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TRIMETHYLAMINURIA: 14 Foods That Cause Bad Body Odor

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Smell is one of the basic human senses. Rumor has it that even we choose mates based on our sense of smell, and the foods we eat directly affect body odor.

Really, we are what we eat.

  • Tomatoes

Why canned tomatoes are healthier than fresh… |

British scientist Charles Stewart proved the relationship between unpleasant body odor and tomatoes. He discovered that the scent of tomato stalk oil was similar to his own sweat scent and began to study this coincidence. Dr. Stewart noted that  carotenoids  and  terpenes in  tomatoes affect the smell of sweat.

Studies and experiments have shown a direct link between the amount of tomatoes and other foods containing terpenes consumed and the increased smell of sweat. So, moderation and again moderation while eating tomatoes.

  • Dairy products

Dairy products, between deception and disinformation by Thierry Souccar |  Bio in the spotlight

Surprisingly, almost the entire population of Southeast Asia and almost all Indians in the United States suffer from lactose intolerance - these people are sorely lacking in   digestive lactase . The rest of Earth's inhabitants may also have low levels of this enzyme, which often leads to the formation of gas, bloating, or gas.

In some cases, due to improper metabolism after milk, sweat smells like cabbage, and when the body cannot break down  leucine , isoleucine, and  valine  in dairy products, human body fluids smell like syrup maple.

If you do not have such symptoms, do not hesitate to drink milk - you will be healthy!



If you suffer from Trimethylaminuria (TMAU), or Fishy Odor Syndrome and want to be cured naturally, we've got you covered. Our  natural remedy to cure trimethylaminuria (TMAU), or  fish odor syndrome, allows you to have a normal odor and without any stench to decrease the amount of trimethylamine produced by bacteria in the intestines. Nutritional supplements  to  base our purely natural treatment can decrease the concentration of trimethylamine in the urine.

Our  natural treatment makes it possible to treat trimethylaminuria  very effectively in all people with trimethylamine. The reason is its high content of phytoestrogens. It looks like estrogen needed to keep your odor normal and free from any stink to decrease the amount of trimethylamine produced by bacteria in the intestines. In addition to our grandmother's remedy, changing the lifestyle is also important, namely to quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, maintain optimal body weight or exercise and change in this case. power supply

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  • Fish

3 good reasons to eat fish - Lagoon

In fish contains a huge amount of vitamin A. But some types of fish, like trout or tuna, contain a lot of  choline  (vitamin B4) , which adds a fishy aroma to the natural human smell. For some people, foods high in choline cause “fishy odor syndrome” -  trimethylaminuria  , which can be treated with supplements and medications.


  • Cabbage

The nutritional qualities of cabbage - plants and health

Broccoli, cauliflower, and even cabbage, in addition to potassium and undeniably beneficial antioxidants, contain a lot of sulfur, and that can really make us sweat in the fight for a nice smell.

Sulfur compounds can cause an unpleasant aroma and can also cause gas. You should not completely give up cabbage, because it is extremely useful, but you still need to regulate the amount of it in the diet.

  • High fiber foods

What is dietary fiber?  - Doctissimo

These include, for example,  cereals, bran, nuts and muesli . On their own, they help the gastrointestinal tract, contain useful elements, but when consumed beyond the norm, they stimulate the formation of gases (methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide).

Grain lovers should be advised to   drink more fluids - this will reduce the negative effects of high fiber intake.

  • Chili, garlic, onion

Chili Garlic And L & # 39;  Spicy onion for thai food stock photo, picture and royalty free image.  Image 101028704.

Vampires don't exist, but we all know they die of garlic. What death for a vampire is sometimes just fatal for a person. Garlic, onions and red peppers accumulate substances which are then excreted through sweat and lungs, increasing the pungent aroma of the body and mouth.

Therefore, if you are planning a romantic evening, think carefully about whether it is worth spoiling it with the use of these products, since persistent bad breath can persist for several hours.

