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Natural treatments indicated for asthma

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Asthma  is a chronic disease that is characterized by attacks interspersed with periods when breathing is normal. There are several ways to treat asthma. But it would be better if the treatment was done in the traditional way and with natural medicines. Natural asthma treatments ensure increased resistance of the body, suppressing asthma attacks by dilating the bronchi, thinning the secretions with sputum and coronary vasodilation, which lowers blood pressure and creates balance in the body.

Your son / daughter has asthma, you are looking for a natural way to relieve it and prevent asthma attacks. You are in the right place!
The natural treatment that we offer to  cure  your child's asthma consists essentially of natural herbal teas.The herbal tea is composed of plants whose active ingredients are able to permanently prevent the onset of asthma attacks in the patient. child as in adult. How does it work?
Our natural remedy works by reducing the swelling in the walls of the bronchi and relaxing the muscles that may tighten around them. It works quickly to dilate the bronchi and open a larger passage for air. This is the  solution to avoid asthma attacks and regain a normal life.

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During the cold seasons (winter, early spring and late fall), many people of all ages, especially children after the age of 2 and those over 65, suffer from 'a serious pathological condition, with inflammation of the airways and convulsions. This causes difficulty in breathing in and out of the lungs (dyspnea). This is bronchial asthma, a lung disease in which the bronchi contract, gradually narrow and do not allow access to sufficient air and oxygen for the lungs.

The main triggers of asthma are: aggressive climatic conditions (cold, fog, wind, cold winter air), allergic agents (lung dust, mold, flakes, feathers, dandruff, dandruff and animal hair) . There are also insects, cotton and wool fibers, dust, powders, detergents) and chronic infections resulting from the entry into the upper respiratory tract (nasal sinuses) and into the lungs of bacteria and viruses that promote bronchial inflammation.

Lately, it has been established that the most dangerous asthma triggers are dust mites, the microscopic relatives of spiders, which are found in the dust of the house and feed on the tiny remains of the human epidermis. These mites exist, by the millions, even in the cleanest homes, being located in carpets, mattresses, pillows and piles.


Herbal treatments for asthma


They are performed both for spontaneous seizures and for deep healing. Medicinal plants with antiseptic, expectorant, antiallergic, vasodilator and sedative properties in the bronchial muscles are effective. These treatments will increase the resistance of the body, suppress asthma attacks by dilating the bronchi, thinning the secretions with sputum and coronary vasodilation, which lowers blood pressure and creates balance in the body.

In asthma caused by neurovegetative factors, plants with sedative, antispastic and relaxing properties of the bronchial muscles and expectorants are indicated.

For internal use it is prepared:

- infusion of fir, pine, black poplar or birch buds with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibiotic actions. They are effective in restoring the elasticity of the lung tissue, with the increase of capillary resistance by the anti-hemorrhagic action of the flavonoids;

- infusion of mackerel, chamomile or pomegranate flowers with antiseptic, antispastic, antiallergic, bronchial, bronchodilator and soothing properties during crises;

- infusion of candlestick flowers, basil, acacia, sulphine and red rose petals, sweetened with honey, having emollient, expectorant, anti-asthmatic and spasmolytic properties to relieve attacks;

- infusion of hyssop leaves, St. John's Wort, with expectorant, bronchodilator and anti-allergic effects;

- decoction of fennel, anise or cumin fruits (two tablespoons boiled in 250 ml of milk), in treatment of 7 consecutive days, with anti-bronchitis, expectorant and antiseptic effects;

- decoction of red onion or garlic (25 g cooked in 200 ml of milk for 15 minutes), one cup of which per day is drunk, in a course of 10 days;

- alcohol tincture 400 with a mixture of valerian, thyme, berry, 50 drops of which are taken, three times a day, between meals, for two months per quarter;

- tonic wine made from seaweed and bay leaves or herring or pomegranate (30 g macerated for 10 days in a liter of white wine); they are kept in tightly closed bottles and two glasses are consumed daily;

- red onion syrup (500 g of bulbs are put in a grinder and boiled in 750 ml of water until it divides in half); filter through a clean cloth, add 200 g of sugar and boil again until syrupy consistency. Add two tablespoons of honey and take three to five tablespoons per day.

