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Ayurvedic massage to treat symptoms of andropause

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Ayurvedic massage for men

In Ayurveda, the human being is a miniature of nature and lives in a constant dance of balance between his main constitutional characteristics (doshas). Let's see specifically how Ayurvedic medicine massage is also treatment for men, not just for women

SPA для мужчин |  СПА для мужчин Тайна Фараона

Massage is often considered a beauty treatment reserved for women.

However, the treatment is different as a true therapeutic act deriving from a traditional medicine such as Ayurvedic, which takes into account the constitutional characteristics of each ( doshas ) which is known after having carried out the   rigorous Ayurvedic test .

From a psychological point of view, man sometimes seems, at the level of the collective imagination, stuck in a role of punishment, a role of  "force" .

This produces stress and is often integrated in such a way as not to consider softness, cocooning, tenderness. When we think of a man getting a massage, we often go for a mischievous side that has nothing to do with the therapeutic aspect of massage.

A massage received in a peaceful environment, with the scented incense, has several advantages: it activates  blood and lymphatic circulation , is beneficial for the   spine , generates  tonic effects on the muscles , improves the exchange of  bodily fluids .

The targeted massage cycles have a positive effect on insomnia, migraine, fatigue  and  digestion . But let's see in detail the  benefits of Ayurvedic massage related to the male sphere .


 Dawabio's natural remedy to fight andropause

The treatment we offer you consists of medicinal herbs, plants and roots whose properties will relieve the symptoms of andropause and increase the production of male sex hormones such as testosterone, DHEA and growth hormone.

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We deliver all over the world 

We deliver all over the world.

For more information you can contact our experts at +229 51374202 direct line or by whatsapp at the same number.


Relaxation and erectile dysfunction

Indirectly, by acting on the general psychophysical state, the Ayurvedic massage is useful for all the  disorders of the erectile dysfunction  resulting from the psychic discomfort, the fear, the anxiety difficult to manage.

In cases where the mind is distracted from thoughts during the act and the man involuntarily returns to an anti-erotic dimension, massage can help  develop presence .

In fact, any treatment should be meditation for those who perform it and for those who receive it. By inducing complete relaxation, man begins to experience his breathing differently.

Cases of transient dysfunction improve dramatically upon contact with an Ayurvedic operator or Ayurvedic operator. If the malfunction has its internal origins in torque dynamics, it may not be bad to turn to the same operator, for both.

It would be a kind  of couple touch therapy. Without forgetting that, while enjoying the massage in the full sense, the man can, by receiving them, make his own maneuvers to propose in the intimate sphere; of course it will not be a complete massage with exact techniques, but a repetition of one or a few sequences which will please the couple. 


Massage and andropause  

In women, the cessation of female hormones during menopause is almost complete; in humans there is only a decrease in androgen production of about 50 to 70% compared to the "young male" and it does not occur in all men but only in a variable of 10 to 50% of men aged 40 to 50.

Among the symptoms associated with andropause,  there is a decrease in libido-sexual desire, with changes in mood or joy of life,  skin, grease disposition and hair .

In this sense, Ayurvedic massage, especially when it comes to techniques related to the head and scalp, is really powerful. Shiroabyangam  is the head massage  that stimulates important points related to the general well-being of the body.

Physiologically, then, with andropause there may be a slight and gradual decrease in sexuality and potency, due to the passage of years. This decrease may be greater in the presence of chronic diseases (cardiovascular, neurological, systemic) or disorders linked to an excess of alcohol, caffeine, tobacco. In this case, the touch of a therapist is important so that you do not lose contact with yourself. 


We deliver all over the world.

For more information you can contact our experts at +229 51374202 direct line or by whatsapp at the same number.

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