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AIDS is a disease characterized by a lack of organic immunity. It is the result of a bad lifestyle and it is only possible to cure it with natural treatments, because chemical drugs, instead of increasing immunity, do the opposite effect, that is - that is, they further reduce immunity.

What are the symptoms of the illness?

- General weakness, pallor, continuous and prolonged diarrhea, nausea (lymphadenopathy) in the neck, armpits, groin, for a long time;
- purple spots or bumps on the skin, tumors on the skin;
- physical fatigue, weight loss of 10 to 20% of the body;
- severe hair loss;
- anemia, dry mouth, lack of salivation;
- respiratory problems, pneumonia, tuberculosis, shortness of breath;
- pain throughout the body;
- discouragement;
- inflammation of the mouth, ears, nose, thrush, herpes, sores on the genitals, etc.

How to avoid?

Rethink and fight a whole bad lifestyle. Stop assaulting the body with drugs and all kinds of extravagance, including sex.
Stop poisoning the body. Eat natural, living foods, especially raw fruits and vegetables. Give the body rest when it needs it.
Condoms are not enough, as there are poor quality condoms on the market. It is necessary to be smarter and to preserve organic immunity, to strengthen the immune system, which is linked to white blood cells, called T lymphocytes.
To protect the energy of these T cells, you have to live happily, be happy. When we live happily and happily, our bodies produce endorphins, serotonin, and melatonin, which are hormones for health. It is therefore more than necessary to live in harmony with God, with others and with oneself.
Happy people don't get sick because they keep their body defenses very high.

The African solution to definitively cure AIDS with plants


If you have been suffering from HIV / AIDS for years and really want to be cured by using herbs, you have come to the right place. Here is a very effective natural solution available to you. This natural remedy is very effective in permanently destroying the HIV / AIDS virus. It is used for 3 months. At the end of this period, the virus will have completely disappeared from your body and you will be seronegative. This natural treatment is the secret to cure HIV-AIDS by African plants. Our support is individualized. It will vary depending on your symptoms and your expectations.

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Garlic and HIV

6 foods that make your stomach swell

Garlic is believed to help fight HIV through its antiviral action, especially by boosting the immune system.

The human immunodeficiency virus attacks special cells of the immune system - T-helpers (T lymphocytes), which fight viruses and tumor cells. When HIV destroys them, it becomes more difficult for a person to defend themselves against infections. HIV makes a person vulnerable to certain types of infections, including viruses. With a weakened immune system, infections can be very difficult.

Garlic's antiviral properties may benefit people with HIV.

Anything that strengthens the immune system can have a beneficial effect on a person with HIV, which is why many people recommend using garlic supplements.

In the Journal of Immunology Research, a  study  was published showing that garlic can improve the immune system by stimulating the production of certain types of cells. Among them are natural killer cells and macrophages that help fight infections.

While good for overall health, garlic may also be beneficial for people with HIV. Thus, the  National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine  (USA) refers to studies which suggest that garlic can lower blood cholesterol levels.


Side effects and risks

Ideally, therapy is chosen depending on the general state of health of the person and the presence of other diseases. Different classes of drugs are used in different treatments and may react to garlic differently.

People with HIV should ask their doctor a few questions before taking garlic supplements. For example, be sure to ask how these supplements work with prescribed medications. The dosage is also best discussed with a specialist.

In addition, it is necessary to talk about the typical side effects of garlic, including in the basis of food supplements. Side effects can include:

  • Nausea ;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea ;
  • An unpleasant taste in the mouth;
  • Indigestion.

Disorders of the stomach can interfere with the absorption of nutrients and anti-HIV drugs. As always with dietary supplements, you need to weigh the pros and cons of taking them reasonably.


Garlic and lemon recipe to treat AIDS

Honey, garlic and lemon, discover the benefits of this miracle mixture ...


HONEY + LEMON + GARLIC is a mixture to strengthen IMMUNITY.

600g of Honey

2 cloves garlic

2-3 pcs de lemon


10 days in a dark, dry place, not tightly covered with a lid (for air circulation) After 10 days, you can filter (optional) and STORE in the refrigerator!


You can take 1 teaspoon half an hour before meals three times a day OR 1 tablespoon twice a day. The mixture should be chewed slowly, washed off with a glass of warm water. The benefits of the “explosive” blend, which includes honey, lemon and garlic, have been tested and proven over time.


What do AIDS patients die of?

