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The name andropause comes from the Greek words "andros", which means "man", and "pausis", which means "pause". It is a period of transition in a man's life between maturity and old age and usually begins after the age of 50. It is a broad concept, covering a number of changes in a man's life. Physical changes also involve changes of a sexual and psychological nature.

The name andropause is often criticized, replaced by other names such as viropause, male menopause, andropenia, PADAM (partial androgen deficiency in aging men), male menopause, SLOH (late symptomatic hypogonadism).


Andropause period - changes occurring in the male body

The basic factors inducing the onset of andropause are the physical changes in the male body. Multi-organ aging begins slowly. Reduced levels of many important hormones have been reported:

  1. Testosterone,
  2. DHEA
  3. Growth hormone,
  4. Melatonin,
  5. Estrone,
  6. Estradiol.

The rate at which the body induces andropause-inducing changes depends on many factors, including genetic predisposition, lifestyle (physical activity, diet, no addiction), external factors (eg toxins from a polluted environment). It should be noted here that andropause does not mean that a man will not be able to reproduce again, but this ability can be reduced. Detection of basic somatic changes indicating andropause is possible on the basis of hormonal and biochemical tests of a blood sample.



Natural herbal tea treatment against andropause dawabio 1 1

The excellent way to lessen the effects of andropause is to use hormone therapy, which is one way to treat it. DAWABIO's natural remedy is an African herbal mixture which acts on male hormones such as testosterone. This is a natural remedy that helps to increase the concentration of missing hormones in the body, especially testosterone. After a few weeks of using our natural product, you can see its effects such as increased libido, stronger bones and muscles, and improved well-being. To reduce the effects of andropause , just as important is ensuring a healthy and balanced diet, increasing physical activity and avoiding stimulants in the form of cigarettes and alcohol. The compositions of this product are intended to regulate the rhythm of urination, help maintain the good condition of the  prostate , cells and protect against changes caused by aging.

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Symptoms of andropause - how to recognize it?

A number of symptoms at the physical, sexual and psychological levels can indicate andropause changes occurring in the body. Based on the assessment of symptoms alone, several tests have been created to diagnose andropause.


What are the physical symptoms of andropause?

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During this period, men tend to gain weight and lose muscle and bone mass. Slow metabolism and increased insulin resistance also contribute to fat storage, and pre-diabetes can occur. Another unpleasant symptom can be an increase in blood pressure. Men's skin during andropause becomes thinner and less often hairy. Gentlemen more often complain of disturbed sleep (lowering of the hormone melatonin), poor appetite, various types of pain, fatigue and general weakness of the body. As with postmenopausal women, hot flashes can also occur in men, excessive sweating and heart palpitations. TheAn enlarged prostate also begins and urination problems may occur.


Sexual symptoms of andropause

A decrease in the level of male hormones and an enlarged prostate can lead to erection problems and low libido. As a result, sexual desire as well as satisfaction in this area of ​​life is greatly reduced.


Psychological symptoms of andropause

A typical symptom is a bad mood and irritability, and symptoms of neurosis such as anxiety and anxiety may also appear. Very often there are problems with concentration and short-term memory.


Diagnosis and treatment of andropause

The diagnosis of andropause is not that obvious and it is influenced by several factors. The symptoms of male menopause are not at all clear cut and can suggest a number of other conditions. Additionally, testosterone levels can be normal in men going through andropause, making it difficult to recognize menopause. Gentlemen are also notorious for avoiding visits to the doctor, so they often face the problem on their own, without the help of a specialist, which significantly worsens their general well-being. 

The basic treatment for andropause is the administration of testosterone hormones or its derivatives. These types of preparations come as injections, oral preparations and transdermal preparations. Hormone therapy can only be recommended by a doctor who, by analyzing the symptoms and test results, will select the appropriate treatment. Treatment with testosterone is contraindicated in people with prostate disease. 

However, sex hormone therapy is a controversial topic. Many scholars discuss the legitimacy of administering hormones to men during menopause. Although this is justified in the case of hypogonadism, that is to say a pathological entity, the administration of hormones to healthy men undergoing a physiological process associated with the aging of the organism raises doubts.  


 Andropause Symptom Relief - What Help Works?

As in the case of women and menopause, just like men, one of the ways to alleviate the symptoms of andropause may be hormone therapy, which consists mainly of testosterone. It often gives good results, but must be performed under strict medical supervision because of the risk of side effects.

General practitioners can also use symptomatic treatment to improve the patient's quality of life. Depending on the extent of the problems, these may be mood stabilizing drugs, making it easier to fall asleep, cardiological drugs, relieving prostatic hyperplasia, or strong remedies.

It is also worth seeking natural herbal help. The hit in recent years is maca, which has a positive effect on fertility and libido as well as potency supplements containing DHEA and L-arginine (dilates blood vessels). To relieve hyperplasia of the prostate, it is appropriate to use preparations with pumpkin oil, sabal palm, nettle root and ingest anti-aging vitamins and minerals - especially zinc and selenium.




1. Honey

Honey: nutritional value, health benefits and preservation

Honey is a delicious food that has many healthy properties. One of its main characteristics is that it contains boron , a mineral linked to high levels of testosterone and nitric oxide. 

The latter component is a neurotransmitter that  has a vasodilator function , allowing better fluidity in the blood vessels by relaxing them and allowing more oxygen and blood to enter, which allows for better erection strength.


2. Grenada

The benefits of pomegranate

Another delicious food, although not widely consumed, is the pomegranate. This fruit has been used for centuries for its health benefits, as it  contains a high amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals . 

According to recent research, a glass of pomegranate juice a day can increase testosterone levels by 16-30%. This has consequences for the energy level, positive mood and increased libido. Now, due to its properties, it is always better to eat whole food than to make juice.


3. Cabbage 

White cabbage, and its low carbon recipe

Cabbage is a very popular vegetable and has several healthy properties. 

Studies show that cabbage helps prevent cancer and contains indole-3-carbinol, which  lowers levels of the female hormone estrogen , which makes testosterone more effective.


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We deliver all over the world.

For more information, you can contact our experts on +229 51374202 direct line or by whatsapp at the same number.




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