Author's recipe:

1-  decoction of sage leaves, chamomile flowers, grass (hyssop, thyme) and fennel fruits (one tablespoon per 250 ml of water , boil two to three minutes, infuse covered for 10 minutes and drink two to three teas per day in a long-lasting cure).

2-  lemon

People who suffer from asthma very often lack vitamin C. However, lemon has the power to compensate for the lack of vitamin C thanks to its richness in antioxidants and vitamins.

How to use it?

Lemon (ingredient) - All about lemon |  750g

Add the juice of half a lemon to a glass of lukewarm water and add a touch of honey (according to your taste). Drink this regularly to decrease asthma attacks.

External treatments:

Does chamomile tea really make you sleepy?  |  Health Magazine

- inhalation, before bedtime, with chamomile infusion (two tablespoons of flowers in 250 ml of water), mixed with sage, linden and dill seeds or with ethereal fir, pine, spruce oil, peppermint, hyssop, sage, (five drops poured into 250 ml of boiling water), with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and bronchial effects;

- compress with vinegar and hot water applied in the evening at bedtime;

- hot poultices on the chest with mustard or flax flour and on the back with radish, horse mackerel, horsetail, mackerel and tarrata (applied in the evening before bedtime);

L'Apiterapie recommends many recipes:


Apitherapy, do you know?  - France 3 Center-Val de Loire

- lamb honey, beeswax and lemon zest, one teaspoon of which is taken two to three times a day, followed by 15 minutes of fennel tea;

- lambs from coniferous buds, roots of tall grasses and tall grasses (fresh and given to grinders), macerated, in equal quantities, with honey and consumed, one teaspoon three times a day, 10 minutes before meals;

- Lamb with a mixture of ginger, red onion and tincture of basil, consumed daily for three to four weeks;

- English syrup from 200 g of bee honey with a minced onion, of which three to four tablespoons per day are consumed in adults and three teaspoons in children, before meals;

- tincture of propolis mixed with honey and apricot milk, two tablespoons of which are taken daily, in the morning and in the evening, having the effect of reducing the frequency of asthma attacks, due to the anesthetic action, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant.



Asthma: which diet to favor?

It will consist of a supplement of raw vegetables, fresh vegetables rich in vitamins, organic acids and mineral salts (carrot, celery, spinach, horseradish, salad, parsley, white and red cabbage, thyme, onion boiled in milk, garlic, horseradish , white, red and black radishes). Radish (especially black) should not be neglected, rich in vitamins (A, B, C, P) and mineral salts (K, I, Mg, S), with purifying, antitoxic, energizing and stimulating properties of the bladder activity, a stomach and intestines. 50-100 g of fresh radish, sliced ​​or sliced, macerated for 24 hours in sugar or bee honey will be consumed daily; of the resulting syrup are taken 4-6 tablespoons per day until healing of asthma, bronchitis and cough.
It is also recommended to consume sour milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, fish, potatoes, whole grain bread, sprouted wheat, wheat with honey and shaved apple, fresh fruit (apples, grapes, blueberries), juniper berries (with balsamic properties) or aloe. In times of crisis, it is advisable to take three tablespoons of olive or corn oil per day.
Very effective is a cup of hot milk (250 ml), boiled with a teaspoon of fennel seeds, having anti-bronchial, expectorant and antiseptic effects.
The natural red wine (a glass of 125 ml daily) is effective in the treatment of allergic asthma in older people because it causes the formation of antihistamines.

Avoid beef, pork and sheep, eggs, canned meat or fish, shellfish, fatty foods, strawberries, chocolate, food additives (preservatives, flavors, taste modifiers).

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