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7 herbs and fruits that help treat bedwetting in adults and children

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Urological diseases can manifest as various types of urinary disorders. In most cases, it is a matter of urinary retention or pain during urination, however, a person can also have uncontrolled urine output. In this case, the sphincter relaxes independently, and the bladder is emptied without an order from the side of the brain. This disorder extremely negatively affects a person's mental state, so it is important to undergo a timely examination to find the root cause of the disease.

Enuresis is mainly a pediatric disease. In adolescents and adult patients, involuntary emptying of the bladder is much less common (1 to 5% of carriers). It should be noted that many experts consider enuresis in children to be a physiological norm, while in adults such a disorder can be a sign of neurological or mental illness. Studying additional symptoms helps doctors clarify the causes of bedwetting and select effective treatment methods.


Risk factors

Enuresis: symptoms, treatment, definition -

Negative psycho-emotional factors play an important role in the formation of enuresis. Thus, chronic stress can affect the autonomic regulation of internal organs and the conscious control of physiological functions, so that a patient with bedwetting may need to see a psychotherapist. In addition, it is necessary to take into account other forms of predisposition to the disorder, due to the features of a person's lifestyle and primary diseases.


Key risk factors

  1. Chronic stress and increased anxiety. In children, involuntary urination can occur even with a single exposure to a stressor, while in adult patients, a possible cause of bedwetting may be a mental disorder.
  2. Adverse family history. If the relatives of the patient were diagnosed with enuresis, the risk of individual development of the disease increases.
  3. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Uncontrolled emptying of the bladder can be a symptom of such a pathology in a child.
  4. Birth too early or late, delay in the psycho-emotional development of the child .
  5. Perform diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations of a urological nature. This can be catheterization or prolonged surgery.
  6. Poor diet and medication to treat mental disorders.
  7. Unfavorable living conditions for the child.

Taking into account possible risk factors helps prevent urinary problems.




Wetting the sheets at night is a minor trauma for children. Emotional support and herbal medicine are good allies to overcome this problem.



Natural remedy to stop bedwetting enuresis

Do you, your child or a parent wet the bed? The previous treatments and attempts to end it were unsuccessful? You are then in the right place! A natural treatment exists for you!

Dawasanté offers you a very effective product without side effects to cure bedwetting. The treatment that we offer you is a herbal tea of ​​which we hold the secret to permanently cure bedwetting. It allows children or adults to feel free by waking up in the mornings with the certainty of not having wet the bed.

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  1. Hypericum infusion

Depression, blow of blues: recipe for herbal tea with St. John's Wort

This plant, with sedative and antidepressant action, can be administered to children in small doses, especially in cases of hyperactivity and nocturnal enuresis.

It is prepared as an infusion - just a teaspoon with another of chamomile with a natural sweetener - and it is given a cup an hour before going to bed.


  1. Chamomile scrubs

Chamomile to restore radiance to your skin |  PassionSanté.be

A traditional remedy consists in applying to the child a scrub with warm chamomile water along the spine, from the neck to the rump: it activates the circulation and relaxes the bladder.

And it is that this plant is, in fact, ideal for the nerves of children, for its moderately sedating effect and its mild flavor.

When they are nervous and the food is bad for them, a cup or two a day of infusion of the flowers, after meals, they do very well.


  1. Sweet orange, infused or topical

Orange Leaf Perfume, Orange Leaf in perfumes

Another very pleasant plant is the sweet orange tree. It is sedative, antispasmodic and somewhat hypnotic.

An infusion can be made with the flowers. You can also prepare it by adding lemon balm and green anise, a cup a day, after dinner.

Topically, 2 to 4 drops of essential oil in the night bath or back massage.


  1. Melisa, pleasant and relaxing

Lemon balm helps the child to fall asleep. It is also useful against tics and nervous headaches.
Use the flowering tops and prepare one or two cups a day as an infusion.


  1. Dill seeds

Dill Seeds Storage For Dill Seeds From Seed ...

According to the inhabitants of the villages, a dill from the ordinary garden is an effective way to get rid of bedwetting in children. How can dill help, how to use it? more often use dill seeds. Take a tablespoon of dill seeds, pour 200ml of water heated to 90 degrees Celsius. Then the dill infusion is infused for 35 minutes. Can be used with a household thermos. Drink 100ml of infusion in the evening once a day for 7 days. For young children, 10ml of infusion once a day in the evenings for 7 days.



Strawberry juice in iced rosé wine - Recipe by Turbigo Gourmandises

Use the strawberries, wash them. Using a colander, squeeze the strawberries to collect 200 ml of the juice. Drink the juice once a day for 60 days.


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We deliver all over the world.

For more information, you can contact our experts on +229 51374202 direct line or by whatsapp at the same number.


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