They die of fear of dying first of all. Without denigrating the problem of immunodeficiency acquired by extravagance and drugs, what strikes the AIDS patient the most is knowing that he has this disease and thinking that he is doomed to die soon, victim of this disease. This releases a lot of adrenaline and corticosteroids daily, along with other attack hormones, but which significantly weaken immunity when repeated frequently or made continuously.
When panic seizes the person with AIDS, then all is really lost for him.

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To contact our experts please call or write to us on the following number, tel / WhatsApp  : 0022990431727


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  • Bianca Ngwanya

    2 Bianca Ngwanya On 29/03/2024

    My name is Bianca Ngwanya from South Africa. I will love to tell everybody on this blog how my status changed from hiv positive to negative, and i am now a living witness of it. HIV has been on going in my family. I lost both parents to hiv, and i have not been able to get over the pain. As we all know, medically there is no solution to hiv. Few months ago, someone introduced me to a native medical practitioner online called DR.WATER. I showed him all my tests and results. I was already diagnosed with hiv and it was already taking its toll on me. I had spent thousands of rands on other medicines before, but yet i decided to try him out. i was on his dosage for 3 weeks. Although i didn't believe in it, i was just trying it out of frustration. After the 3 weeks, i went for new tests. And you won't believe that 5 different laboratory results have confirmed it that i am negative. It was like a dream, i never believe HIV has a cure.  I just want to help others in anyway i can, i have included DR.WATER's Whatsapp number and email at the end of this message. I have joined many forums and i have posted this testimonies and a lot of people have contacted DR.WATER through me and they were also negative after using his medicine. BBC news even published it live that DR.WATER can cure even Hepatitis, Coronary artery, Cancer,  Herpes, HPV, Asthma, Diabetes and many others. Everybody saw it and it is now out in some papers and magazines. 
    DR.WATER's Whatsapp number: +2349050205019
  • Diallo Antoine

    3 Diallo Antoine On 29/03/2024

    My apologies to everyone, but i have to share this to help one or two people out there. What else can I say about him, today am equally very grateful to Dr.Water as I am finally cured of HIV disease that have been eating me up for over a year and 6 months. After searching for different means to get my self cured but nothing seems to work out, behold today i can boldly stand and testify to the world at large that with the help of herbal medicine, I have found myself back to my feet and healthy again in just after few weeks after i got in contact with a great herbalist, through help on a blog which talk about HIV cure. Few weeks ago, i saw an article of a lady eplainning how she was cured after using some herbal medicines which was sent to her by Dr.Water. So i decided to give this great man a try by contacting him via his email and mobile number. I explained to him what my problem was, and he promised me that all would be fine and well by the time i finish using his remedy. I just had to believe in him, which i did. Low and behold, today i am very happy. It was just all like a magic when my blood sample tested negative. That is why i have come here to testify to the world at large and also to share my experience because I know there are many people out there who are also searching for a cure to one disease or the other. You can as well get in contact with DR.WATER now for his herbal medicines, through his WhatsApp +2349050205019. Write him today, I fully believe he will be able and capable to cure your own HIV/AIDS and can also cure all of these diseases as well: HEPATITIS B, HPV WARTS, CANCER, HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS, ALS, DIABETES TYPE1&2, INFERTILITY IN BOTH MALE AND FEMALE
  • Andre Camilo Douglas

    4 Andre Camilo Douglas On 29/03/2024

    Hello everyone,
    I don't know the reason why some people are finding it difficult to believe that there is a cure for hiv. My name is Andre Douglas, i have been hiv+ since past three years with my girlfriend, but today i am happy that i am HIV negative with the help of the herbal medicine of Dr O.water, the great healer. I was browsing the internet searching for help when i came across a testimony shared by someone on how Dr O.water cured him of hiv. I have always believed that there is solution to all problem. I am in Bedum, Netherlands but I tried my best to make sure i spoke to Dr O.water because i was so much in need of getting his treatment. Fortunately for me, i got the medicine and used it as instructed. Dr O.water brought a smile to my face with his herbal medicine. I am so much happy today that we have someone like this great healer out there. So my people, kindly contact this healer on his email: DRWATERHIVCURECENTRE@GMAIL.COM or whatsapp: +2349050205019. please sir keep your good work because there are people out there who is in need of your healing medicine. He can also cure Herpes, Hepatitis B,Hepatitis C, HPV, Diabetes, Cancer, Asthma and more

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