the varicocele.

2-2 What is isolated teratozoospermia?

Discrete teratozoospermia means that the affected parameter, in this case, the morphology of the sperm, does not have a value much lower than the reference value. Therefore, it would be a mild teratozoospermia.


We deliver all over the world.

For more information, you can contact our experts on +229 51374202 direct line or by WhatsApp at the same number.


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