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Hydrocele testis

Hydrocele - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Natural Treatment

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The testes are part of the male reproductive system responsible for producing sperm and testosteroneThis pair of testicles hang below the penis in a skin sac called the scrotum.

Hydrocele is the buildup of fluid around the testicles, which is usually painless and harmless. However, this accumulation of fluid can cause the scrotum (testicular sac) to swell and cause discomfort. Adult males with hydrocele generally feel uncomfortable due to the increased size of the scrotum, and the weight becomes heavier as well.

A man will be more at risk of suffering from hydrocele after he reaches the age of 40. Additionally, men who suffer from infections (including sexually transmitted infections) or have a history of scrotal damage are also at risk of developing this condition. While in infants, the risk of hydrocele will increase in the case of premature birth.



Natural remedy to cure testicular hydrocele with herbs



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Hydrocele remedy

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Symptoms of hydrocele


In many cases, there are no specific symptoms that indicate a hydrocele. However, some experience pain, the scrotal skin turns red, and a feeling of pressure at the base of the penisUsually, pain is not felt until the size of the scrotum increases. The swelling can change within a day. In babies, the hydrocele swelling usually goes away on its own.

Seek immediate medical attention if:

  • You feel a sudden pain in the scrotum, even though there is no swelling.
  • You notice swelling in the scrotum.
  • You have a baby with a hydrocele that does not go away after a year.



Causes of hydrocele



Most of the causes of hydrocele are unknown. In babies, this condition can form before birth. Hydrocele can also be a sign of open space between the stomach and the scrotum.

In the uterus, the baby's testicles in the abdomen descend into the scrotum through the space between the abdominal cavity and the scrotum. Both testicles are wrapped in a bag filled with fluid. Normally, the gap between the stomach and the scrotum will close before the baby is born or immediately after birth. Then the liquid in the bag will be absorbed by the body itself. However, the liquid may still remain after closing the gap, it is a non-communicating hydroceleThis fluid will usually be absorbed slowly during the first year after the baby is born. It is also possible that the space does not close and fluid continues to flow from the abdominal cavity or that there is reflux into the abdominal cavity when the scrotum is full. This condition is called communicating hydrocele and may be accompanied by inguinal hernias.

In adults, hydrocele can appear as a result of infection of the scrotum. Filariasis or elephantiasis, a parasitic infection caused by the Wuchereria bancrofti worm, is the most common cause of hydrocele in adults worldwide.



Hydrocele diagnosis



To diagnose hydrocele, the doctor will first make a complaint and examine the physical condition of the scrotum by:

  • Checking the tenderness of the swollen scrotum.
  • Illuminating the scrotum with a flashlight until light penetrates inwards ( transillumination ). If there is a hydrocele, the flashlight will indicate the presence of fluid around the testicles.
  • Pressing on the stomach and scrotum to test for symptoms of inguinal hernia.
  • If the doctor suspects that the swelling of the scrotum is the result of an infection, a urine or blood test will be done to confirm this. During this time, if the doctor suspects a hernia or testicular tumor as the cause of scrotal swelling, an ultrasound will be done.



Hydrocele treatment


  • In babies, hydrocele usually goes away on its own until they are two years old. If the hydrocele still exists after this age or even shows pain, surgery is needed to remove it. The operation to remove a hydrocele is called a hydrocelectomy.
  • In adults, hydrocele also goes away on its own within six months. Medical treatment will only be done if the hydrocele is causing pain or is bothersome. In addition, the hydrocele removal operation is performed only if the size of the hydrocele is large enough to cause discomfort and pressure on other parts of the body.

Some risks that may be faced by patients with hydrocele who undergo hydrocelectomy surgery are:

  • Infection.
  • Heart rhythm disturbances.
  • Bleeding.
  • Blood clots.
  • Allergic reaction.
  • Lesion of the scrotal nerve.
  • Difficulty in breathing.

After undergoing a hydrocelectomy, the doctor will usually advise patients to use scrotal support and compress the scrotum with ice cubes to reduce swelling.




Complications of hydrocele


Male fertility will not be affected by the presence of hydrocele. However, the problem is that some serious diseases can be characterized by the appearance of hydrocele. One of them is an inguinal hernia, which gets trapped in the intestine in the abdominal wall and can lead to fatal complications. Additionally, hydrocele can also be an early sign of an infection or tumor.



Prevention of hydrocele



One of the causes of hydrocele is filariasis. To avoid filariasis, the best way is to avoid the bites of mosquitoes that carry the worm, for example by using mosquito nets.


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