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Can oral sex be linked to bacterial vaginosis? Find out in the article

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Oral sex can create an environment for a common vaginal condition called bacterial vaginosis or BV, according to research in the journal PLoS Biology.

BV bacteria covering cells

BV is not a sexually transmitted infection. It is an imbalance of the common bacteria present in the vagina.

Women who have it may not have any symptoms, but some have a smelly discharge.

Researchers explored the effect of oral bacteria on microbes that live and grow in the vagina.

Bacterial vaginosis: herbal treatment

Vaginose bacterienne remede naturel

Our treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis is a combo of medicinal plants that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties; very effective in permanently destroying the causative agent - gardnerella, and which regulates the normal pH level of the vagina. 

The natural treatment that we offer is done in two steps:

  1. Destruction of harmful bacteria from the microflora with the help of plants.
  2. Rehabilitation of the normal state of microflora with probiotics (drugs that restore the number of beneficial bacteria) or a special diet.

For the first step, we prescribe a herbal tea to drink and which will also be used to make a vaginal bath Treatment aims to destroy the bacteria that have multiplied in the vagina.

Our treatment is definitive, unlike conventional medicine. This is the secret to treating vaginosis naturally and permanently without fear of a relapse. Being natural products based on plants and herbs, our products do not cause any side effects, either on the body or on health.

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About BV

BV is usually not serious, but it should be treated because BV makes women more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases and UTIs.

If the woman is pregnant, the risk of premature labor increases.

How do you know if you have it?

It is quite common, and women who suffer from it may notice an unusual discharge with a strong fishy smell.

You may notice a change in the color and consistency of your discharge, such as becoming gray-white and thin and watery.

Your family doctor or sexual health clinic can arrange for a cotton swab test to see if you have BV.

If the result is positive, it can be treated with antibiotic pills, gels or creams.

What did the new research find?

Women without BV tend to have many “good” bacteria called lactobacilli which keep the vagina more acidic, with a lower pH.

Sometimes this healthy balance can get out of balance and allow other vaginal microorganisms to thrive.

It is not fully known what causes this to happen, but you are more likely to get BV if:

  • You are sexually active (but women who haven't had sex can also have BV)
  • You have changed partners
  • You have an IUD (contraceptive device)
  • You use scented products in or around your vagina

The PLoS Biology study showed how a common type of bacteria found in the mouth, associated with gum disease and dental plaque, can support BV.

They performed experiments on human vaginal specimens and mice to observe bacterial behavior.

The oral bacteria, Fusobacterium nucleatum , appear to help the growth of other bacteria involved in BV.

The researchers, Dr Amanda Lewis of the University of California and her colleagues, say the results show how oral sex may contribute to some cases of BV.

Experts already know that BV can be triggered by sex, including in women.

Professor Claudia Estcourt, spokesperson for the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, said research like this was important in improving understanding of BV.

"We know that BV is a really complex entity with many contributing factors."

She said oral sex can transmit sexually transmitted infections and other bacteria that may or may not be important in other health conditions.

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