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Some natural remedies to stop drinking alcohol

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Treatment of alcoholism with folk remedies is   very common, it came to us from ancient times, when herbal remedies and decoctions were the only remedies for diseases. But in the modern world, they have never ceased to trust such methods. It is known that with the help of folk remedies, many diseases are treated or prevented. Therefore, in the field of drug addiction treatment, there are their own folk recipes.

The popularity of non-traditional methods of treating alcoholism is that the patient can self-medicate the alcoholism without announcing their problem. Very often a person does not turn to specialists precisely because of shame, mistrust of doctors, unconsciousness, or assumes that he can cope with the addiction on his own. It is in such cases that people resort to traditional medicine. Information on  folk remedies for alcoholism is  easily found on the net. Often relatives of a drinking person are engaged in the  treatment of alcoholism with folk remedies without the knowledge of the patient.


Dawasanté remedy for alcoholism

Natural Tobacco Control - Natural Herbal Remedy to Stop ...

The natural remedy that we offer you to get rid of alcoholism consists of plants with various effects. These effects combined with each other allow you a safe and less brutal withdrawal. Of course, in everything you need will. Without the will to stop drinking it will be virtually impossible for you to be rid of alcoholism. Our natural remedy does not develop addiction, dependence and is without side effects in case of ulcer. It decreases the urge to drink and reduces the feeling of satisfaction experienced in contact with alcohol. It helps to maintain abstinence after withdrawal in alcohol dependent patients.

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Is it possible to get rid of alcoholism at home

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Alcoholism is not just an addiction, but a real illness. It is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Alcoholism is divided into 3 stages:

  • The first stage: the patient begins to experience an overwhelming desire to drink. If it is not possible to drink alcohol, the urge goes away for a while. When alcohol is consumed, control is lost; for every case of alcohol consumption, he finds an excuse. Intoxication is accompanied by aggressiveness, irritability, rare cases of memory loss in a state of intoxication. At the end of the first stage, alcohol tolerance begins.
  • The second stage: a person gradually loses complete control over the amount of drink. There is a significant dependence of the body on alcohol. Physical dependence begins with withdrawal symptoms, health problems appear: headaches, poor sleep, irritation, heart pain, tremors. There is a vicious cycle of drunkenness over several days.
  • The third step: the alcoholic's body needs a lot of alcohol. Alcoholic amnesia is more and more common, other areas of life take a back seat, and general degradation occurs. A self-interrupted binge is accompanied by metallic alcoholic psychosis and requires medical attention.

The first two stages are treatable at home: there is no harm to the body, the maximum effect is achieved. At the third stage of alcoholism, urgent hospitalization of the patient in a medical institution is required.


How to stop drinking at home

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Alcoholism can be overcome at home. For this, the patient must be aware of his addiction and have a strong desire to overcome it. Another prerequisite for treatment is the support and faith of loved ones.

Doctors give general recommendations to speed up recovery:

  • sleep at least 8 hours a day;
  • foods rich in vitamins;
  • drink plenty of water from 2 liters per day;
  • refusal of salty and spicy foods;
  • outdoor walks;
  • fresh shower twice a day;
  • fill his free time with positive emotions: watching positive movies, favorite hobbies, games;
  • moderate physical activity, sports.

The main recommendation is a complete refusal to drink alcohol. Neither the addict nor the immediate environment should consume alcohol. The patient should be restricted even in the recall of alcoholic beverages.



Folk remedies to stop drinking

Sometimes it is impossible to use drugs or psychological methods, due to contraindications. In this case, you can try the  treatment of alcoholism at home with folk  remedies  Note that these methods are only effective in the first stage of alcohol addiction.

Lemon juice

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Raw Lemon Juice

Treatment of alcoholism with lemon juice lasts 14 days. Contraindication to the application of the method is peptic ulcer, exacerbation of gastritis, increased acidity in the gastrointestinal tract.

On the first day you need to drink the juice of one lemon. On the second day, the juice of two lemons is consumed. So, throughout the week, a lemon is added every day. After a week of use, you should reduce the number of lemons by one piece per day. Therefore, on the 14th day, you should consume the juice of one lemon.

Honey therapy

The Benefits of Manuka Honey |  Health Magazine

The method is based on the replenishment of the deficiency of potassium and glucose in the body. Has a short admission course - 2 days.

On the first day, you need to consume 6 tablespoons of honey at a time. In total, there are 3 such catches per day, the interval between them is 20 minutes. On the second day there are 3 doses of honey. The first and second take - 6 spoons each, the third - 4 spoons.

Bay leaf

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The recipe helps reduce cravings for alcohol. You must infuse two bay leaves in 200 ml of boiling water: put on low heat and cook for 10 minutes. The tincture is filtered and cooled. You should drink in small portions throughout the day. You can take the solution for a long time. The tincture is suitable for reducing the urge to drink alcohol.

Treating alcoholism with apples

What are the benefits of the apple?  : Current Woman The MAG

In traditional medicine, it is believed that it is possible to treat an alcoholic with sour apples. For medicinal purposes, you need to eat 3 apples per day. The day before eating, you need to stick 6-7 nails in the apple. The duration of treatment is 6 weeks.

Bearberry decoction 

Bearberry: composition, virtues, use and risks

Add 2 tablespoons of bearberry leaf to a glass of boiling water. Put on the fire and wait for it to bubble. Cool the decoction. Take 1 tablespoon 6 times a day. The timing of meals does not affect the taking of the remedy. This method has been shown to be effective in curing alcoholism from beer. This folk remedy for alcoholism involves treatment for 2 months.

Treatment of acute poisoning

Alcoholism: acute and chronic intoxication - メ デ ィ ッ ク ス オ ン ラ イ ン 医学 講座 - 医療 百科 事 典

For the treatment of acute poisoning , drugs are used that reduce the effects of alcohol on the body: a cup of black or green tea with mint, black coffee, a glass of cucumber or cabbage juice, pickles, a cup of hot coffee with salt.

Among the  popular  plants and  herbs for alcoholism, the  most used in the treatment of alcoholism with folk remedies: bay leaf and root, collection of sorrel, mint and burdock, collection of thyme and violet, as well as wormwood, lovage, bearberry, red pepper.


Mode of action of folk remedies

The dosage and application of each broth is different, but all from the point of view of the treatment of alcoholism with folk remedies should develop a persistent aversion to alcohol in the addict. Many decoctions work quite dramatically - they cause instant vomiting, alcohol intolerance during the entire period of use, general malaise with signs of poisoning. Naturally, these methods have contraindications, which are not always known to parents and the patient.


It should be remembered that almost all traditional drugs for alcoholism are contraindicated in gastrointestinal disorders.


Reviews of the treatment of alcoholism with folk remedies

For a patient who is self-medicating against alcoholism, who has become aware of his addiction and has sufficient motivation, alternative alcoholism treatment can serve as a kind of additional psychological support. Choosing traditional medicine, a person can judge the effectiveness  of the treatment of alcoholism using folk methods from reviews on the Internet and according to friends. Most opinions boil down to the fact that the outcome depends only on the personality itself. If you decide to start the treatment, we can say that you have already completed half of the work. All other methods, folk or traditional, are designed to maintain your willpower until you are released from a bad habit.


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