  • Asparagus

Asparagus - Vegetable sheet, nutritional values, calories, health

Asparagus, or asparagus, is a low-calorie product (only 30 kcal per 100 g), which is attractive to those who want to lose weight. Asparagus contains  saponin  and  coumarin . Saponin  helps  fight  against multiple sclerosis and  ulcers  gastro-  duodenal , and  coumarin has a  beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Asparagus is a natural antioxidant and a powerful aphrodisiac.

But the barrel of honey vitamins has its own spoonful of fragrant tar. Asparagus changes the smell of sweat, makes the smell of urine pungent, and the methanethiol gas   released during digestion is actively involved in the formation of intestinal gas. Not surprisingly, in ancient times, hunters used asparagus to kill their own body odor.

  • Red meat

Red meat would ultimately not be dangerous for health -

Red meat is rich in  iron, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins  and  creatine . But it is slowly digested in the stomach and difficult to digest in the intestines. When stagnant, the meat begins to decompose, affecting the aroma of human secretions, unfortunately, not for the better.

Eating red meat more than 2 times a week usually negatively affects the change in human smell, this is confirmed by various experiments.

  • Alcohol

Does alcoholism cause amnesia?  - Science & Life

A drunk person does not ozonize the air around him, it is no secret. This happens because the alcohol is not fully processed by the liver, begins to pass through the circulatory system and exit through the lungs as vapors.

Since the body mistakes alcohol for a toxin, it urgently converts alcohol into   non-toxic acetic acid , which is then excreted through the pores with a characteristic pungent odor.

  • Radish

7 virtues and benefits of red radish - FemininBio

Both of these vegetables have a tangy flavor. The fact that they are very popular in folk medicine does not decrease the effect of radish and radish on the smell of human secretions, especially on the aroma of the mouth - a pungent odor can persist for several hours. Boiled vegetables are not so aggressive , but they lose many useful elements during cooking.

In one of the popular recipes for the treatment of profuse sweating, radish juice is used. I recall the basic principle of homeopathy -  similia similibus curantur , which means in Latin "as is cured by the same" .

  • Tea and coffee

Coffee or tea - What is a healthy option?  |  Sweet Haum

Black tea and coffee increase the acidity of the stomach, dry out the oral cavity, and in the absence of the right amount of saliva bacteria quickly proliferate, leading to bad breath. Both drinks stimulate the central nervous system and speed up sweating.

It is better to abandon black tea and coffee in favor of herbs or green tea - they do not affect the acidity, and instead have a calming effect on the nervous system.

  • Curry and cumin

Turmeric vs cumin: what are the differences between the 2 spices?  - The spice island

Many spices and spices, as you can guess, actively interfere with a person's natural cooling. Curry and cumin  directly affect pore flow for several days after eating, while  cumin  makes the smell of urine pungent.

If you can't live without spices, try less aggressive foods with a pleasant aroma -  cardamom, galangal or ginger .

  • Peas

Cream of green peas with tarragon

If you make up the main foods that cause gas, then the peas on this list will definitely be among the

The protein in peas is difficult to digest, and some of it reaches the intestines and becomes food for microbes, greatly increasing the amount of gas.

However, do not rush to exclude peas from the diet, as they are rich in  vitamins B, B2, PP, A and C, fluoride, citric acid, iron  and other elements necessary for the body.

To neutralize the negative effects of the  pea consumption, you must do one simple thing: Soak the peas in water for 8 hours. After this simple procedure, the gases should be an order of magnitude smaller.

  • The tobacco

What is smoking?  -

Everyone knows the smell coming from a person who has just smoked. It is a strong smell, but it disappears quite quickly, which cannot be said about the cigarette smoke that has entered the human body.

Nicotine and other elements enter through the lungs into the bloodstream and change the smell emanating from a person's pores, worsen the aroma of their breath, and spoil the color of their teeth. Smoking tobacco alters the natural course of physiological processes in  the human body, which is why smokers sweat more than non-smokers.

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We deliver all over the world. 

For more information, you can contact our experts on +229 51374202 direct line or by WhatsApp at the same number.

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