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Acute scrotal pain has various causes. Testicular torsion, twisting of the appendages, and epididymal-orchitis are common causes, while varicocele thrombosis is a rare cause. Read till the end to uncover the secret of natural herbal treatment for varicocele.



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The thrombosis varicocele can occur after the operation or spontaneously. Five cases of postoperative thrombosis and five cases of spontaneous thrombosis have been described to date. The traditional advice in the management of thrombosed varicocele has been managed by the pharmacist and the patient. Here we present an unusual case of spontaneous varicocele thrombosis, as well as its presentation and surgical treatment. We would like to highlight the points of differentiation between spontaneous thrombosis and postoperative in vitro clot formation in varicoceles, these two entities being often confused. 


But before that, Dawasanté experts provide you with a natural herbal treatment to treat spontaneous varicocele thrombosis. Click on the image below to discover this natural treatment. 

Voici le meilleur remède naturel pour grossir pénis avec les plantes

How to cure varicocele with plants?

First, varicocele is not a fatality whose only way out is an operation. The use of natural plants makes it possible to permanently cure varicocele by avoiding surgical operation. The natural remedy for curing varicocele that we offer is completely herbal treatment. It is a natural remedy that cures varicocele successfully by strengthening the valves or valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. So the veins become tonic and tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins. This to join the most important veins like the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. So, it has proven its effectiveness with dozens of resolved cases. Associated with a suitable diet, it can treat varicocele quite easily.


Take advantage of this opportunity to discover our natural remedy for varicocele 

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Presentation of the case

A 68-year-old man was presented with excruciating scrotal pain lasting a week. Doppler study of the scrotum revealed a left varicocele without a sign of epididymal-orchitis. He was treated with intravenous antibiotics, pain relievers, and an elevated scrotum. He had no relief and continued to have severe pain. The clinical examination was normal. The patient underwent semi-emergent exploratory surgery. Exploration revealed a normal testis with thrombosed varicoceles. The patient underwent a varicocelectomy. The postoperative patient had immediate pain relief. Histopathology revealed a varicocele significant thrombosis. A varicocelectomy sample (performed for primary infertility) was used for comparison. The points of differentiation between the two entities were noted.



Spontaneous varicocele thrombosis is a rare cause of acute scrotal pain. Pain out of proportion to clinical features is characteristic. Patients unresponsive to medical treatment may require varicocelectomy. Varicocelectomy can provide immediate relief. Histopathology is helpful in this disorder.

Acute scrotal pain has multiple etiologies. Torsion of the testis or its appendages and epididymal-orchitis are common, while varicocele thrombosis is a rare cause. Varicocele thrombosis can occur after the operation (5 cases) or spontaneously (5 cases). Spontaneous thrombosis can occur as a result of trauma or in patients with coagulation abnormalities. Kayes had reported that strenuous sexual or sports activities, infections, trauma, long hours theft, and medication could be the cause of the condition. There was no major predisposing mechanism to spontaneous thrombosis in our patient, but it is possible that vigorous sexual activity was the cause, because the patient developed pain after intercourse. Varicocele thrombosis (both spontaneous and postoperative) has been managed conservatively in all patients to date with medication (antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs) and scrotal support without a description of surgical treatment. There are conflicting reports regarding the timing and requirement of surgery in patients with thrombosed varicocele. Recommend non-operative conservative management, despite having submitted their patients to surgery. Therefore, the timing and necessity of surgery in patients with thrombosed varicocele become an extremely moot point. We present here a case of spontaneous thrombosis due to Varicocele, with particular emphasis on its presentation and surgical treatment. Spontaneous in vivo thrombi have always been confused with in vitro post varicocelectomy clot formation in the veins. We would like to highlight the histopathological differentiation between these two distinct entities.





Perform Cooling Showers

Cooling is a method of reducing the body’s temperature. Testicular overheating is a major cause of concern for men with varicoceles, and can also cause infertility.[8]

It is shown to reduce inflammation markers.

Of note for varicocele, cooling can improve vein contractility and reduce the swelling of the veins.


How to Perform

  1. While taking a shower, run cold water over your testicles for 15–30 seconds.
  2. It helps to wash the whole scrotum, including the pubic area with cold water, because the veins run throughout the entire region.
  3. Perform cooling treatments as many times as needed per day to reduce testicular temperature but avoid overcooling.


Ginger for varicocele

Ginger: A magical herb for sore throat - Times of India

Take a cup of ginger tea every day for 1 month.


Garlic for varicocele

What's the go with garlic?

Take 2 to 3 garlic pods and mash them.

Leave it for 15 mins.

Have it with a glass of water after 15mins.

Take it for 2 weeks.


Take advantage of this opportunity to discover our natural herbal treatment for varicocele 

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