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Symptoms of gallstones / cholelithiasis, why do they occur? Surgery and natural treatment

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The gallbladder is a pear-shaped or bag-shaped organ where bile is collected and stored and is located behind the liver. The bile produced in the liver accumulates in this sac, and when a meal is eaten, it is transferred to the intestines, helping to absorb certain vitamins and remove toxic substances from the body. Gallstones are a disease that can occur in many people and have no symptoms for a long time. These stones can be found in the bile ducts and the sac.

In this article, you can find answers to all your questions such as how long gallstones form, when gallstones cause pain, what are the side effects of gallstones.

What are gallstones?

Gallstones are the name given to the crystalline structures that can form in the sac. It basically consists of two reasons and according to these reasons their appearance can be characteristic. Gallstones, which form due to excess cholesterol, are on a color scale ranging from green to brown. The pigments are made up of bilirubin and calcium and are visible in color ranging from dark smoky to black. There is no rule that there will be only one type of stone in the gallbladder. Both types of stones can be in the pocket. The size of the stones can range from a grain of sand to a ping-pong ball .

Natural treatment of billiary stones

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What are the symptoms of gallstones?

Gallstones: definition, symptoms, treatments - sciences et Avenir

The symptoms of gallstones are actually quite typical. Some of these symptoms are:

  • Pain that spreads to your right side after meals, which can sometimes increase and affect your arm and back.
  • It may be necessary to burp constantly.
  • People with gallstones often have gas problems.
  • Especially when eaten with fat, excessive bloating and hard stomach issues such as stones can be observed.
  • You may have frequent diarrhea.
  • Nausea or vomiting may occur with a fatty or heavy meal.
  • Fever for no apparent reason and dark color of the urine are also some of the symptoms.

If you have one or more of these symptoms, having your gallbladder checked. The symptoms listed can sometimes be mistaken for ulcers or gastritis. The tests desired by your doctor will reveal the nature of the disease. Gallstones can be easily diagnosed by performing an ultrasound exam as well as urine and blood tests.

Why do gallstones occur?

There are several reasons for this. Some of them are congenital causes and these increase the vulnerability to the formation of gallstones. This problem is more common in women than in men. In particular, Caucasian women who are over 40, are overweight, have problems with fat around their waist, stomach, and liver, are at risk.

  • Having too many births
  • High cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Although diabetes is some of the reasons, sudden weight loss and very low calorie diets also increase the risk of gallstones.

Although it is not believed that nutrition plays a primary role in the formation of gallstones, it is known to be effective in this process. Eggs, fried foods, dairy products, sugary foods increase the dose of the disease and cause gallstone attacks.

What should people with gallstones eat? Home remedies

Recommended natural remedies for gallstones - the encyclopedia of prophetic medicine

When planning treatment for gallstones, the first step is always to regulate the diet. If certain foods are completely excluded from the diet or their consumption is reduced, gallstone attacks are also avoided. The basic rules for the gallstone diet are simple. Gallbladder stones are at the top of the list of harmful foods and you should remove them from your diet. Acidic foods can be included more in menus. These foods are believed to be effective in dissolving gallstones. It is necessary to act in moderation by taking animal proteins. Care should be taken to avoid gaining excessive weight and experiencing constant weight fluctuations.

Gallbladder stone cure applications can also be done at home using natural methods. Before doing this, you should definitely consult a doctor and start the applications after getting the approval. The main ones are:

  • The mixture of olive oil and lemon from gallstones can be added to a glass of hot water at the rate of 4 tablespoons and can be drunk daily.
  • Herbal Treatment for Gallstones Ömer Coşkun's recommendation is to drink dandelion tea in the morning and evening for 3 months. In some cases, the stone is seen to shrink.
  • It is believed that the cure applied by drinking Oleaster tea in the morning and Forty lock tea in the evening for a month may also be of benefit.

Surgery and treatment of gallbladder stones

The non-surgical method is lithotripsy, a process of breaking stone by shock waves. Unfortunately, the alternative to stone crushing may not be very effective in gallstones, such as kidney stones. While open surgeries were used in the past, laparoscopic gallbladder surgeries, which are performed without opening a large incision, with today's developing technology, are performed with as little harm to the patient as possible. . These are closed surgery methods. Holes with a diameter of 1 cm are opened in the abdomen and the gallbladder is removed. The number of drilled holes can be about 4-5. The operating time is not long. Before and after, the hospital stay is about 3-4 days. After trouble-free surgery, the patient recovers quickly and is usually released the day after or the second day of surgery. Patients return to their normal lives within 4 to 5 days.

In cases where other secondary problems may arise, the open method can be used during the operation. In general, this method can be used in people who are overweight or if the gallbladder is more inflamed than expected. But usually your doctor decides the method by looking at all the tests, and this decision is not changed except in urgent and unexpected situations.

A special dietary program is applied after the operation. Patients should be fed liquid in the first few days, but they may gradually return to interrupted foods over time. In order to avoid problems such as diarrhea after gallstone surgery, aggressive foods that can irritate the intestines should not be taken immediately. The main ones are acidic drinks, coffee, chocolate, dairy products and sugary foods. Water consumption should be carefully monitored. Your doctor will determine your diet during this time.

How many mm dangerous gallstones?

Doctor removes 360 gallstones from woman

When gallstones are examined, the answer to questions such as whether the bladder is a stone, mud, or how large the stone is should be clearly determined by asking for additional tests. Your doctor can decide whether the stone is dangerous or not, based on the symptoms. If the patient does not have physiological symptoms, feels no discomfort, and only experiences diet-related pain or discomfort, a diet can be administered and the process can be followed without surgery. Usually, for stones larger than 1 cm, it may be decided to remove the gallbladder. Of course, if there are bile attacks and there is a problem with the liver enzymes, surgery may be one of the solutions.

When stones larger than 7mm fall into the gallbladder, it can cause obstruction of the bile duct, which can be dangerous. When the bile duct is blocked, inflammation can occur and jaundice is observed. This disease negatively affects general health and can lead to more serious complications by tearing the pancreas. Gallbladder surgeries are not surgeries that need to be rushed, but examination and monitoring is essential.

Do gallbladder stones fall off with urine?

It is not possible to reduce gallstones with urine like kidney stones. The anatomy of the liver and bile ducts is different from that of the kidney and urinary tract. Not all gallstones are removed, but large or large gallstones that require surgery cannot be resolved by any other method. Since the structure of each patient, the condition of the gallbladder, the formation of stones and their location are different, it is necessary to ensure that all examinations are carried out before a definitive diagnosis is made and that specialist physicians be consulted.

What part of gallstones looks like?

If you think you have gallstones and have any of the above symptoms, you should see a doctor right away and have your tests done. Gallstones are not a self-healing disease that heals over time. If you are not sure which doctor to refer to for this condition, the first part that comes to your mind should be internal illnesses. In this section, the doctor you have examined can also guide you. General surgery or gastroenterology doctors are the other two services you can apply for.

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