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Here's how shea butter can help you increase the size of your penis

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Penis enlargement: use shea butter

The shea butteris a vegetable fat extracted from an African shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa). Shea butter is currently being exploited commercially for use in cosmetics and cosmetic products around the world. It has been used for many years in sub-Saharan Africa for its healing, moisturizing and decongestant properties of the skin. Unlike many other pharmaceuticals, it causes very little or no irritation, promotes long-term tissue health and skin nutrition, and may resolve certain skin conditions. If you are allergic to tree nuts, use shea butter products with extreme caution. If you suffer from dry or itchy skin on the foreskin or shaft of the penis, shea butter is a strong topical product that can help. It can also be used in different massages to increase the size of your penis. Let's discover together the properties of this product for the male genital organ.



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The properties of shea butter for penile health 

Shea butter to firm the vagina: why and how ...

  • Bioactive against skin disorders

This is a drug that can be helpful for penile health, especially if a person suffers from inflammatory or pathogenic skin problems. From 3% to 10%, shea butter contains bioactive fractions that have therapeutic properties when applied to human tissue. While there are still more chemical studies with shea butter, scientists have so far identified catechins, vitamins E, triterpene alcohols, which reduce inflammation, and lupeol, which reduce actions enzymatic agents that cause skin aging. A recent study from Nihon University in Japan confirmed the anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-cancer properties of shea butter.


  • Vitamin E

When used in combination with antimicrobial agents, it may be useful as an additional topical treatment. penile health, nutrients such as vitamin E play an important role. Vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, is found there in high amounts and is responsible for some of its antioxidant, anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties. When the levels of vitamin E are adequate in the tissues, the skin cells of the penis are more resistant to direct ultraviolet rays and ultraviolet rays penetrating clothing. The signal transmission between the nerves of the penis is faster and the blood flowing to the penis is easy upon waking up. A recent study has linked vitamin E as a treatment for


  • Integrity of the skin of the penis

The use of shea butter and products that contain it can help increase vitamin E levels in the body and local tissues of the male organ for better appearance of penile skin. Dehydration, poor nutrition, eczema, dry friction, excessive masturbation, and vigorous sex all contribute to dry skin on the foreskin and trunk of the penis. When the skin becomes rough and itchy, shea butter can be used to restore moisture and strength to the skin. Shea is a rich source of triglycerides, such as stearic and oleic acid, which softens and hydrates the outer layers of the skin. Once triglycerides are absorbed into deeper tissue,


Shea butter to lengthen the penis

For penile care, it is better to use 100% organic shea butter or look for a specialized shea cream for penile health. For example, vitamin C has been shown to promote circulation in the penis, vitamin D is an antioxidant, acetyl L carnitine improves nerve health, and L-arginine is necessary for strong male arousal. These nutrients can be combined with amino acids and shea oil for rapid absorption and can be used daily to improve healthy skin and penile blood vessels. Combined with a good regular massage the nourishing effects of shea butter and the improvement of blood flow can make it possible to obtain a few centimeters more after a certain time. 


The different massages to do with shea butter

  • Jelqing

How to Jelq For Girth or Length Gains - Bathmate

Using your thumb and forefinger, form a ring around the base of your penis. Gently push your fingers until the head of your penis is gently massaged. Use shea butter for this massage. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes each day before swimming. Be careful and don't do it in a hurry. Well after a few days you can see a slight difference.


  • Erotic technique

Hold your penis with your fingers and move to the glands and release. Your goal is to transfer the blood to the glans through this massage. Do a few repetitions for 10 minutes.


  • Milking technique

Much like the way cows are milked, massage your rod from the bottom up. You can use your thumb and forefinger to gently press on the lower part of the penis, as if you are trying to get more blood circulation. Remember to use oil, it must be slippery!


  • Anvil blow

Use your hands to massage your penis up and down. Or, you can ask your partner to use some oil on penis and knead gently until he feels shaken. So you still doubt?

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