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Drugs and nutritional supplements that improve sperm count / quality

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The treatments applied to couples who cannot have children date back to the earliest ages. Even in the most primitive societies, for the treatment of infertility, mixtures obtained from plants, surgeries, and even spells were applied, so that remedies were sought for couples who could not have d 'children.


Eat nuts

Even today, many couples who have infertility issues often resort to herbal supplements and try to conceive that way. Although it has been observed that men with infertility issues can have better quality sperm when taking certain nutritional supplements, the effect of this increased sperm count and quality on pregnancy does not has not yet been proven.

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The natural treatment that we offer to regain your fertility consists of herbal tea. The composition of the herbal tea will depend on the cause of your infertility ( oligospermia , azoospermia, asthenospermia,  teratospermia , necrospermia ). Our natural remedy  is the secret to curing all forms of male infertility. It is made with herbal remedies that have been shown to have effects in studies and hundreds of years of use to treat male infertility issues.

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The results of epidemiological studies conducted in recent years show that one in four couples cannot conceive naturally. About half of these couples have a defect in the sperm count or quality of the men. Although a wide variety of herbal supplements and drugs have been produced to improve sperm count and quality in these men, it has not been clearly shown which of these can improve semen.


Researchers who recently participated in a large-scale study at the University of Aberdeen in the UK looked at data from 61 experimental studies that tested the effectiveness of a wide variety of drugs and supplements used to improve sperm quality and increase the rate of live births. Determining that live birth rates were only reported in four of these studies, the researchers pointed out that studies in this area were insufficient to form a definitive opinion. Despite these limited data, researchers, who have identified elements that increase the likelihood of having children normally by improving the number and quality of sperm in men, concluded that the

  • Coenzyme Q10

The 7 health benefits of CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10,  a dietary supplement that acts as an antioxidant in the body and is generally used to prevent various heart diseases, increases the number, motility and morphology of sperm. However, the researchers who conducted the study pointed out that the reliability of the available evidence was low.

  • L-carnitine

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The  L-carnitine is an amino acid that helps the body burn fat to produce energy and provides energy for sperm to move also. Many studies have shown that people using L-carnitine improved sperm count and motility, but no improvement in sperm morphology (shape).

  • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)

Fertility drugs are used to treat medical issues in infertility.

The  FSH is secreted by the pituitary gland and controls the production of eggs from women. Since the hormone FSH stimulates the testes and ensures the production of sperm, many nutritional supplements containing this hormone have been produced. Although preparations containing FSH have been determined to provide high pregnancy rates by improving sperm quality, it should be remembered that the level of evidence of the data obtained in studies reporting these results is low.

  • Tamoxifen

Breast cancer: tamoxifen unfairly neglected for ...

The drug called tamoxifen, which was first developed to block estrogen receptors that play a role in the spread of breast cancer and which is still widely used in the treatment of these patients, has positive effects on the number and the quality of the sperm. This drug, which increases the amount of FSH hormone produced by the pituitary gland and causes more sperm production in the testes, has not been shown to have a significant effect on naturally obtained pregnancy rates.

  • Pentoxifylline

Pentoxifylline ER 400mg Tablets

Pentoxifylline , which is generally used to improve blood flow in cardiovascular patients, increases sperm count and motility because it increases the flexibility of red blood cells. More research is needed in this region.

  • Kallikrein 

Pancreatic Kininogenase Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Kallikrein CAS  9001-01-8

The enzyme Kallikrein, which is also used to improve blood flow, has been reported to not lead to increased pregnancy rates, but to increase sperm count and motility.


Discover our natural treatment against all male infertility

We deliver all over the world.

For more information, you can contact our experts on +229 51374202 direct line or by WhatsApp at the same number.

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