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How To Get Rid Of Condyloma Effectively And Naturally With Home Remedies

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The appearance of warts in intimate places in women and men is associated with a viral infection of the body (papillomavirus family) and is diagnosed as a genital infection called condyloma .

Therefore, today we will consider genital warts on the skin: treatment and features of disease prevention.

Signs and symptoms in women and men  :

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  • Skin formations in intimate places (early stage - small red rash, eventually developing into genital warts);
  • Genital warts in the form of papillary formations;
  • The upper part of the papillae has a soft consistency (type of cauliflower) and is located on a thread-like stem;
  • Damage to the epithelium of the mucous surface of the genitals (flat warts);
  • The appearance of cracks accompanied by bleeding;
  • Hyperemia (increased blood flow to the affected organ);
  • Itching, burning, painful sensations during intercourse.

Infection of the body with papillomavirus  can be asymptomatic for a long time .

  • Unprotected sex (including oral sex) with an infected partner;
  • Domestic way (violation of the rules of use of public places: bath, swimming pool, toilets; use of personal hygiene products of others: razor, epilator);
  • The presence of other sexually transmitted diseases (thrush, chlamydia, herpes);
  • Due to weak immunity, vitamin deficiency, chronic stress;
  • From an infected mother to her newborn baby at the time of delivery.


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The natural treatment that we offer you is based on plants and herbs which have antiviral, immunostimulant, necrotic with burning properties and cytotoxic agents which prevent the growth and spread of warts.

Our natural treatment to destroy condylomas is made up of 2 elements: an ointment and a herbal tea. Anti warts ointment is a burning natural remedy, but very effective in removing warts. They contain plants that burn warts. It prevents the growth and spread of warts. This natural remedy also reduces inflammation, calms itching, destroys the virus and fights infections. As for the herbal tea, it helps strengthen the action of the ointment. Our remedy which is 100% natural will allow you to avoid surgery, it is free of side effects and effectively treats warts in both women and men.

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Medical treatment of condyloma

Medicinal methods for treating condylomas include the use of various ointments, the application of chemicals that destroy the neoplasm, and the use of antiviral agents. Not all of these therapies are particularly effective and can only help with simple warts in the early stages of development.

Most often, genital warts are treated with the following methods:

  • Surgical removal;
  • Method of cryodestruction;
  • Laser removal;
  • Radio wave surgery.

Folk remedies for condyloma

Popular methods of getting rid of genital warts were used long before the advent of drugs. The main feature and advantage of folk remedies is the use of natural products only. In their recipes, the main ingredient can be ordinary onions, potatoes, various medicinal herbs, etc. All of them are quite effective and absolutely safe.

Folk remedies for condyloma

  1. Potatoes

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Cut the unpeeled raw potatoes in half. Rub the affected areas with the resulting halves, then connect the potatoes and tie them with a thread. Then the potatoes are wrapped in foil and put somewhere or thrown on the street. When it rots, the warts disappear.

Note ! Potatoes can be replaced with beets, apples or other fruits / vegetables.

  1. Ash

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To prepare the ashes, you need several matches. They should be completely burnt, after removing the sulfur heads. The resulting charcoal is ground into a powder. Water is added to it until a thick paste is formed. Warts are smeared with this porridge. So that it does not crumble, the growth of the skin should be sealed with something, for example, adhesive plaster. New ashes are applied daily. After several days of the procedures, you can see the result - the warts dry up.

  1. Acetic acid

Acetic acid glacial 99.8% AGR ACS, ISO, Reag.  Ph.Eur.  - Labbox Export

It is necessary to take a strip of adhesive plaster and drill a small hole (approximately in the middle), the diameter of which will coincide with the size of the wart. In addition, this plaster is stuck to the body in such a way that a growth protrudes into the hole, and the skin around it is covered with an adhesive bandage. Before applying acetic acid, it is necessary to add wheat flour to it until a thick "paste" is formed. It is necessary to tie it to the wart, pressing it a little with your fingers, and then wrapping it with something, for example, a bandage. A new paste should be applied daily. After several procedures, the growths begin to dry out and then fall off.

It is important to know ! After using this folk remedy, small scars may remain on the site of the fallen warts.

  1. Lemon zest infusion

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The skin removed from a pair of lemons should be chopped, transferred to a jar and pour 0.5 cups of ordinary vinegar. Then the container is tightly closed and infused for a week. The jar should be shaken daily. After that, the liquid is filtered. This tincture is needed to lubricate the affected areas several times a day, until the effect appears. To eliminate the risk of skin burns, it is recommended to use the patch procedure (described above).

  1. Celandine infusion

Celandine an antispasmodic and antibacterial plant |  THE ...

Warts are wiped off with an infusion of celandine, which can be purchased at a pharmacy. It is also recommended to wipe with tea tree oil, celandine or dandelion juice.

  1. Sage

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Three tbsp. l. dried herbs are poured 1 tbsp. boiling water and covered with a lid. The liquid should be infused for at least 2 hours and then filtered. The resulting infusion spreads the warts. The procedure is carried out several times a day.

  1. Onions 

Salmonellosis outbreak linked to red onions

One onion is cut into flat slices, the size of which should slightly exceed the size of the wart. They should be dipped in table vinegar for 2 hours. Then they are attached to the growths at night. To do this, you can use a bandage or an adhesive plaster. It is recommended to perform the procedure every evening.

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