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When we hear vaginal, we immediately think of a woman but that is not the case with vaginal hydrocele. In men, the vaginal hydrocele is the accumulation of fluid in the tunica vaginalis surrounding the testis.


Vaginal hydroceles are the most common primary hydrocele. They usually appear in middle-aged or elderly men but are not uncommon in children. This condition is common in Africa, but there is a solution with African plants.



Never puncture the liquid from hydrocele because it is absolutely unnecessary and dangerous. This is because the removed fluid is reconstituted immediately, hence the root of the disease must be cured. Fortunately, this is possible with African plants.


Natural remedy to Reduce Vaginal hydrocele naturally

hypothyroïdie traitement naturel

The natural remedy to permanently cure the testicular hydrocele that we offer is composed of two elements: a herbal tea and an ointment. The combined action of the powder and ointment is very effective. It results in the efficient absorption of all the liquid contained in the scrotum. Thus, the first effects will be felt very quickly. Consequently, you will notice that gradually your testicles will return to normal. Generally, the use of natural plants very often gives positive results and acts significantly against the hydrocele. So this natural remedy is the secret to permanently cure testicular hydrocele. Trust us! It is the perfect solution for those who want to naturally cure testicular hydrocele. But also for those who want to avoid the operation.

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The major symptom experienced with vaginal hydrocele is the increase in the volume of either or both sides of the testicles due to the secretion of fluid. The volume reaches the enormous proportions and considerably hamper the patient in motion and during intercourse.




Below is the studied and approved causes of vaginal hydrocele

  • Blockage in the spermatic cord.
  • Inguinal hernia surgery.
  • Infection of the scrotum or a testicle.








Try an Epsom salt bath. 

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If you notice a painless swelling in your testicle(s)/scrotum, take a very warm bath with at least a few cups of Epsom salt added. Relax in the tub for between 15 – 20 minutes with your legs slightly spread, so that the water engulfs your scrotum. The warmth of the water can stimulate the movement of body fluids (which may help unblock a blockage) and the salt can pull fluid out through your skin and reduce swelling. Epsom salt is also a rich source of magnesium, which helps to relax muscles/tendons and soothe any tenderness.

  • If there is pain associated with your hydrocele, then exposing your scrotum to warm water (or any source of heat) may create more inflammation and make your symptoms worse.
  • Don't make the bath too hot (to prevent scalding) and don't sit in the tub for too long (to prevent dehydration).


Boiled Veggies

Steamed Vegetables Recipe - NDTV Food

You can have boiled vegetables in your lunch and dinner. Or you can even have a fresh vegetable salad every day. It will make you feel light and reduce the heaviness and pain in the hydrocele. This is quite a simple yet effective remedy that you can follow to ease out the symptoms of hydrocele.


Healthy effects of black tea and ginger tea on hydrocele


Black tea soothes out the pain and subsides the swelling of hydrocele. Having a small cup of ginger tea every day alleviates the pain and inflammation of hydrocele. 



Aloe Vera and Amla Juice

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Having a cup of aloe vera and amla juice (in equal proportions) every morning on empty stomach help in hydrocele. It relieves the inflammation, itching, and soreness that hydrocele causes.



Things to avoid when you have hydrocele:


  • Avoid having stimulants (caffeinated drinks) such as tea and coffee. Limiting the consumption of tea and coffee will keep you safe from the chances of dehydration. 
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is a big no! These habits can worsen your condition of hydrocele. 
  • Indulging in heavy or strenuous physical activities can land you in more trouble. Activities that involve pressure on the lower body can increase the pain and swelling of hydrocele. 
  •  Tight clothing is not a good idea when you are dealing with the condition of hydrocele. It will only add up to your discomforts. So, choose loose-fitting and airy comfortable clothes. 
  • Do not go to bed immediately after your meal. It will cause more heaviness in the hydrocele. Thus, maintain a gap of at least 1-2 hours between your meal and sleeping time. 
  • Avoid having heavy meals after your lunch. Keep the dinner light and nutritious. 
  • Putting extra strain or pressure while passing stools or urinating increases the risk of soreness of hydrocele. Therefore, you should ensure that you do not face the troubles of constipation.



The key to a successful natural treatment is patience, faith, and consistency. Find out more about our natural remedy or  Contact/WhatsApp: +22990431725


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