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Can sleep apnea be cured at home

Apnea is a pathological process that occurs for various reasons and causes short-term stopping of breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea is classified as a disease of the nervous system and is treated in a variety of ways depending on the patient's current condition, the causes of the condition, and the results of the examination. The main methods of treating pathology are drug therapy and surgical intervention. Home treatment of apnea with the help of traditional medicine and gymnastics has become widespread.

Our new natural treatment for sleep apnea

Sleep apnea natural treatment

This natural treatment we offer for sleep apnea is a holistic and natural approach that is not addictive and does not require any pre-conditioning. How would you like a natural herbal approach or continue down the path of expensive, invasive, and possibly even dangerous alternative options? Get back to your nights and join the millions of other people who wake up relaxed, energized, and ready for the day with a restful, uninterrupted night's sleep!

The first solution is therefore to avoid as much as possible the consumption of alcohol, tobacco or even sedatives. 

This herbal formulation will do all three things 

  • Increases respiratory well-being to allow increased pleural activity.
  • Promotes overall respiratory health.
  • Supports the musculoskeletal system for a smooth transition of relaxation and a refreshing night's sleep.

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Apnea is almost always accompanied by snoring. Most often, a person does not suspect that the breathing stops during sleep. What symptoms indicate a problem:

  • The quality of sleep decreases, the person wakes up often, his sleep is restless;
  • In the morning, there is no feeling of freshness, the patient does not feel rested;
  • Waking up is accompanied by a headache and an increase in blood pressure, which normalizes on its own;
  • The psycho-emotional context is disturbed;
  • Drowsiness is observed during the day;
  • Sweating, salivation increases at night and the urge to urinate is frequent;
  • The rhythm of cardiac contractions is lost;
  • Decreased sexual desire and men have erection problems;
  • There is a deterioration in memory and attention, and as a result, performance and learning ability decrease.

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Symptoms of the pathology are nonspecific and patients attribute them to fatigue. If there are several signs, you should consult an otolaryngologist to avoid dangerous consequences.

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To eliminate interruptions in breathing during sleep and to prevent an apnea attack, it is proposed to use special devices. What mechanisms can be used to treat apnea at home:


Wholesale Best Sleep Apnea Nose Clip for Singles Day 2020 sales from DHgate

a silicone device widens the nasal passages and facilitates breathing, which protects a person from snoring and minimizes the risk of apnea;


Tetons apnee

Fixes the tongue and soft palate in the correct position, prevents snoring, involuntary stops of breathing during sleep and helps to cope with bruxism (teeth grinding);


Anti-snoring bandage to order online |  Home & Comfort

Prevents snoring and apnea attacks by supporting the lower jaw and widening the air channels;

Orthopedic pillow

Orthopedic Pillow |  Cervical Fragile |  Relax Health

Keeps the head and neck at the ideal tilt angle to help air flow through the airways.

Aids and devices against snoring and apnea are preventive measures and do not cure the cause of the pathology!

3 natural ways to fight sleep apnea and sleep better

1. Put a tennis ball on your pajamas

Promotional tennis ball - Personalize your tennis balls

Most cases of sleep apnea occur when you sleep on your back because the structures at the back of your throat and tongue can clog your throat and make it difficult for air to pass through. Therefore, a good solution is to stick a tennis ball on the back of your pajamas, to prevent it from turning and lying on its back while sleeping.

2. Do not take sleeping pills

Sleeping pills: dangers and side effects - Dreem

While it may seem like a good option to take sleeping pills to improve sleep with sleep apnea, it doesn't always work well. This is because sleeping pills affect the central nervous system, allowing greater relaxation of body structures, which can interfere with the passage of air and this eventually worsens the symptoms of apnea.

3. Weight loss and respect for the ideal weight

How to prevent the risk of obesity?

Losing weight is one of the most important steps for overweight people with sleep apnea, being seen as a way to deal with this problem.

Thus, with the decrease in body weight and volume, it is possible to reduce the weight and pressure on the airways, leaving more space for the passage of air, reducing the feeling of shortness of breath and snoring.

What's more, according to a recent study from Pennsylvania, weight loss also contributes to the loss of fat on the tongue, which facilitates the passage of air, preventing apenia during sleep.


To discover our treatment for sleep apnea, click here

We deliver all over the world. 

For more information, you can contact our experts on +229 51374202 direct line or by WhatsApp at the same number.


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