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What is dropsy of the testis in men



Hydrocele or dropsy can be of two types: congenital or acquired. The fluid that accumulates in the departments between the membranes inside the scrotum in large quantities leads to discomfort, increased size, and difficulty in releasing urine or semen during intercourse. With a small amount of serous fluid, it is visually difficult to determine the diagnosis. The color of the scrotum does not change, it remains elastic to the touch.



Natural remedy to cure testicular hydrocele with herbs


The natural remedy to permanently cure the testicular hydrocele that we offer is composed of two elements: a herbal tea and an ointment. The combined action of the decoction of the powder and the ointment results in the efficient absorption of all the liquid contained in the scrotum. The first effects will be felt very quickly and you will notice that your testicles will gradually return to normal. The use of natural plants very often give positive results and act significantly against hydrocele. This natural remedy is the secret to permanently curing testicular hydrocele.

Trust us! It is the perfect solution for those who want to cure testicular hydrocele naturally and especially for those who want to avoid the operation.

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The natural remedy against testicular hydrocele that we offer is effective, fast, durable and above all, it will prevent you from going through an operation. It is a miracle solution to cure testicular hydrocele. Being natural products based on plants and herbs, our herbal teas have no side effects, either on the body or on health.

Our treatment is not dangerous. You will, therefore, be able to overcome testicular hydrocele without operation and without fear of side effects. 

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Why does fluid collect in the scrotum

In an adult man and a newborn boy or boy under one year of age, the causes of dropsy differ. What factors influence the onset of the disease:

  • While they are still in utero, the genitals begin to form in the male embryo, but they are found in the abdominal cavity. Before birth, the testes descend into the scrotum through the abdominal process. If it does not tighten in time, the fluid passes through this passage to the testicles, and a newborn is diagnosed with congenital dropsy. Until they reach a year of age, doctors watch for changes in the scrotum. At this point, in most cases, the boy's edema goes away on its own.
  • An adult man notices swelling, the appearance of dropsy in the inguinal area after suffering bacterial genital infections, trauma to external male organs, and surgeries for inguinal herniaThe reason for this is a violation of the outflow of lymph from the space of the testis.

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Is it possible to treat testicular hydrocele without surgery

Prompt treatment of the patient to the doctor, examination, and treatment started will allow you to dispense with drastic measures. Treatment of dropsy of the testis without surgery in humans is possible, according to the results, the effectiveness of this method is not inferior to surgical. Reproductive function is restored, the severity and swelling of the scrotum subside. To date, two methods are known and widely used that help removes fluid in the testes in humans.



How to treat dropsy of a testicle in a man without surgery

Hydroceles and Varicoceles - Natural Solution to Cure

Before resorting to non-surgical methods of removing fluid from dropsy from the testis, an experienced doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory therapy with drugs to eliminate the main cause of edema. After treatment, most of the fluid goes away on its own. If the volume of the scrotum is not fully restored, the tumor remains, then on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, they carry out the treatment of hydrocele without surgery in humans by puncture or sclerotherapy:

  • Perforation does not create a therapeutic effect, but for some time it will help alleviate the patient's condition. During this procedure, excess fluid is pumped out of the space between the shells. After a while, the filling can be repeated.
  • Sclerosis is similar to puncturing during the procedure. The liquid contents are pumped out of dropsy, but instead, sclerosing drugs are introduced, under the influence of which the fluid production decreases. To achieve a lasting effect, sclerosis is carried out two to three times.


Treatment of dropsy of the testicle with folk remedies

Parsley: a thousand health benefits of parsley,

There are some popular methods that can treat the dropsy of the testis without surgery in men. Convenient tools, herbal infusions relieve swelling, help the outflow of fluid from the scrotum. Here are some effective remedies for the complete treatment of hydrocele:

  • Half a liter of a dark beer pours 50-60 g of dry peas. Let stand for an hour in a warm place, then bring to a boil and boil for about 20 minutes. The cooled broth should be used as a lotion on the edematous area twice a day.
  • Fresh pharmacy chamomile, after washing it is crushed to a pasty state. The resulting mixture is applied to the scrotum several times a day. They compress well relieves edema, quickly removes the hematomas that remain after the procedures of pumping liquid.
  • In an enameled container, place 1 liter of milk and 800 grams of fresh parsley. Bake for 3-4 hours at minimum temperature until the volume of liquid is reduced by half. Drink during the day in small portions. Prepare a new infusion daily.



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