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Andropause - male climacteric, that is, menopause. This is the time when testosterone levels are lowered and hence unpleasant symptoms may appear. They may or may not. Andropause, contrary to popular belief, is not like menopause in women. Not all men experience the effects of menopause. 

Andropause is not the male equivalent of menopause, it is a completely different process, although it is also associated with the progression of hormonal changes.

Testosterone is the basic androgen, the male hormone. Its secretion is stimulated by hormones in the pituitary gland, in particular luteinizing hormone (LH).

The older a man, the pituitary gland gives the testes less frequent signals for testosterone production. 



The phenomenon of reduced hormone secretion is associated with age and appears gradually. A 40 to 60 year old man has a gradual decrease in testosterone levels.

It is estimated that a man in andropause loses about 1% testosterone during a year.



Andropause, unlike menopause, does not characteristically manifest itself. It all depends on individual conditions - the range of testosterone norms is so wide that it is impossible to clearly determine how many men have symptoms associated with a decrease in this hormone.

Some men have no symptoms or are almost unnoticeable, others will experience mood swings or problems with sex life.

The unpleasant symptoms of andropause are believed to affect one in seven men over the age of 50 and a third after 60.  

Andropause in some men can manifest itself as:

  • Sleep problems;
  • Tired ;
  • Power issues;
  • Decrease in muscle tissue;
  • A greater tendency to increase body fat;
  • Irritability;
  • Prone to depression.



According to scientists from the Mayo Clinic, eating a healthy diet can dramatically improve the  vitality of men entering andropause.  I'm mainly talking about vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean animal and vegetable protein, healthy (unsaturated) fats, and dairy products. Studies show that chronic malnutrition (which does not mean undernourishment, but significant nutritional deficiencies) is associated with gonadal atrophy and infertility in adult men.

In turn, a low-fat diet and high carbohydrate intake can affect testosterone levels - the right amount of protein reduces the effects of hormonal decline with age.



Natural herbal tea treatment against andropause dawabio 1 1

The excellent way to lessen the effects of andropause is to use hormone therapy, which is one way to treat it. DAWABIO's natural remedy is an African herbal mixture which acts on male hormones such as testosterone. This is a natural remedy that helps to increase the concentration of missing hormones in the body, especially testosterone. After a few weeks of using our natural product, you can see its effects such as increased libido, stronger bones and muscles, and improved well-being. To reduce the effects of andropause , just as important is ensuring a healthy and balanced diet, increasing physical activity and avoiding stimulants in the form of cigarettes and alcohol. The compositions of this product are intended to regulate the rhythm of urination, help maintain the good condition of the  prostate , cells and protect against changes caused by aging.

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High protein foods: 35 great sources of protein

Even if a characteristic belly appears over time, drastic low-calorie diets are not the optimal solution in this case. One study found that 5 days of fasting reduced testosterone levels by up to 50%, improving the effects of andropause. Plus, it can reduce muscle mass. A much better idea is rational nutrition - replacing fast food, alcohol, and sugary snacks with nutritious ingredients that are high in protein and healthy fats. Therefore, be sure to regularly eat lean meat, fish and dairy products with a balanced composition of amino acids.


  1. ZINC

Foods Highest in Zinc

This element is probably one of the most important ingredients affecting male sexuality. It is involved in virtually all sexual processes, from hormone metabolism to sperm formation and the regulation of sperm viability. Zinc deficiencies are characterized by reduced levels of testosterone and sperm. Too low a level can cause hypogonadism, potency disturbances, reduced sperm viability and even infertility. According to most scientific societies, the daily demand for zinc is 15 mg.



Vitamins: list, role and foods rich in vitamins |  Health ...

In addition to protein, unsaturated fatty acids and zinc, the body of a mature man also needs a larger dose of ingredients such as vitamins C, E and B, beta-carotene, coenzyme Q  10 , magnesium and selenium. They play an important role in the fight against free radicals accelerating the aging process, and in addition have a positive effect on the work of the heart, brain and nervous system as well as on the course of energy processes. In turn, calcium and vitamin K help maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis, the risk of which is twice as high in men with testosterone deficiency.



Apigenin archives - bonappetit cameroun

This compound from the group of flavonoids, found in parsley, thyme, grapefruit, and red pepper among others, supports prostate and hormonal management in men. Additionally, it strengthens nerve connections in the brain, which affects memory.



Ii marsha egan stress mess to stress less 736

During andropause, resistance to stress decreases  and its effects are much more severe. It wreaks havoc on testosterone stores, and instead of this hormone, it increases cortisol levels, which further reduces muscle mass and causes fat gain (especially around the abdomen). Therefore, according to the researchers, developing effective stress management techniques is an important part of the strategy to reduce andropause symptoms.



Coronavirus: the danger of too intense physical activity ...

Decreased levels of testosterone and growth hormone contribute to weakening muscle strength, which in turn causes older people to tire more quickly and find it difficult to exert a lot of effort in a short period of time. That doesn't mean, however, that you can stop moving! On the contrary - during short, but more intense exercises, blood testosterone increases significantly. For men, weight training is most beneficial, allowing you to maintain high levels of the hormone long after it ends.

In addition, movement ensures better oxygenation and nutrition of the whole body, building muscle strength, improving joint and thoracic mobility, more efficient management of glucose, better metabolism, better quality of sleep and regulation of secretion. adrenaline rush. If you are overweight, the exercises will get rid of it and thereby equalize the testosterone levels.



MORNING SEX: The health benefits that you didn't know about it ...

Sex is another type of activity that has a positive effect on testosterone levels and well-being. Unfortunately, men undergoing andropause usually have a lower libido, causing a sort of vicious cycle. It would then be a good idea to change the pace of sexual activity from evening to morning (due to a higher concentration of testosterone in the morning).


To discover the natural solution to relieve the symptoms of andropause, click here

We deliver all over the world.

For more information, you can contact our experts on +229 51374202 direct line or by whatsapp at the same number.




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