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And amyloidosis  is a disease associated with impaired protein metabolism: the deposition of amyloid protein substance in tissues. It is expressed by the difficulty of the work of organs and tissues. In tissue sections, autogenous protein accumulates, causing autoantibodies to appear.


Types of amyloidosis

  • AL - amyloidosis - the primary type. The consequence of the accumulation in the blood of abnormal immunoglobulin chains
  • AA - amyloidosis - secondary type. It occurs against a background of prolonged illnesses;
  • AF - amyloidosis - a type of inherited disease (transmitted by a type of autosomal recessive inheritance;
  • HA - amyloidosis - a consequence of unfiltered immunoglobulin. Accumulation of immunoglobulins in tissue departments.
  • EA - amyloidosis - forms in the thyroid gland.


The causes of the disease

The reasons are a violation of protein metabolism. The accumulation of amyloid causes the movement of enzymes, the functioning of organs and this leads to their death.

Amyloidosis occurs due to the transfer of infectious diseases - tuberculosis, arthritis, syphilis, osteomyelitis; inflammatory processes. Amyloids can mutate in the body, causing an inherited form of the disease to develop.

This is a rare disease, at risk in men - from the age of 40.


Symptoms of the manifestation of the disease

All symptoms are the same in manifestation:

  • Body weight decreases
  • Tired
  • States depressive , aggressive states
  • Enlarged liver
  • Swelling

If you find such a series of symptoms, you should immediately consult a specialist. Amyloidosis is diagnosed by biopsy, x-ray, echocardia, faeces, blood, and urine.

Organ damage by amyloidosis leads to deterioration of the functioning of certain bodily systems If the urinary tract is affected - development of renal failure , skin damage - leads to wrinkles and redness of the skin; enlarged lymph nodes.

From the digestive system:

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Expansion of the tongue
  • Enlarged liver
  • The occurrence of diarrhea

Affecting the nervous system leads to dementia.

For deposits in the respiratory tract:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Hoarseness in the voice

Skin lesions. The appearance of papules, plaques, nodes, hemorrhages near the eyes.


On the part of the cardiovascular system - arrhythmia, swelling of the heart, increase . In the event of cardiac arrest, death.

Hepatic amyloidosis is still quite common. The liver enlarges and hardens, the appearance of pain in the right side, nausea, burping appears.


Treatment of amyloidosis disease

In the early stages, treatment with AA amyloidosis has a positive prognosis. With complete disappearance of the underlying disease, the manifestation of amyloidosis also disappears. Therefore, its course is directly proportional to the nature of the underlying disease, the degree of complication and the quality of treatment. The unfavorable course of the disease most often ends with death, exhaustion, heart and kidney failure. Compliance with the diet is recommended. You have to eat the raw liver. 

Treatment in a complex of amyloidosis is a long therapeutic period. Every day, eating raw liver in an amount of about 100 grams is a preventive and therapeutic method.

The liver is endowed with minerals and healing properties that humans need. The content in the liver of copper, zinc, iron, phosphorus, vitamin complex (carotene, biotin, niacin, vitamins of groups A, B, C, E), glycogen - is valuable for the human body.

As you know, with this disease the function of the most important bodily systems, such as digestive, nervous, cardiovascular systems suffers. The use of the liver increases and improves the function of diseased organs.

For effectiveness, it is worth consuming a liver for about a year and a half to two years.


Dietetic food processing

In addition to the therapeutic effects of this disease, it is necessary to observe a strict diet . Patients with chronic kidney and heart failure should reduce their intake of protein foods and salt. It is better to add starch to the diet. It is found in foods like bread, flour, potatoes, and grains. Rely on the intake of vitamin C. It is worthwhile to introduce potassium salts in the diet.

Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen and participates in the development and restoration of cells of tissue departments and vascular walls. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and improves blood circulation.

With the help of starch, it is possible to solve digestive problems, cholesterol and bile acid metabolism.

Only the attending physician should choose a diet, under no circumstances should he treat himself.

Folk remedies and recipes for the treatment of amyloidosis at home

Herbal treatment

Medicinal plants strengthen the immunity of the patient, with this disease it is necessary to take drugs that have strengthening, astringent and anti-inflammatory property.


African plants for amyloidosis

Traditional remedies with medicinal plants AMYLOSE

Our treatment is not intended to completely treat the disease, but rather to slow its progression and relieve the various symptoms of the disease. Indeed the natural remedy that we offer consists of plants with anti-inflammatory properties. It will also purify your blood and its diuretic properties will benefit you if you have  kidney , lymph node and spleen disease . For people with nervous and cardiovascular disease, these plants will help restore the functioning of these different systems. Our treatment is an all in one for the treatment of amyloidosis.

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Recipe 1.

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Chamomile, St. John's Wort, birch buds and everlasting flower have a therapeutic effect. The method of preparation is as follows: 100 grams of each collection, pour 500 ml of freshly boiled water, insist about 4 hours. After the strain, squeeze. 200 ml to be taken at night.

 Recipe 2.

Gicitkən nə ilə faydalıdır?  |  Astarainfo

Stinging nettle helps purify the blood. Boil the flowers and nettle leaves for 15 minutes. It is used for inflammation of the kidneys, enlarged lymph nodes, spleen. Even cleansing the blood can help with the use of juniper berries. You can start using 5 berries, add 1 berry each day, and add up to 15 in total.

 Recipe 3.

Green oats in a field on a sunny summer day ...

Cardiovascular nervous systems can increase their performance through the use of green oat grasses. Do it two ways: juice or steep in alcohol. The recipe is simple: grind in a blender, fill the pot, add alcohol. The drug should be infused for 3 weeks, in a place inaccessible to light. The tincture should be filtered and shaken. After taking 20 to 30 drops 3 times a day, dilute with a spoon of water.

 Recipe 4.

Strawberry dj cleaning fo

You can treat yourself to a delicious and vitamin tea and at the same time achieve a healing effect. The recipe is as follows: take leaves of dried strawberries, about 10 grams, St. John's wort 2 grams, mint 2 grams. Pour a glass of boiling water into the mixture and let stand for about 10 minutes. It can be done with rowan, raspberries, currants, cooked in the same way.

Any folk remedy should be discussed with your doctor to prescribe a course combined with medical methods of therapy.


 Therapeutic process with herbal preparations

Astringent anti-inflammatory actions are possessed by the leaves of St. John's wort, rowan, blueberries and mint.

St. John's Wort, crushed in dry form, pour boiling water (about a glass). Insist 40 minutes. Filter and consume 1 tablespoon before meals / 3 times a day.

Rowan and blueberries are also great for brewing. The proportions of the fruits of the plants are 3 rowan fruits and 2 blueberries, pour 200 ml of freshly boiling water, leave to act for about 10 minutes, drain, leave to cool. Drink 100 ml / 3 times a day.

This mixture is prepared as follows: nettle, mint, calamus root, valerian root, chop, pour hot water (about 200 milliliters), leave to infuse for 45 minutes. After the effort, take as needed. Help with diarrhea, upset stomach.


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