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What is a varicocele?



The varicocele is characterized by the expansion of a vein (varix) at the spermatic cord, fibrous cord located in the purses above each testicle, and connecting each of the scrota.

Varicocele usually affects only one side, mostly the left because of the anatomy of the venous network of the male genitals. On the left side, blood from the testis is drained to the renal vein, while on the right it is drained to the vena cava, where the pressure is lower than in the renal vein. Here is a natural herbal treatment from the experts at Dawasanté to treat varicocele without surgery. Click on the image below to discover this natural treatment


Voici le meilleur remède naturel pour grossir pénis avec les plantes


First of all, varicocele is not inevitable and the only way out is an operation. The use of natural plants makes it possible to permanently cure varicocele by avoiding surgical operation. The natural remedy for curing varicocele that we offer is completely herbal. It contains two elements namely: an herbal tea and an ointment. Trust us! Because it is the secret to cure varicocele without operation thanks to the plants.

Herbal tea to cure testicular varicose veins is vasculoprotective and venotonic. It is a  natural remedy that cures varicocele successfully by strengthening the valves or valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. So the veins become tonic and tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins. This to join the most important veins like the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. The operation for varicocele is very expensive and is of little benefit. As for our remedy, it has proven its effectiveness with dozens of resolved cases. So, this is one of the best natural herbal remedies to cure varicocele and prevent operation.

Using herbal teas to cure varicocele usually gives excellent results as it helps prevent the operation. So our natural remedy is the best herbal therapy for Varicocele. The solution to cure varicocele is in plants. Being natural products based on plants and herbs, our herbal teas to treat varicocele do not cause any side effects, either on the body or on health. Our natural remedy is the miracle solution to cure varicocele without operations or side effects. So it is the best natural remedy to cure varicocele.

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Tips for fighting varicocele


To cure varicocele, here are the tips we give you:

Wear suitable underpants or sports clothing

Apply cold compresses of water to your testicles when they heat up for 10 minutes

· You should cut out spices, alcohol, coffee, tea, and all exciting drinks, as well as alcohol and tobacco. These foods dramatically increase the inflammation of varicose veins and thus increase discomfort.

Space your sexual relations as best as you can throughout the treatment in order to put the veins to rest

Avoid playing sports during the entire treatment period

· Hot baths will help reduce inflammation.



Our doctor's opinion


First, varicocele is a varicose dilation of the veins of the spermatic cord (located in the bursa, above and around each testicle). She usually does not have any specific symptoms. But it can be manifested by a heaviness in the stock market. At an advanced stage, it causes an increase in the size of the testicle. It is therefore very troublesome. Most of the time, the treatment is surgical, but many people refuse to be operated on for fear or otherwise. However, there is a very effective solution: Medicinal plants. The purpose of these plants is to make it disappear. Also, it is important to trust us because your satisfaction is our priority. Above we offer you the best natural remedy to cure varicocele quickly without operation or surgery.


Symptoms of varicocele



The symptoms of varicocele vary greatly from one individual to another. In some cases, you may have a varicocele and not have any symptoms (asymptomatic varicocele). But in other cases, varicocele can manifest itself as heaviness and pain in the bursae. Especially at the end of the day, when you are standing, during physical exertion or in hot weather. These pains may worsen over time. In some cases, varicocele is only bothersome in periods.



The causes of varicocele


First, no one can tell you exactly what causes varicocele, but we do know that it results from a malfunction of the one-way valves that allow blood flow from the testes to the heart. The pressure in the vein increases and the venous valves of the spermatic cord are weakened. This increase in pressure results in dilations in the venous plexus.



Varicocele and fertility


Although the relationship is not yet well established between male infertility and varicoceles, recent studies have shown that many boys who suffer from infertility have varicoceles and once varicoceles are treated, infertility goes away. The figures, therefore, show a very close link between varicocele and fertility. In fact, one in three men affected by primary infertility has a varicocele, 80% in the case of secondary infertility, against only 15% in the general population. Nevertheless, a varicocele can even lead to infertility.

However, the links between varicocele and subfertility are not obvious. Testicular varicose veins are a very common problem for which we do not yet fully understand the consequences on fertility, nor the mechanisms involved. There is no link of certainty, only a reasonable doubt.

However, varicocele could directly affect spermatogenesis, which is the production of sperm. Varicose veins (dilated veins) can appear in the scrotum. These varicose veins will increase the temperature in the testicles. The heat weakens the sperm and can interfere with sperm production. The relationship between azoospermia and varicocele is relatively common: 5% of varicocele cases turn into azoospermia. Many men with testicular varicose veins also have azoospermia.


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